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  • Usually I like longform content, but I felt like bringing an old character I've been thinking about for a while into the limelight with her own short story! It's a bit more grounded in "reality" than my usual stories (though there is still some supernatural happenings).

    Say hi to Sonny in her story, You Are (Not) Wonderful!

  • Sharing this line from my WIP because I found it very relatable. Those who have siblings may understand :P

    This was indeed a fact. [REDACTED] had been awoken by sounds of the kid shuffling around in his room in the morning, and she was kept awake by his incessant remarks for other players to “get good” or “actually play the game”.

  • ⋆。˚A little tease for a short story I'm working on. It came to me in a dream..⋆。˚


    RavenAkuma Ooou, I love the cool eye! How exciting! ^^
    May 23, 2024

  • Dimension Regulation Unit Log #??? - Panda Baptiste
    (Featured in my recently concluded story, Shattered Gravity. He's one of my favs from my recent writings :))

    Description: Panda is the son of the King of The Byakko Isles. Seven large landmasses that float in the air around a giant tree. As his father became more obsessed with ruling the isles, he became more of a shut-in. Eventually finding the library and spreading himself and his likeness all around. Becoming a “stalker” of his father’s work. Another person named Tora entered the library, and they began to work together.

    Personality: Panda was one of the first people to find the power that the library (the net) held. He used the library to make himself into a virtual stalker.

    *Moonsmoke Virus - A virus created by King Baptiste that invades the mind.

    Weakness: Panda has very little fighting capability, he has human physiology.

    Trivia: Family name inspired by No More Heroes 3 | Many themes are found within Serial Experiments Lain in relation to Panda.


  • Hey! I haven't had the change to welcome you before, so... ta-da-daa!
    (a very belated) Welcome! :D Just wanted to drop by and say you're doing an awesome job reviewing!! I hope you're enjoying it here :)

    goodolnoah Aww thank you! I really enjoy it here :D
    May 20, 2024

    Roxanne Glad to hear that! :) Have an awesome day, I'll see you around!
    May 21, 2024

  • OrabellaAvenue
    May 16, 2024

    Thanks for the follow!!! :)

  • Happy to say that my college semester has been over for a week or so now. Sending love to all who are also working on their majors! :)

    I am finished with my freshmen year, and it is likely only going to get more intense...At least I have the summer to buckle down and get some reviews and stories out!

  • Just posted my final chapter of Shattered Gravity...WOO! I had written the story a little earlier, and I wanted to add some edits to make it more current with my writing style. The main character, Kitty was originally intended to be a side character in another story, but she ended up being one of my favorite characters I've made in current time. 8)

    RavenAkuma Congratulations on posting your final chapter! Can't wait to see how this story ends for myself! :D
    May 11, 2024

  • I am unsure what it is about today, paroozing this website this afternoon reminds me how great of a community this is...Everyone here is so amazing, kind and talented! :D

    Kaia <3333
    May 6, 2024

    RavenAkuma We're happy to have you <3
    May 6, 2024

  • Dimension Regulation Unit Log #803 - Kitty Alua
    (Featured in my ongoing story, Shattered Gravity :D)

    Description: {REDACTED}

    Personality: Kitty is seen as slightly expendable by DRU because she can reform herself if her body is cut down. She is compassionate. She hears all sides of her companion’s stories. It doesn’t make her a quick decision-maker. But it does keep everyone happy.

    *Kitty’s blade - It heats up rapidly, allowing Kitty to easily cut off her limbs.
    *Limb Detachment - She can cut off her own limbs, and they are able to fly around and move much further and faster than she usually can. When she cuts her limbs, she can reattach or regrow them afterwards.
    *Biosphere stone - A stone that allows the user to transport themself and their team through dimensions as long as they hold the stone.

    Weakness: While she is a proficient fighter, she is not the strongest, she can easily be taken down, her limb detachment takes time to use.

    Trivia: Kitty’s world is based on Gravity Rush | Backstory based on Tengoku Daimakyou

    Stories: Kitty [トラの夢], {REDACTED}

    DL - Danger Level
    Outcast - Someone who works for DRU, despite leaving their dimension via various means.

    Bleh, I feel like these images of Kitty are a bit outdated, I've been steadily working on refining my characters...

    RavenAkuma This is a cool log for Kitty! I like the bonus info about her limb ability ^^
    May 6, 2024

  • Dimension Regulation Unit Log #1221 - Fi-So Dano
    (Featured in my ongoing story, Shattered Gravity :D)
    Description: {REDACTED}

    Personality: Fi-So is an oddball. Due to their early experiences with DRU, they have built up a strong distaste for them. They feel no connection or responsibility to DRU, but do take pride in the comrades they made and the lives they have saved. It is difficult for them to move out of comfort-zones. Causing them to seem very antisocial, despite their deeply kind nature.

    *Cap-out - While their hair is usually black, when it becomes partly blonde, they are massively strengthened.

    Weakness: They are quick to anger and easy to provoke, without cap-out they have the same abilities as a normal human.

    Trivia: Fought off an entire army of soldiers in Cap-Out | Inspired by Kaine from Nier | Far-off descendant of Kara Acosta

    Stories: Kitty [トラの夢], {REDACTED}

    DL - Danger Level!!!

  • Oooh your major is psychology? How cool!!!

    goodolnoah Yess!! I plan to pursue a career in the field, but it's a surprisingly great tool for writing characters!
    Apr 22, 2024

    Kaia That's awesome I'm a nursing student so I feel you on that course being useful for characters.
    Apr 22, 2024


    CapybarasAndCoffee I imagine so
    Apr 20, 2024

    Kaia FOR REAL!!!
    Apr 20, 2024

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  • Congratulations on the new review star!! Awesome job :D

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