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About butterflybella

Hello my fellow writing friends! To start with(and this may be shocking to you but) I enjoy writing. I love reading and writing pretty much everything. I'm not picky. I'm currently working on a poetry book and a short story. Hoping to be published soon. My amazing husband Daniel is a trucker and I'm on the road with him. So I'm gaining quite a bit of experience riding around in the big,beautiful US. The road is growing on me and I'm beginning to have a new hobby: traveling! Anyway, add me if you like.


Writing, poetry, traveling, art, photography, reading


Currently unemployed. Hoping to make a career out of my writing soon.

These were autumn mornings, the time of year when kings of old went forth to conquest; and I, never stirring from my little corner in Calcutta, would let my mind wander over the whole world.
— Rabindranath Tagore, The Cabuliwallah