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Stranger Things Brenner and Eleven RP Central

This used to be the Debates and Arguments club, but Arden and I got a bit carried away, so this has, at long last, been converted into a roleplay club for us. Feel free to come join in if you like Stranger Things, but be warned: We are probably insane by now.

eleven was here suckas

Disclaimer from the other admin: We've definitely gone insane! Be wary if you somehow gain entry. You'll be subject to a bucketload of angst, fangirling, and did I mention angst? We've also decided that because of the notification overload it's best to keep this club hidden so you all don't step into something you may not be quite ready for. There's plenty of other clubs for you to roleplay in, I promise! Go check out The Roleplay Geeks ( or the Storybook tab to learn more!!


RavenLord: Creator
Clairia: Admin
Saruka: Officer
AtlasW: Officer

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