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  • *clears throat* So there's been a #trend going around of #fivereasonstosmile or #fivehonestthings . Let's see what I can come up with...

    1. Uncertainty is one of the most certain things in life. Doesn't make it any less intimidating.

    2. Trying to stay positive is hard. Especially when you only feel really close to one person in your class and most weekends are spent alone because traveling takes Money. But hey, this is 2016--even when most of my friends are thousands of miles away, I'm never more alone than a phone call, a text, or a chat message...even though I still miss the physical presence of another human being (or even an animal) in my abode.

    3. My PT test is scheduled...for the day one of aforementioned friends is coming to visit. Mixed feelings of nervousness, excitement, and hoping we have something to celebrate in addition to their visit. *crosses fingers*

    4. Speaking of PT, getting back in shape is haaaaard. My body so hates me right now. But I have more weight back on than I did two months ago, so at least I'm on the right track.

    5. Life's gonna be okay, but it doesn't make certain parts any less rough. Adulting is hard. Not knowing what's around the corner is scary. It's easy enough to tell yourself everything's going to be alright...it's another thing entirely to convince yourself of that.

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