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  • Shady wrote:Hey, y'all -- your friendly reminder that Roleplay Badges is a fun way to engage with your fellow RPers and earn some snazzy badges along the way! Please click on the image below or the link above to learn more, then jump on in! Feel free to ask me if you have any question <3


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  • Hey, y'all -- your friendly reminder that Roleplay Badges is a fun way to engage with your fellow RPers and earn some snazzy badges along the way! Please click on the image below or the link above to learn more, then jump on in! Feel free to ask me if you have any question <3


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    Finally a new Arc poem.

    lliyah Is this goos poetry?

    Love the simplicity - there is something beautifully organized about how ducks stay in little rows.

    17 minutes ago

  • hmmm it sure is a good thing I actually met my NaPo goal last year

  • https://dreamyalice.writerfeedpad.com/2

    I will be in here completing what's left in my list for today, took out my studying pad after long time xD

  • LuxLuthor
    1 hour ago

    had a nightmare that my guy friend (with long luscious curly locks) got a haircut and it looked really bad and I actually woke up crying in my sleep.
    true fear right here.

  • Now I guess it's time to revamp my profile and avvie for NaPo! I still find my now avvie cute, what a chaos of three themes given by the members xD

  • Someone on this feed is having a book launch! Or actually two launches, because I have an in-person launch a few days before this. But here's info about the virtual launch!
    Blue's Crews wrote:Announcement time! On , I'm having a virtual book launch for Remarkable Retirement! Join me and Cute Mutants author SJ Whitby as we discuss my debut, play book launch bingo sorry, Edna, and do some giveaways.

    Registration is free through Eventbrite. The launch will be on Zoom, and the date in this post has been automatically adjusted to your time zone!


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  • lol help my therapist said "Periodt" to something i said

  • The end of 14th year of Me

    It's a bit typical but it's my first year of NaPo where I am aiming for 1 poem a day and I will be 15 in the end of this month so NaPo provide with me an opportunity to summarize and organize and talk about the stuff I felt the last year of my life and a hell lot has changed and many beautiful things yet continued so I will have a diverse themes and topics to write on ^-^

    Quillfeather Looks great! Looking forward to reading!
    2 hours ago

    DreamyAlice I love your thread as well! Looking forward to see some amazing poems from you<3
    2 hours ago

  • I had a dream last night that my teacher created an account in young writers society…wow. It was scary lol I had to delete a bunch of wall posts in my dream…

    Hkumar What if she already has an account here 👀 Maybe she's one of the mods, you never know.
    2 hours ago

    starshipgirl …now I’m scared lol
    2 hours ago

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  • #teaser for my novel again because i feel like thinking of it instead of things i actually need to do today <333

    (even tho this teaser is like 2 days old at this point but shhh)

    Bram walked to the vendor. He stopped by the girl as she ran her fingers against the smooth, dark leaf of a potted plant. Suddenly, he was struck by the sensation of existing within his own skin. Bram folded back in on himself, shoulders hunched and eyes nervously looking away underneath his hood. He should have run away.

    But he was already here now. Morgan and the girl’s follower were nowhere to be found.

    He looked at the embroidered jacket she was wearing. It was a light bomber jacket with flowers embroidered up from the bottom. Her long, pale blond braid covered some of them. Standing beside her now, it was all too clear that his guess on who she had been was correct: Sophia Lovelett, the girl who had just moved to Wildegate at the start of the school year. He looked into her lifeless gray eyes and felt no pull. It was startling, realizing that. It implied things. Certain truths that Morgan and Jasper would never see.

    Are you like me? he found his mind traitorously thinking.

  • Oh my gosh I was on a trip out in the boonies while my book team was at the competition for our reguon and they WONNNN so we are going to the statewide competition!!!

    DreamyAlice CONGRATS HANNAH!!!
    2 hours ago

    starshipgirl Thank you!!!
    2 hours ago

  • If anyone wants to know the vibe of the witch + pirate story im working on, look up Trail We Blaze by Annapantsu

  • Love that the norm for dealing with a business is now online chat rather than a phone call so my anxious heart doesn't have to get all worked up about calling a stranger

    BluesClues Saaaaaaaaame
    1 hour ago

  • aaaannnd I missed my cake day............

    Thanks for the good wishes everybody, they really mean a lot. (:

  • So my brain decided to have my story go Harry Potter style so now I have to plan out how my MC creates their underground network from their study group. LOL but here's a sneak peak of my new opening chapter one Beware its a bit dark and may be triggering.
    Spoiler! :
    Usually the familiar routine of twisting her magic through her spiraling locks would be meditative with peace. However, she couldn't organize her thoughts. Her fingers tremble. The vibrant crimson hue that she typically adored of her hair only brought to mind a thrill of fear. Her thoughts jumble from one thought to the next in a rattling haze. Ariana wondered would she ever wake up one day and not be back in that horrid cage. The feel of biting cold chains around her wrists. The phantom aches of whip marks cutting through her back. The unbearable freezing cold that stole her life until it became a part of who she was.

    Hkumar This is very intriguing
    2 hours ago

  • Euphory a never-before documented photograph of my last few brain cells
    6 hours ago

    Euphory at this point i am counting the hours in my head
    6 hours ago

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  • I love the book covers at the "literary spotlight"! When were they added?

    IcyFlame They're quite recent! Don't they look amazing!
    6 hours ago

  • i have changed my mind. i think the exclamation marks are 100% wholesome xD
    7/9/22 Spearmint wrote:i was just scrolling through my old wall posts and :') i am conflicted between smiling and cringing at all the exclamation marks xD

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    12 hours ago

    Spearmint XDD YEAHHHH!!!!!!!
    1 hour ago

  • I'm doing my silly story for Camp NaNo. I expect it to be absolutely ridiculous, and I will have as much fun as I can in the process.

    Angel Astrid

    Spearmint YES you go, Lael!! =D
    13 hours ago

    soundofmind YEESSSS
    7 hours ago

  • it's still there 😭
    Spearmint wrote:*gasp* 👀
    blueca wrote:seeing "1 notifications" when i log on brings me so much joy
    the irony of the writing website having such blatantly incorrect grammar in a core function is very amusing to me

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I feel like it will be absolute hotdog water, but oh well. It's just a draft.
— Charm