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  • IcyFlame
    Sep 25, 2023

    Hope everything is well with you <3

  • starbean
    Dec 12, 2022

    Where are you????

  • KateHardy
    Oct 13, 2021

    Happy Cake Day!!

  • Happy cake day!

  • Definitely check this out if you can peeps! I'm hoping to catch the July 1st one, but I'm not sure yet! I'm not a RP genius, so this is super exciting for me!

    Vincian wrote:This is great if you don't know much about the Roleplay Section on YWS!
    SilverNight wrote:

    brought to you by @Carina, @HarryHardy, and @SilverNight

    Have you ever wanted to become involved in the Roleplay Forum, but you're unsure about how it works? We're here to show you the ropes! In this workshop, we'll explain the different types of roleplays (Storybooks, Realm and Hollow) and have prompts for quick roleplaying exercises. It's perfect for beginners, but if you've roleplayed before, feel free to join anyway and maybe learn something new!

    In order to make things easier for participants to attend, we're holding two different sessions for the Welcome to RP Workshop. The dates are automatically adjusted to your time zone!

    with @Carina and @SilverNight
    with @SilverNight and @HarryHardy

    Link to original comment

    Link to original comment

    Carina yessss we hope to see you there! :)
    Jun 29, 2021

  • KateHardy
    Jun 25, 2021

    Thanks for the follow!!

    Soccer23 Right back at ya!
    Jun 28, 2021

    KateHardy :D
    Jun 29, 2021

  • Hey fellow aliens! I know I’ve been pretty inactive the last few months, just coming here every month or two and browsing, I’ve just been super busy with school. Now that summer’s come around, I’ve got more chill time, and I’d love to “re-active-ate” myself. It’s strange coming back and seeing all the new avatars, and I haven’t checked out too many stories yet, but I love this place, I’ve missed u guys, and I’m super excited to return, starting right where I left off. I’m now hopping into the green room, and seeing if there’s anything I can do to help work towards my second star. Happy summer peeps!

    momonster SOC!!!!!
    Jun 24, 2021

    Soccer23 Hi! how are you!
    Jun 24, 2021

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  • starbean
    Jun 8, 2021

    I miss you

    Soccer23 Not anymore:)
    Jun 24, 2021

    starbean yay! your back!
    Jun 24, 2021

  • momonster
    Apr 19, 2021

    Miss you Soc <3 I hope everything's okay!

    Soccer23 I missed you too! You all are amazing!
    Jun 24, 2021

  • For some reason I can’t see the eureka fillips chapters on your portfolio

    Soccer23 Hmm..
    Jun 24, 2021

  • * poke *

    Soccer23 *wakes up from long nap* “oh hey!”
    Jun 24, 2021

    rida * looks at you slowly because am now 90 years old *
    Where have you been? Ow, my joints!

    Jun 25, 2021

  • Random avatar
    Mar 11, 2021

    Where has you gone?

    Soccer23 I’m here, just got back from a ski trip :) I like your new avatar
    Mar 15, 2021

    Random avatar
    SpunkyMonkey oooOOOooooOoOoo that sounds like a bunch of fun! And thank you!
    Mar 15, 2021

  • *pokes*
    *sees no response*
    *leaves to do other things and decides to poke later*

  • hey soccer

    guess who i am

    Soccer23 I don’t know 😂. Who?
    Mar 15, 2021

  • For your dad, maybe a few collectible football cards of his favorite players on his favorite team.

hmmm. you know, the quote generator deserves some garlic bread
— SilverNight