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the way you move your feet when you're trying to go nowhere is a very telling thing

  • Iggy love you forever
    Feb 21, 2024

    LadySpark @Iggy I miss you, I love you
    22 hours ago

  • <333

    LadySpark Imy
    Feb 18, 2024

    fatherfig im in a pad rn <33
    Feb 18, 2024

  • this ain't texas
    ain't no hold 'em

  • Are you a morning or night person? Morning person. Through and through.
    Biggest Pet Peeve: ahhh, probably performative kindness/activism
    Collections? I collect greeting cards (both blank and ones given to me)
    Dream job:okay if we're talking dream dream job - professor of romantic poetry and creative writing OR a novelist who writes middle school adventure books and childrens books OR a smutty novelist lol. Or highkey to be a stay at home mom so I can take care of my babies and write to my heart's content.
    (your go-to) Emoji: :)
    Favorite YWS Work: oh wow, it's definitely something by @Lumi or @Button but idk which one
    Greatest achievement: Creating my own measure, distributing it, and completing my empirical research study and thesis and then publishing it.
    Hardest part of the writing process: doing it consistently
    If you won the lottery, what would you do? Invest it.
    Joke: I'm not a joke girl
    Know a fun fact? Leadership is the number one influence on worker engagement and organizational commitment
    Last read: The first Crescent City book
    Main writing project: hahahaha I guess my poetry collection but idk if we can say that even because I haven't touched it in so long
    Note to your past self: take a breath and let the rest come easy. stop worrying about boys so much.
    One non-necessity you couldn't live without: my morning coffee
    Person you admire: my momma.
    Question you'd like people to answer below: What is one thing you're looking forward to most this weekend?
    Reason to write: it is the only way i know to understand my heart
    Sports: hahaha
    Tag a YWSer that's a good writer: @alliyah
    Ultimate color: PINK.
    Volunteer? I do a lot with our DEI programs at work!
    What are you working on? wedding plans :p
    EXciting news: This year I got promoted, will be getting engaged, and going on so many cool trips
    Your favorite unlikely combination:potato chips and chocolate
    Zombies? Nah, I'm out on that one

    herbalhour sleep
    Feb 17, 2024

    alliyah <33333 Thank you for the tag! I miss button's poetry oh my gosh.
    Most looking forward to going to a desert auction tomorrow and hopefully buying the most chocolatey cake. :]

    Feb 17, 2024

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  • Hey there! I have missed you since the napo pads last year. It would be great to have you help us break the record! And how are you doing?

    Record Breaking Attempt

    DreamyAlice wrote:


    I hope everyone enjoyed #UnSoMo now as the official social fortnight or #SocialMonth2024 has started. Here is one more exciting thing for you all. This social month we planned to break a YWS record! All the past YWS records and record holders are mentioned in the The YWS Big Book of Records, but there are collective records as well like the last Great Tortoise Race of 2023 we broke the last Most Users to Complete Team Tortoise in one Month record with 9 members making through the month.

    This social month on YWS we are trying to break the record of Most people in a writing pad at once. It would be a pretty cool record to set. The last one would probably have been for YWS's 16th birthday with around 32 people. We are trying to surpass that goal and yeah that's crazy, chaotic, and of course AMAZING!

    We got this! Do not forget your fruit juices, everyone. Mr.Pineapple invites you to the GREAT PINEAPPLE PARTY hosted by me and @OrabellaAvenue!
    The date and timing is
    (There is a code applied that changes the time to the reader's time zone so it will be different for everyone according to where they live)

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  • Spearmint How did you find such a cool avvie? :0
    Feb 11, 2024

    LadySpark @Spearmint - Rosey (Rosendorn) sent it to me years and years ago and I haven't changed it since! Probably 8 years strong at this point lol
    Feb 11, 2024

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  • ooooooo who's in the pad? is that a spark?
    BluesClues wrote:back in here!
    BluesClues wrote:I'll be in here today!

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    fatherfig <333 sorry to miss you
    Feb 6, 2024

    LadySpark <3 miss uuu
    Feb 6, 2024

  • herbalhour
    Feb 5, 2024


    LadySpark hi!
    Feb 5, 2024

  • after awhile i lose count of the years and let them run together - streams to rivers to oceans - it's better this way.


  • little life update: was offered a promotion today <3

    not bad for a girly who just started her career 7 months ago.

    Admissions Specialist for Washington University's School of Law - at your service.

    LadySpark tell me the most exciting thing that's happened to you in the last 2 months below <3
    Jan 26, 2024

    OrabellaAvenue That's awesome! Congrats on the promotion! I... um... uh... lived...

    Oh actually I reached 50000 in a novel I'm writing so that's something

    Jan 26, 2024

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  • LadySpark y'all it's not a rickroll I promise
    Dec 16, 2023

  • LadyBug omg hello i never saw this until i stalked your page thank you so much <3333
    Dec 25, 2023

  • Spearmint aww its so festive!! :D
    Nov 27, 2023

  • Quillfeather Sparklessss omggg I miss youuuuuuu<3
    Nov 27, 2023

    LadySpark @Quillfeather - I miss you!!!
    Nov 27, 2023

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It is only a novel... or, in short, only some work in which the greatest powers of the mind are displayed, in which the most thorough knowledge of human nature, the happiest delineation of its varieties, the liveliest effusions of wit and humour, are conveyed to the world in the best-chosen language
— Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey