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Adopt A Novel

Welcome to the Adopt A Novel Agency. Here at Adopt A Novel we try to create an easy, pain free, adoption process between both writer and reviewer. Every day thousands of discarded novels get left behind in the Green Room. Abandoned, hungry, and sad, they have to wait for someone like us to come along and pick them up off the streets, out of shelters, and into loving, caring homes.

Here at the Adopt A Novel Agency, we do more than just try to get the Green Room chapters reviewed, we try to create a bond between both novel and writer in a way that is unparalleled to any other Agency around, a lasting one.

We encourage our new parents to seriously consider before adopting if they will be able to review each and every chapter. Although there are cases where novels have been returned, these are rare due to the painless, but through process of pairing up reviewers with stories.

Whether you're here to adopt, or here to bring a novel in from the cold, we welcome you!


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