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what we really need is a femininomenon!

  • yws just ate my points i am so mad

    chrysanthemumcentury i tried publishing something but it disnt publish but still ate the 200 points
    3 hours ago

    Fleur I believe you may be able to contact a mod about that, if not I can donate a few points :)
    3 hours ago

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  • GengarIsBestBoy idk what this means but I imagine a beige flag is just a normal trait but it's oddly specific enough to exclude some people
    Like "he has all 10 fingers and toes, beige flag"

    Jul 22, 2024

    farq4d broccoli cheddar soup being your favorite soup
    18 hours ago

  • i just built the most beautiful sims house ngl

  • KateHardy wrote:We out here to become Last Ship Sinking...

    KateHardy wrote: https://katehardy.writerfeedpad.com/316792

    Stillll at 11 posts to goooo RIP and today we got LSS. Welpp

    Join me?

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  • yearning for napo 25

    OrabellaAvenue Random NaPo in August?
    Jul 22, 2024

  • me creating a family in the sims just to then kill of the father and have the mother marry a step father who makes the children's life hell because it's fun to twist the evil step mother troupe

    okay anyway how's your day going?

    soundofmind its goin oki
    Jul 21, 2024

    EllieMae Omg the evil sims stories is so relatable XD
    Jul 21, 2024

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  • is august actually anything annual?
    because i know it holds the YWS olympics once in a blue moon but...

    Omni nope! August is usually a breather month before RevMo ^^
    Jul 21, 2024

    Spearmint what Omni said! though also... *coughs* a little birdie told me this may be an olympic year... >.>
    Jul 21, 2024

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  • @winterwolf0100 @soundofmind boo
    chrysanthemumcentury wrote:https://chrysanthemumcentury.writerfeedpad.com/19

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    winterwolf0100 Whaaaattttt why boo?
    Jul 21, 2024

    chrysanthemumcentury scary boo not dissaproving boo
    Jul 21, 2024

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  • we all have thorns, but only some have beauty.
    i think that i am magnetized to broken souls.
    the moth with broken wings still crawls to its light
    the same light that scorched it like icarus.
    we are like moths in that sense -- we fly towards our doom.
    light. love. greed. wrath. home. family.
    we go back to what we know even when it hurts us

    when i was young i hugged a bush of roses
    and she said "you'll be fine. thorns come out."
    my skin was pricked and bruised, my heart was stabbed.
    i ran away from my past, but i come back to these fields of roses.
    i hug each one. the beauty blinds the mind because beautiful people are never wrong

    aphrodite is a pearl, and her children share her luster.
    eros is one of them. i am not eros. i am eris.
    i am fated to tear myself apart and become whispers of nothing in the autumn winds

    instead of giving the gods the apple,
    i bit into it and felt my skin bubble and transmogrify.
    beauty is in the eye of the beholder-
    but the beholder knows no beauty.
    only the ugly. only the vile. only me.

    Spoiler! :
    herb chrysanthemumcentury why is your poetry so good I actually love it so much


    Jul 21, 2024

    Ley Beautiful omggggggg love the Greek myth references!!!
    Jul 21, 2024

  • centuryugh

  • Sorryy poofed for a lil' bit but I'm backk in the padd

    chrysanthemumcentury me too
    Jul 19, 2024

  • what is yws? well, why is yws? because how is yws? because when is yws? well now, who is yws? where is yws?

    KateHardy I'll do you one better whom is yws?
    Jul 19, 2024

    chrysanthemumcentury me
    Jul 19, 2024

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  • WHY YWS?


    You see, us Writers and poetS
    need a refuge for our storIes and Such.
    believe it or not, we Also need community.
    so WE collect here, in Young WriterS SOciety.
    We are one. We are united. We Make stories.
    We write. Together. We arE YWS.

    EllieMae For five minutes I was trying to figure out what a “wesome” is before I realized XD
    Jul 19, 2024

    RangerofIthilien Omg same XD
    Jul 19, 2024

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A thing of beauty is a joy forever; its loveliness increases...
— John Keats