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  • The skies are terrible flirts,
    Capturing hearts without any efforts,
    Changing hues yet staying the same,
    Trapping our gazes in it's every shade...

    The sky looked beautiful today, and I just wrote stuff. The first line is inspired from an adorable post I once read on Pinterest <3

    Roxanne Ahh this so cute XD
    Jun 4, 2024

    Spearmint yessssss the sky can be so gorgeous :3
    Jun 4, 2024

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  • OrabellaAvenue
    Jun 2, 2024

    Congrats on your first review star!!! ✨ ⭐ ✨

    Semicolon Heyy thank you so much :D :D
    Jun 4, 2024

  • congrats on the review star!! :D

    Semicolon Thank you thank you :D
    Jun 2, 2024

  • I am very very late to welcome you to Young Writers Society, but still 'Welcome to Young Writers Society.'
    And I read about your section and found same interest, I also love plants, and your avatar is really cute.

    Semicolon Hello and thank you so much!!
    That's so great! I plan to grow this little garden in my grandma's backyard this summer and I can't wait haha
    Thanks! And I love your about section a lot <3

    May 9, 2024

  • Gaaah life sucks right now and I just can't be active on here, I have so many poems to share and so many poems I want to read. After tomorrow after my final test, I'll try to be more active here :')

    Spearmint good luck on your test!!
    May 4, 2024

    Semicolon thank you so much! I'm so glad now that it's donee
    May 7, 2024

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  • Hello, hello!! I suppose it's a little late to be welcoming you to YWS, but so glad you are here!!

    Semicolon Hi hi!
    No problem and thank you so much!! You are so kind!! <3

    Apr 22, 2024

    Apr 22, 2024

  • EllieMae
    Apr 20, 2024

    A very late welcome, but I love your username :D I have a semicolon tattoo! My name is Ellie, so nice to meet you. Let me know if you have questions or anything!

    Semicolon Hey Ellie! And thankyou!!
    You can call me Ava. It's nice to meet you too!
    I don't have any questions as such, but I would just like to say that people here are so kind^^

    P.S. How cool! I plan to get a semicolon tattoo as well!!

    Apr 21, 2024

  • Youbeaucupid
    Apr 20, 2024

    Semicolon is like- the best name I've seen all day! :D I'm late (really late) but a belated welcome to YWS!!

    I'm cupid, if you ever need someone to talk to I'm always free 💘

    Semicolon Hehe thanks^^
    nice to meet you!

    Apr 20, 2024

  • Welcome!

    Hiya Semicolon, welcome to YWS! ^-^ This is a wonderful place for readers, writers, poets, roleplayers, and just people in general, and we're thrilled you're here! Here are some quick links you might want to check out:

    FAQ for New Users This post lists the basics of publishing and reviewing works on YWS.
    Official YWS Rules & Guides Here are our site rules. Essentially, please be a decent person and be considerate of others. :]
    Knowledge Base This is a treasure trove of helpful articles about poetry, writing, reviewing, and more. One useful thread is the Big Book of YWS Codes, which is a guide to the bbcode that you can use on YWS to add colors, images, and more! Plus, see the list of icons (like ) here and the list of smilies (like :smt003 and :daddarth) here.
    Review Tips This post has links to a ton of resources on reviewing. Reviews are how we give and receive feedback on our works on YWS! Please do not use AI or copy-paste reviews, as most writers are looking for unique human feedback. ^^ I know reviewing can be tough sometimes, especially if you feel like there's nothing to critique, but it gets easier with practice! And here is a great resource for reviewing writers more skilled than you.

    Along with reviewing other ywsers' works and publishing your own works, you can have some fun in the Randomosity forums, join a roleplay, hang out on the People tab, or just explore the site. And of course, feel free to ask me or any moderator (junior or global) any questions you have! (You can hit the little black arrow below this post to reply right now.) I hope you'll like it here! =D


    P.S. I love your username ;P

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— Émile Zola