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Asith: September 24, 2019 - October 10, 2019

Current project list is small and includes a novel (extracts may or not be posted on yws) and various weird short stories (will hopefully be posted on yws).

I also make guitar music

Favourite Books (right now):
His Dark Materials, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Prince of Milk

Favourite music/bands:
I the Mighty, Dance Gavin Dance, Green Day

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Dreamy: September 9, 2019 - September 24, 2019

Apart from their amazing reviews, they're a positive force on the site, always encouraging and motivating other users. If you're ever looking for some amazing poetry to read, they've got you covered. —@Tuckster

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DottieSnark: August 26, 2019 - September 9, 2019

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Liberty: August 9, 2019 - August 26, 2019

I'm Liberty. Lib or Libby for short.

Nice to meet you.

I'm a home schooled student, in grade 8, hoping to become an elementary school teacher one day and publish novels too!

I write scripts, poems, articles (mostly Squills articles), short stories, and novels! Novels are probably my favorite. :3

Anyways, I love talking and socializing (but sometimes I get a bit awkward). If you need to talk, I'll usually be in the Chatroom, any sort of Pad, or most likely scrolling through the People's tab. But shoot me a PM if you wanna chit-chat. =)

Oh, also, I was Featured Member back in August 2019!

From her consistent reviewing, to regular novel updates, to writing in roleplays, she is an all around friendly and helpful person that is always eager to make a new friend!
~ ShadowVyper

you're like the yws archaeologist or smth
~ mellifera

Thanks, without you I think I'd be running around, ready to like, superglue the hem of my dress up or something
~ LadyVendetta

Yep. I'm certain... Hedwig's** the funniest person I've ever met.
~ EverLight

You are witty and funny. You are sweet and silly. Sometimes reading your name makes me smile fondly and chuckle a little.
~ MiniGem26

*title thanks to alliyah
**Hedwiggle used to be a previous username

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silvermoon17: July 20, 2019 - August 9, 2019

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TheMulticoloredCyr: June 30, 2019 - July 20, 2019

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Toboldlygo: June 14, 2019 - June 30, 2019

I am the beginning, and the end.
I am the One who is Many.

I am the Borg.

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Corvus: May 29, 2019 - June 14, 2019

15-year-old nerd

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FabihaNeera: May 6, 2019 - May 29, 2019

Reading and writing are both two of my all-time favorite hobbies!

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4revgreen: April 20, 2019 - May 6, 2019

Current novels
Reverend Green's bible of misanthropy - 16 chapters so far [ON HOLD]
The Sticks - 16 chapters so far [ON GOING]
Bonetaker - 3 chapters so far [ON HOLD]
The Little Girl Stays With Me - 5 chapters so far [ON HOLD]

If you can't keep up with the conversation, better not try to join in at all. - Hannibal Lecter

Hello there! I go by Che online, or 4revgreen or Green or whatever really. I'm a 17 year old student from England who aspires to be an author. I'm currently writing a novel called "The sticks" but I have so many ideas that you never know what I might post next. You can always find me hidden in the library with a book or writing at my computer, and if I'm not there then I'm writing a new song on my guitar or drum kit! I like writing pretty much every genre, but most of my work either fall into the 'Young Adult' or 'Horror/Mystery' categories.

I hope to study creative writing at either Aberystwyth or Portsmouth University :-)

My favourite books:The Hannibal series by Thomas Harris, anything true crime related by Ann Rule and House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski. I also like American Psycho, White Oleander and this one kid's book called Love, Aubrey that makes me cry everytime I read it

My favourite bands: The Smiths, Mother Mother, Glass Animals, Skinshape, Greenskeepers, Destroy Boys, Slaves, Pig With The Face Of A Boy, HMLTD, Black Honey, Ghost Arcadia, Karyo, Animal collective, The Dresden Dolls, Everything Everything, twenty one pilots, fall out boy and a lot more!

My favourite TV shows: Hannibal, Bates Motel, Supernatural, Sherlock, Torchwood, Doctor who, Line of duty, Taskmaster, noughts and crosses, This country, the young offenders and many more!

My Wattpad is @gayboyscience
My Instagram is @m4mischa
Go find me :-)


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LadyVendetta: March 31, 2019 - April 20, 2019

Hello, I'm Lady Vendetta and you are a stalker. I like writing, or at least trying to, and I'm currently working on my Associates Degree in Science, which shall be pretty tough.

I am a crimefighter whose nemesis is Liberty so go send her a :P face and tell her I sent you. We duelled once and I won, she lost. So I'm always victorious in our fights. Take that.

Lee this one dude won't stop talking about anime to me. Nah, he is pretty cool so go call him an otaku and he won't even care, he owns it!

Gravitem And omg talk about random gifs. Grav is pretty cool and funny, with a capital C. But he knows I'm too tired to go back and change it to a capital C.

There are so many cool people on here, and I fear I may be leaving someone out if I tell you about them, so if I'm following them, they're worth it. That, and I'm being lazy. I'll update it soon though, but this is my about me. Not a "Who To Follow" list.

Hope I didn't bore you and, uh, thanks for taking an interest in me. I didn't think anybody read these.

Check out my website... It was totally written by and about me.

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paperforest: March 6, 2019 - March 31, 2019

Hi! I'm paperforest, I'm an 18 year-old ace girl, and I love poetry (especially abstract/surrealist-type poems that incorporate nature and mythology) and short stories (especially flash fiction and fantasy). I will read almost any book that comes my way! Also, Shakespeare.

I'm currently working on a fantasy LGBTQ novel involving Faerie hunts, changelings, curses, and a vast forest world that can only be found when one is lost. I write poems on the side, and I attempt to write short stories, but have trouble ending them... I also draw a bit, and love all forms of art.

I'm new here, and hope to make some friends!

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Dossereana: February 16, 2019 - March 6, 2019

I'm Dossereana for short you can call me Doss, I have been a member sins Jun 9 2016,

I have many poems and story's not all of them have been posted on to YWS yet,

Also Dossereana2 is my second account, it is just so I can talk to my self and post my really bad works. I felt board so I just used another account to have someone else like me to talk to.

If you have none me for some time but have not seen me for some time then hear are my YWS names

1: MoonFlower
2: EagleFly
3: Dossereana

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Fantascifi66: January 27, 2019 - February 16, 2019

I am a weird, crazy, funny (at least i think so) and friendly person from Norway. I enjoy reading, Harry potter, manga and anime, watching Netflix, watching YouTube, playing video games and writing.
I'm also really geeky and nerdy, and really weird.
All to say 'bout that.
No matter who you are, or where you are,
I'm here for you :)

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ShapeOfVoid: January 10, 2019 - January 27, 2019

Hi guys! I go by ShapeOfVoid on the site, but y'all can call me Sov.
(Until recently, I used to be hiraeth)

Things about me:
I'm left handed (maybe more accurately mixed handed, but i attribute that to years of being forced -as a kid- to eat with my right hand, hold the bat with my right, etc etc)

I have a twin (we don't look identical, and our personalities are completely different)(although we do always seem to know what the other is thinking)(sometimes we say the same thing at the same time in the same way and that is a very twin-ish thing to do, but I swear we're as different as night and day.)

(lets skip the part where i say i love reading because literally everyone here does :) )

My current top songs include anything by Novo Amor.

Talk to me about Carry On (Rowell). And Wayward son. And ari and dante. And rwrb. AND DRARRY And pjo. And cricket.

Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it. Embracing our vulnerabilities is risky but not nearly as dangerous as giving up on love and belonging and joy—the experiences that make us the most vulnerable. Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.
— Brené Brown