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  • Mageheart
    Jan 26, 2023

    Happy birthday~! 🎊🎉✨

  • RomanceWriter
    Apr 4, 2021

    Well hello friends I haven't been on here in ages. I hope you're all doing well.

  • RomanceWriter
    Sep 14, 2016

    So I was just thinking back and realized just how much I'm not as involved as I used to be over here. I miss you guys!

  • RomanceWriter
    Mar 17, 2016

    Happy St. Paddy's day guys!

  • Happy birthday, dude. c:

    RomanceWriter Thank you sweetie! :)
    Jan 26, 2016

  • I promise I'm alive! I've just kept forgetting to stop in and say hello.

  • RomanceWriter
    Apr 7, 2015

    Well I managed to plan and write a short play today. It might be short, but I'm actually really proud of it. :)

  • RomanceWriter
    Mar 30, 2015

    The sad moment when you realize that in the past year you've worked on your original writings maybe a week. :( And not at all since my depression.

    Seraph I understand. :(
    Mar 30, 2015

  • RomanceWriter
    Mar 23, 2015

    Hey guys! So how are you all doing? I haven't been on much because I've been super busy with work and such, but I actually have today and tomorrow off work so I might actually be able to be on.

  • Oi, where is the birthday wishes? I think you scared them when you mentioned getting drunk *wink wink*


  • So... I'm officially 21 now. Yay now I can legally buy alcohol and drink. I'm just waiting for my tech to start blowing up.

    Caerulean Belated Happy Birthday then. :) I just turned 21 as well last month. But no, I never drink. xD
    Jan 28, 2015

  • RomanceWriter
    Jan 9, 2015

    So I was asked to be the godmother of the baby my cousin who I babysit for and his wife are having. I feel so honored.

    Noelle That's a huge honor! Congrats :)
    Jan 10, 2015

    RomanceWriter Thanks I'm so excited for it!
    Jan 10, 2015

  • RomanceWriter
    Jan 2, 2015

    The moment when mom helps me pull books to research the Tudors and one of the book covers has a picture that is obviously suppose to be Henry VIII and the guy has black hair and I'm like. "Um fail. He was ginger." And my mom just starts laughing

  • When I go to work to help my mom and end up leaving with 4 books to start research for a new writing idea. (With four more to use later in her office.) This is why working with my fellow history nerd of a mother is awesome. lol

  • Before I get even more late about it. Happy New Year everyone! I was a little preoccupied babysitting my brother Adam and our friends while they were drinking last night to celebrate. lol Anyway love you guys lots!

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