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  • Have I mentioned if you need poetry prompts for NaPo that Rook and I have made 30 chicken themed poetry prompts and are posting them on our social media throughout the month! Check out CoopZine on twitter for a prompt every day of April! :)

    Happy National Poetry Writing Month!

  • Happy first day of NaPo everyone! In honor of the vegetable take-over, I'd say a prompt for this first week might be roots?

    What roots hold you in place?
    What roots trip you when you try to run?
    Where are they reaching?
    Where are you going?
    Are root-vegetables more nostalgic than ones grown from vines?

    Good luck this month everyone! (If you use this prompt, post a link to the results here, and I'll send you 50 points!)

  • Poetry Prompt:

    Rose wrote:Happy World Water Day!


    Remember to be grateful and #RememberToStayHydrated :D

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  • Your prompt is radio static!

  • write a poem from the perspective of a balloon that has been lost to the wind ~ or something else sort of odd and floaty!

  • strolls in herw

  • when the birds return, what will they bring with them?

    poetry prompt for today

    keystrings perfect timing since i just saw this huge flock of seagulls flying over head while driving to work today, so i have a few ideas c:
    Jan 25, 2024

  • your prompt is architecture - steeples, door-ways, arches, balconies, shingles, windows...

  • What are your poetry goals for 2024?

    keystrings My main goal is to have some kind of poetry collection by the end of the year — and maybe 2-5 poems a month that I like!
    Jan 6, 2024

    Spearmint i think i’ll try writing a poem a week this year! ;)
    Jan 6, 2024

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  • Write a poem where every single line
    rhymes with the one before it. It'll be a great time,
    and the poem you end up with could be sublime,
    or just turn out kind of like an old orange rind,
    I guess you'll need to write and see what you find,
    just, if you would, please keep in mind
    that with this type of prompt sometimes
    if you are working with near-rhymes
    you can kind of shift the near-sounds and line by line one at a time
    so by the end, a poem about rhyming words with "limes"
    becomes a poem of words rhymed with "apple". Are you surprised?
    Or maybe you're just inspired?
    How far could you go, with letters and sounds, before we're tired
    I bet further than wing, or boat, or car tire
    make a oo sound like an o, or a bit of tar sound like a tear
    well at the end you can't even trust your ears
    for poets are tricky... aren't they dear?
    so what will you do? take my dare?
    I promise if you give it a try, I will care!

  • a poem about calendar countdowns - could be written in the form of a list or a calendar or a to-do list? Use your creativity, see what you come up with!

  • would someone please write a poem about sloths for me? thank you!

    @Quillfeather wrote: Because they don't eat enough to give them enough energy to move fast so they move slow and eat less so they are more sustainable but at a risk of death however they can climb high enough in tress to avoid that risk. I am a sloth btw

    EllieMae i love poem requests and would love to tackle this challenge hehe
    Nov 17, 2023

  • KAPOW!

    Your prompt: Use as many different onomatopoeia words as you can! Who can use the most in a poem that makes sense?

    alliyah wrote:"i hate onomatopoeia,"
    the grain of grass wished to the wind
    "swoop woosh, what do you mean?" the wind
    asked in return, "well it's awfully silly don't you think?"
    plop, hop, plop, chirp the grass raised her voice
    above the cricket's plopping hops and chirping plops,
    "i can't hear you over the trickle creek darling"
    the wind offered back as the creek gurgled and giggled at
    the sound of the fish skipping rocks on the beach
    ker-plunk, ka-pow, ker-plunk, bop bop bop
    each stone hopped until it rolled, while the old toad
    zipped up his jacket zipppp while releasing a belch,
    and the frogs started up their electric grills with
    a buzz zip hiss to fry up flies for the fall afternoon feast,
    and the grass sighed, hufff, puff, blarg
    for the world seemed too awfully noisy
    for casual conversation.

    @creaturefeature wrote:i hate onomatopoeia

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  • Hi poetry-pals! Your prompt for this week, fitting perhaps for this month, is to write a poem that makes reference to ghosts. You can interpret that however you'd like!

    Here's my first try at this prompt:

    ghosts (n.) - the unfinished hem of life, where the stitches appear to begin a new garment.

    a. half fear, half hope
    b. found congregating in your lost-places, and second-thoughts, and regrets, and where did you say you were going again...?
    c. although they seem to thrive on memory, they are not to be confused with yesterday or tomorrow, because a ghost is only here for today

    ex. These ghosts seem to haunt these empty grounds with peculiar eagerness in Autumn, perhaps it is the leaves, perhaps it is the threat of Winter.

    What are your favorite ghost poems that you've written or read? Feel free to share below! Would love to read some!

    - alliyah

    spottedpebble I really like Halloween by Sophie Diener. It talks about ghosts in a way that I think is really cool. The poem is in her poetry collection Someone, Somewhere, Maybe.
    Oct 18, 2023

  • There are many songs that like to use the "eclipse" image as a metaphor. October 14th there's an annular eclipse is occurring across the continental United States, Mexico, Central America, and South America - that's pretty cool! So let's make that your next poetry prompt!

    Write a poem about the eclipse or use an eclipse as a metaphor within your poem!


    Happy writing! ~

I would be a terrible novel protagonist.
— mellifera