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  • Happy belated cake day! Great to see you posting poetry around the site! :)

  • Happy Cake Day!

    GoodieGoat Thank you! Your consideration means the world to me! :D
    Jun 5, 2023

  • Hey there GoodieGoat! Nice to see you hopping back in on the site recently :D I'm hoping to get a chance to review some of your poems soon-ish - they look interesting!

    GoodieGoat Hello Liminality! This means the world to me thank you. I've been busy irl and while I don't nessissarily lack time it's difficult for me to be I'm the right mindset; and I'm afraid of things turning out suboptimal. I'm hoping to having the next batch up by next week, and resume my fantasy series perhaps by late Spring if not sooner. I always enjoy hearing from you and I appreciate your kindness! :D
    Jan 13, 2023

  • congrats on getting your second review star!

  • Happy Cake Day GoodieGoat!

    GoodieGoat Lord I didn't even notice! Thank you for taking the time to wish me Happy Cake Day that is very thoughtful and means a lot! I haven't forgotten about my fantasy series either I've been working secularly and I'd like to write a few more poems as the next installment has one weaved into it.
    Thanks again! 😊

    Jun 7, 2022

    Liminality Ooh poetry! Would love to see those :D Great to hear you've been working on your project - thinking about those fantasy creatures like the ghostly skeleton king still gives me the chills!!
    Jun 8, 2022

  • I'm going to try and reach my reviewing goal of 600 points today so I can move forward with brainstorming for the next to two installments of my fantasy series.

  • Great job reviewing this month so far!

    GoodieGoat Hello! Thanks for your appreciation it means alot!
    Oct 8, 2021

  • I'm going to try and put Part IV out today. Thought it will be no small task.

  • Currently moving the chains on Executioner's Song Part IV

  • Love the avatar! <3

    GoodieGoat Thank you! I love your wizard chicken its awesome!
    Aug 7, 2021

    Riverlight aw, ty! I joined Team Chickens for the YWS Olympics and was lucky enough to find a Gandalf chicken on Devian Art c:
    Aug 7, 2021

  • Hey there! Welcome to YWS!! :D

  • Belated welcome to YWS! I love your avatar!

    GoodieGoat Hello! Thanks for taking the time to say hi and the complement!
    Jun 11, 2021

  • Hey! Welcome to YWS :)

    GoodieGoat Hello! My name's GoodieGoat. I learned about this website while looking for places to publish and collaborate about literature. I'm a huge fan of the fantasy genre, and as an inside joke on Discord about one of my friends there I began to write a fantasy short story. However as it went on I though of ideas and got exited about the idea of my own world and story. So here I am lol. Thanks for saying hi!
    Jun 7, 2021

    Hkumar I hope you will have a great time here. This is a very friendly and useful community for sharing your writings. ;)
    Jun 8, 2021

  • Hello! I'm Momo, and I'm so glad to meet you!

    I'm sure you already know this, but YWS is a writing community for young writers. You can post your own poetry, prose, novels, essays, movie reviews, and anything you want, really! You need 200 points to post a work, and you gain points by reviewing other works. The amount of points you get per review varies depending on how long the review is. The Green Room is where works with two or less reviews go, and you get an extra 25 points for reviewing a Green Room work. (There's also a group called the Knights of the Green Room that you can join.)

    If you want to introduce yourself, you can post in the Welcome Mat to say hi. You can also join The Newbies Club! If you have a few questions, you can look at the frequently asked questions for new users. If you have other questions, you can PM me or a moderator. The Big Book of YWS Codes also has a lot of great stuff!

    Again, if you have any other questions, feel free to contact me!


    GoodieGoat Hello! I hope you'll excuse my delayed response I appreciate you taking the time to say hello and introduce yourself. I was curious were on the site would be most appropriate to discuss the world building of my imaginary world and provide feedback and ideas for others. The next story I'm working on in my fantasy universe after the current one I'd like to involve alot of political intrigue and plotting and I'm lacking in ideas. Thanks for your time and help!

    Jul 10, 2021

    momonster It's no problem! The first thing that comes to mind Writing Tips. There's a few posts at the top where it explains how it works, but it basically is just a place to give tips to others and get tips for yourself! Another thing; This month is an event called Camp NaNo, and to help writers prep for that, a very nice old grandma called @BluesClues posted ten prompts for novel writers to build their world and characters. Even if you're not doing Camp NaNo, these prompts are really helpful!

    I all of this answers your question! If not, you can PM one of the other moderators who will be more than happy to help. :)

    Jul 11, 2021

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