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About TwistedMuffins- Read at your own caution.

Hi there!

I am TwistedMuffins! I've been on YWS for almost 2 years now, and I haven't regretted joining this site. I am currently a student (freshman at high school) , a dancer, and only just recently have I started taking photography seriously. I sing too... just really badly.

Anyone can stop by and leave a comment or two on my wall, or PM me. I don't mind talking to anybody (Unless you're a serial killer).



Anything out of the ordinary interests me. But a few mainstream interests: 1. Music; The language doesn't bother me as long as its good music. 2. Food; well, it is food. It is kind of hard not to like it, since one's basic survival depends on it. 3. Photography; something I just started. Seems to be going well so far! 4. Everything else.


Student, dancer, newbie at photography, and an occasional bathroom singer.

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