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And I've been putting out fire with gasoline

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Welcome to the Siren's Cave. :D ... =copy-link
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I consume my weight in Earl Grey daily and might already be beyond saving.

Baroque synth dream pop, soul, funk and 70s psychedelic rock. Too shy for horny on main but furiously implying, everything I write is an essay and tribute satirising and celebrating the sins of overcompensation, or that I really really like thigh-high boots.


St Vincent, David Bowie, Orville Peck, Alice Phoebe Lou, Bat For Lashes, Midnight Sister, Holy Hive, Cocteau Twins, Everything But the Girl.


I clean at a resthome, and I have no time : p


In the past I would definitely say who you would find inside. Not so much today. Place is bonkers …. As is everywhere
— Greg Specter