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  • Mageheart
    Oct 23, 2022

    Happy birthday~! ✨🎊🎉

  • winterwolf0100
    Oct 23, 2021

    Happy birthday!!!

  • Are you around? o:

    Happy cake day!

  • Happy birthday!!

  • Happy birthday! 🎉

  • Mageheart
    Oct 23, 2019

    Happy birthday!

  • Mageheart
    Oct 23, 2018

    Happy birthday! <3

  • Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day.

  • Mageheart
    Oct 23, 2016

    Happy birthday, @ToritheMonster! I hope you have an awesome day! :D

  • Dracula
    Nov 6, 2015

    So Potter, back for another year at Hogwarts, are we? Maybe this year you'll wise up and hang out with a higher calibre of wizard.

  • Hey, just realised I've been on the site for 5 years. That's a while. I'm not as active as I used to be, but I still love dropping by to read up from time to time. You all have seen me through three schools and into University. I owe so much of my growth as a writer to YWS. Here's to you guys, and happy 2015! Cheers!

  • I really only thought it had been a few months since my last post, but apparently it was in 2013... oh

    BluesClues Technically that's a few months. I mean, 2013 was less than a year ago...
    Sep 18, 2014

  • Made it to University. Suddenly having lots of free time is strange.

    Love Yay! :D
    Sep 18, 2014

    Blues WB!
    Sep 18, 2014

  • Four years! Doesn't seem like a such a long time, but looking back at my first posts here I can see how much has changed. I remember a time when this site was basically just a fancy message board, and now it's a full-fledged writing community. You guys have seen me through two different countries, four schools, and maybe two avatars. Seriously, did someone say Draco Malfoy?

    Anyway, it's been great and I look forward to the years to come. Or until somebody deems me too old to be a young writer. Cheers!

  • ToritheMonster
    Nov 16, 2013

    Just realised how long it's been since I last visited. I've written more stuff than I bloody well know what to do with in my... hiatus? I'm excited to get posting and reviewing again. And what d'ya know, it's the day before my 4-year YWS-aversary.

— Magestorrrow