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  • Congrats on the shiny star! Awesome work :D

    catapparently Thank you!
    Jan 8, 2024

  • Does anybody know if there's a forum or thread or club or whatever it is where I could potentially adopt a plot bunny?

    OrabellaAvenue Yes there sure is! You can find it here
    Jan 4, 2024

  • DreamyAlice
    Dec 28, 2023

    Hey! Thanks for the follow. Hope to see you around^-^

  • herbalhour
    Dec 23, 2023



  • Great, I have no more ideas for writing fanfiction about characters from books I've read. Plus, my writing feels super choppy as of late. :S

    OrabellaAvenue Maybe try to find a new book you like? Or perhaps try making up your own stories! (From what I've read, your writing doesn't seem choppy at all! Your poem was very lovely, and I really enjoyed reading it.)
    Dec 23, 2023

  • Spearmint
    Jun 29, 2023


    Hiya catapparently, welcome to YWS! ^-^ This is a wonderful place for readers, writers, poets, roleplayers, and just people in general, and we're thrilled you're here! Here are some quick links you might want to check out:

    FAQ for New Users -> This post lists the basics of publishing and reviewing works on YWS.
    Knowledge Base -> This is a treasure trove of helpful articles about poetry, writing, reviewing, and more.

    Along with reviewing other ywsers' works and publishing your own works, you can have some fun in the Randomosity forums, join a roleplay, hang out on the People tab, or just explore the site. And of course, feel free to ask me or any moderator (junior or global) any questions you have! (You can hit the little black arrow below this post to reply right now.) I hope you'll like it here! =D


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