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Where do i begin?

I started writing stories back when i was..7? i think? That was when i really began to develop my imagination. I have always been fascinated in fantasy tales i think i can say, as far as i can remember anyway.

It was only in 2010 that i really got a move on with my works, and i have always admired how my mind used to produce such detailed worlds at such an early age.

What can i say? i am a British patriot through and true. I love this country, not for its current issues, but for its heritage. No other country in the world can rival Britain/England for its history. I am a monarchist, but i also believe in democracy. I wish for nothing more at the moment in terms of national issues than for the UK to leave the EU, but i won't go too much into that.

I am able to shut out most issues in my life and wont let them affect me until i have completed what i am doing. I use writing as a means to keep me entertained too.

I feel confident when posting my work on here when i choose to, but what i find distressing on my own behalf is the fact that i am actually - scared - of getting criticism. I don't know why and never have known, i just hate being told what I'm doing wrong and i wish i wasn't.

What pains me is that on this forum i may come across as arrogant, or ignorant? i don't know? That's really not who i am. I don't get much free time with my school studies of which i am 90% committed. The other 10% goes towards writing and expanding my own novel and as such i rarely get time to do anything else. I will always talk to people if they talk to me and i will always help those who want it. I don't know how people on here see me, but in all honesty it doesn't matter to me much, i am who i am and i know who i am.

I am not a confident person, i often struggle to read in front of people, especially when it's my own work. My writing is one of the most personal things i do, and i selectively share with people what it's about, for some reason - i'm afraid of telling them?

I spend most my free day writing, planning and drawing related subjects to my story, whether it be directly related or background work. Its my favourite hobby and i never want to stop.

One thing i have developed over the years is the ability to perceive plots in a rather unusual way. When i write i try and give the scene i am writing a colour for the atmosphere. This means writing colour related settings to do so, and by doing this in each chapter i am able to give them consistency. When i read other works i usually associate certain chapters with a colour and i try and link them together. It's odd, but its useful when writing.

The Sun Children started as a piece of A grade GCSE coursework when i was 15 years old - originally called 'Heart of the Flame' it contained a lot of chinese references. However, only the basis of one character's name remains now for the story has developed that much. The Sun Children has become the largest project i have ever undertaken, and it is constantly expanding. I go way beyond the stories, but i go into the cultures, people, architecture, artifacts, trades, politics, laws, the lot.

Often i speak a lot of politics, and others think i am a law student for my knowledge of how the political system works. I am just very well informed in that specific area and i implement a lot of it into my medieval world.

So here we are in 2013, hopefully the year i will become a published author, who knows?


Writing stories, creating worlds inside my head, designing swords, armour, cultures, everything my mind can muster. I also live for Tolkien's legendarium, i suppose the man's determination is what gave me a kick in the backside to be inspired!


Student in Sixth Form

There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights.
— Bram Stoker