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How to write Islamic Romance


Salam, all!

I have to write a short romance story for class, and I want to feature Muslim characters as the central couple. I want it to be a meet-cute and have them fall in love, but I have limited knowledge on how "dating" or courtship happens in Islam. I don't have any personal experience, and I can only remember one thing that my dad told me on the subject.

Please send me your knowledge!



As the narration from the Prophet ﷺ goes: “There is nothing like marriage, for two who love one another”

Dating and courtship in Islam vary depending on cultures, but there are some common principles. In Islam, as you know, romantic relationships are generally approached with modesty, respect, and the intention of marriage.

In your story, bringing in nuances of modesty will be key. So interactions between unmarried individuals will best be depicted as encounters avoiding physical contact and maintaining appropriate boundaries.

In many traditional Muslim cultures, interactions between unmarried individuals are often supervised, especially in the early stages of courtship. This could mean meeting in the presence of family members or in public places.

The purpose of courtship in Islam is usually with the intention of marriage. Couples may get to know each other to assess compatibility for marriage, rather than just for companionship or entertainment.

While the level of interaction allowed before marriage varies, couples may still have opportunities to get to know each other through conversations, shared activities, and spending time together in appropriate settings.

It's important to recognize that practices and customs related to courtship can vary greatly among Muslim communities around the world, influenced by cultural traditions.

Building a relationship takes time, patience, and trust. Your characters could experience moments of doubt or uncertainty but ultimately learn to trust in each other and in the journey they're embarking on together.

Hope that helps, all the best for your story.


I've never written romance but I've read some books about islamic romance. Maybe try reading A Voice by Umm Zakiyah? That might help you see how it happens in a modest way.

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