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The Redhawk: Pulled Chicken Sandwich


Hey y'all!

Here to share a fan favorite that is something I make alllllll the time. Everyone I make this for RAVES about it, but it's so easy!

We call in the Redhawk, it's inspired by a sandwich from a favorite BBQ place in Missouri, Mary Jane's.

- Chicken Breasts (as many as you need to feed everybody, I do one per person)
- Your fave BBQ Sauce
- Your fave sub bread (we go crazy and get jimmy john's loaves)
- Provolone Cheese
- Bacon
- Assorted spices

- Get out your crockpot (side note, if you don't have one, they are life savers) and get your chicken cooking with garlic, onion, salt, pepper, and paprika.
-Then cover in bbq sauce (make sure you leave enough to add to your sandwiches!)
- When your chicken is done cooking, shred with a fork
- Cook your bacon if you haven't yet!
- Add bacon, chicken, cheese, and extra bbq sauce to your sub bread. If you want the cheese to melt, add it to the oven at 400 for 3-5 minutes or until the cheese in melted

We like to serve this with mac n cheese and roasted carrots! Caesar salad, roasted potatoes or mashed sweet potatoes would be delicious too!

Much Love,


I just got a crockpot (finally!) this winter and am excited to use it more! So far I've mostly stuck to soups -> but this looks like a fun one to try! And grabbing nice bread from Panera or Jimmy Johns or the "bakery section" of a grocery store is such a good life-hack too! :)

Thanks for sharing the recipe!


I love crock pot recipes!!!! You will be seeing a lot of them lol

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