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I am asian and have always been taller than 5ft. Others think of me as a very wierd and mysterious person but I am nice once you get to know me. :-) And yeah my favorite color is green and I like blue as well but others think reds and whites suit me well but I don't like them much. So far I have killed too many mosquitoes, about a hundred of cockroaches and spiders and a few mice too. I love to write and draw but I write only when I am feeling moody but I can draw anytime I want to. And I like to smear my hands with paint. ^^~


Gaming, martial arts, basketball, badminton, swords, cars, bikes, guns, drawing, painting, bonfires, hunting and going on outings. ^_^


Right now I am a student and an active YWSer.

It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong.
— Voltaire