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The March 2023 Review Day Begins In...

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Poem A Week

  • Your prompt is march -> marching bands, marching troops, march the month ... any interpretation works! Happy new month! <3

  • Also still time to try out the #PeopleTabPoetryTagbook or the #PeopleTabFoundPoem Prompts! Click the Social Month banner to learn more. :) #SocialMonth

  • Your prompt this week is to define a word in a seemingly inaccurate or contradictory way and make a poem out of that!

    for example: stairs are clouds -

    stairs are clouds;
    i suppose they stretch,
    and floors are ladder rungs,
    and I suppose Jacob must have been confused,
    mixing up dreams with heaven,
    unless we have been confused
    mixing up stairs for steps.

    or quick another example:

    the definition of a mile
    depends on where you're going
    one hundred miles is in theory a distance travelable
    by car, or horse, or foot, or plane
    in practice though, these miles stretch infinitely long
    and even more-so when you try to cross them.

    Happy poeting! Feel free to share the results!

  • Don't miss this!

    lliyah wrote:Ah!!!! Looking forward to this for sure!
    Seirre wrote:

    February 18
    Week 3

    Poetry can be a great way to express yourself individually - but it offers an equally great opportunity to connect with friends, strangers, and other poets alike. Since it's social week, what better way to celebrate our poetry community than with a poetry slam?

    If you've never head of a poetry slam before, it's an event in which people go up to a mic and perform their spoken-word poetry in from a large live audience (and often a judge panel as well). We won't have judges at our poetry slam (or technically a mic, either), but we will have lots of poetry recordings, friends, and hype!

    To participate, all you have to do is record yourself performing one of your poems (vocaroo.com is a popular website for that) and bring that link to the official Slam Poetry WFP. If you don't have a poem you want to share, and just want to come listen, that works too. Our slam poetry event is schedule for . I'll post the link to the pad on my wall when the event starts, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

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  • Inspired by a post by @4revgreen write a poem inspired by e.e. cummings' poem "Grasshopper". Perhaps a poem told from a non-human pov with formatting or word-choice that communicates that difference. Perhaps play with form in a way that illustrates the meaning more than the linear sentences. However you decide to get inspired is great! Feel free to share your results here if you write something you're proud of. I'd love to give it a read. :)

  • Up for a poetry challenge? Check out the thread that has the latest Review Day Results -> here and use at least 10 of the "top 20 words" in your next poem! If you complete the challenge comment below with a link and I'll send you 200 points for your efforts! :)

  • Hey there! It's great to see new members joining the club :) Welcome to @yamatri and @Megha024. This club is for posting poems in a single thread endeavoring to write a poem a week, or a poem a month, or another such goal. It's also for sharing poetry prompts and writing poems for those prompts.

    Folks are free to comment on any of the threads you see, though if you want a formal review your best bet is posting in the "Publishing Center" which you'll see a link for at the top of your page.

    Hope you enjoy the club! Keep poeting.

    Oh! A prompt? Today's prompt is "unexpected weather forecast" -> interpret how ever you'd like!

  • A poetry prompt that came to me in a dream: anagrams.

    An anagram is a word or phrase formed by changing the order of the letters in another word or phrase. For example, `triangle' is an anagram of `integral.' -- Collins Dictionary

    Write a poem that is made out of anagrams of some other text. Or write a poem inspired by the meaning of the word 'anagram'. Have fun!

    lliyah Oh reminds me of the DaVinci Code movie and other Dan Brown movies I've been watching lately. :) Good one !
    Jan 19, 2023

  • It's 2023??!!

    Anyone planning on attempting to write a poem every week this year! or every month?! What are your poetry goals for 2023? #poetrygoals

    Also - always feel free to comment in threads or post your poems in this club, they don't need to follow the prompts, but it's fun if some of them do, and anyone is welcome to share a poetry prompt here any-day any-time. Good luck in your poeting this year!

    lliyah I'm going to again shoot for a poem a week every week of 2023! I think I actually just about managed that last year, although was not reliable at all about posting things! sometimes use haiku as a filler too when I'm out of poetry inspo :) Excited to get some new writing done!
    Jan 14, 2023

    Liminality Good luck alliyah! Loving the new club icon, too. Hmm I think I'll go for doing every PAW prompt that comes out. (I expect I'll miss a few here and there as busy uni seasons roll around, but I'll do my best!) I'm hoping to focus on exploring + developing rhythm in poetry, alongside continuing on with the themes and ideas I started working with in end of 2022.
    Jan 15, 2023

  • Heya! Hope this club doesn't mind me popping in, but as a follow-up to that previous post:

    Poetry Readers wrote:Here's the pad link for January's discussion! It doesn't officially start for 15 minutes, but feel free to hop in :D

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    ^Here's the link to the discussion!

  • Poetry Discussion Opportunity in a few hours - > Watch the people tab for more info!

    lliyah wrote:I'm really glaring at my schedule because I'm not going to be able to go to this! But I hope you all do! Jump in the pad in a few hours and discuss poetry, it'll be fun! <3
    Liminality wrote:
    Liminality wrote:A reminder that this is coming up at the end of this week! Check the date below to see when that will be (it adjusts to your timezone). See you there!

    [quote="Liminality"][quote="Liminality"]Hello hello! Happy new year, everybody! On - Poetry Readers discussions kicks off again with a new twist. For this discussion, we're going to try this out: every participant brings a poem (not one they've written themselves, but one they've read and enjoyed reading). For example, if you really like Shakespeare, you can bring one of his sonnets and paste it in the WriterFeedPad. (This applies to any poet you enjoy - though if you'd like to bring a poem by a fellow YWSer, make sure you ask them for permission first!) Additionally, please remember to add a rating or warning in the pad on the line before the poem if it contains content that may warrant such a warning. Using YWS's content guidelines is a good idea, and you can also use more specific warnings. Feel free to ask if you're not sure if something needs to be warned for!

    We'll then chat about the poems in the pad. There will be some general prompts provided that could apply to a wide range of poems, but feel free to come up with your own questions for the poem you'll bring based on your interests. Discussing poetry is a fun activity that can also help you think about your own writing, whether it be poetry or prose.

    If you have any questions about how this will work, you can ask Liminality! (And if you haven't please subscribe to / join the Poetry Readers club! It's a fun space for people to chat about poetry they've read.)

    The link to the pad to join will be posted via the Poetry Readers club and in the People's Tab.

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  • Ope just noticed club avvie is a bit out of date -> your prompt this week is New Year or New Year Resolutions!

  • Feel like discussing a nice wintery poem? Join the discussion of Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost in the poetry discussion forum! :santa: Would love to hear what you think!

  • This is such a fun activity - do take part in it! What's your poetic style?

    Also for your prompt this week, let's try writing a poem that is the "quintessential YOU poem" use all your fave imagery, your stylistic choices that you always seem to repeat, and your favorite words, imagery, and metaphors. This is kind of the opposite of the " #ImitateMe " hashtag in that you're actually trying to imitate yourself! :D

  • Inspired by the recent "Certified User" mayhem - your poem inspo / prompt is imitation. You can try imitating another poet, poem, or style of writing, or maybe write a poem in the style of a song that you like, or your poem could be on the subject of imitation / alias / identity.


    - alliyah™

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