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  • winterwolf0100
    Jun 17, 2022

    Happy birthdayyy!!

  • MailicedeNamedy
    Jun 17, 2022

    Happy Birthday!!! :D 🎂

  • Mageheart
    Jun 17, 2020

    Happy birthday!

  • LittleLee
    Jun 17, 2020

    Happy birthday!!!

  • niteowl
    Jun 17, 2019

    Happy Birthday! :D

  • Mageheart
    Jun 17, 2019

    Happy birthday! <3

  • Mageheart
    Jun 17, 2018

    Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day.

  • alliyah
    Jun 17, 2017

    Happy Birthday, Nargles! Hope all is well!

  • Mageheart
    Jun 17, 2017

    Happy birthday!~ I hope you have a wonderful day that's filled with joy - you definitely deserve it! ☆

  • Hey guys,
    so I still exist. I'm sorry for abandoning you all (not that any of you missed me I'm sure.) I just got super busy with finishing school and haven't written anything in ages.
    But, I'm back now!

    Deanie Welcome back!
    Feb 14, 2016

    Nargles @Deanie, thank you! hopefully I'll be sticking around for a bit.
    Feb 14, 2016

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  • Last day of school ever!!!
    I'll finally be completely free in 2 months once my exams are over.

  • Guess who is hurriedly back in action for a while?
    Yes, it's me.
    I wrote a blog entry, it's bad, boring, rambly and not that impressive (I'm so good at selling myself). Basically, read it if you want, or don't.

  • So, I know that I haven't been very active on here for the past little while, year 12 is a pain, but I just wanted to say hi and that I will be more active in a few months once exams and everything are over!

  • Hattable
    Jul 9, 2015

    If you don't like gifs, maybe stay away from my wall... :p


    Nargles Hey! If they continue to be Harry Potter gifs then that's ok. :)
    Jul 9, 2015

    Hattable Image
    Jul 9, 2015

  • Reading my writing, especially my poetry from 2-3 years ago and reading my recent stuff I can see how much I've grown. And not just in terms of my writing being better and more mature but also as a person. My older writing was rather dark and depressing, and whilst my newer stuff has the ability to be a little darker it's a lot happier and has a lot less angst.

    Anyway, I'm just saying this because a few years ago I wasn't in the best of places and my poetry reflected that. Now, I'm a lot happier and more aware of what I want to actually write about, and that just makes me happy.

    A+ character development for me!

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