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How The Father came to be

by vampricone6783

*This is the origin of a character of mine called “The Father”. You can check out other stories that connect to this underneath my folder titled “The Father”. Gacha Club character designs are on my wall. Enjoy!*


Zachary was far too young. Far too young for a family, far too young for love, far too young for death.

Only twenty-five, he burned to his demise.

But why, oh why, did it have to be his life?

Chapter One

Zachary woke up to the morning sun glimmering through the hazy white cotton curtains. Regina lay next to him, ginger hair splayed on the soft pillow.

He nudged her shoulder gently. Regina’s eyelids opened, bringing out her lovely tired blue eyes.

“We have to wake up Nathan and Annie. It’s a big day.” Zachary whispered.

Regina grinned, all signs of tiredness leaving her eyes, replaced with excitement.

It was Nathan’s fifth birthday, but it would be fun for everyone. All four of them would go to the carnival and make a treat out of it!

Chapter Two


Annie and Nathan were singing the backseat of car. Zachary was driving, Regina sat next to him. It had been a few hours since they ate breakfast and got ready to leave. They were headed to the carnival for Nathan’s birthday.

“Are you sure that this carnival is safe? It just opened.” Regina whispered.

“Of course it’s safe! It’s not a traveling carnival, the buildings are sturdy.” Zachary whispered back.

Why was Regina asking about it in the car? She had a whole month to talk about it with him but chose to mention it then?

Well, it would be fine. He was certain of it.

Chapter Three

Not too far from them was the looming ferris wheel. Zachary had been driving for a while, but he made it.

“We’re here! We’re here!” Nathan said happily.

Annie and Nathan squealed with joy. Regina still seemed a tad nervous, but she would change her tune once she had some fried corn dogs.

There was joy waiting for them.

Chapter Four


Zachary and his family waited in line. He had parked the car already. All they had to do was get their tickets checked.

When it was their turn to approach the clown woman, she took their tickets and grinned at Nathan.

“Happy Birthday, little one! You’re going to have a grand time!” The clown said.

Zachary told the carnival it would be Nathan’s birthday, just to make the day more magical.

From he what saw, it worked. Nathan’s eyes lit with joy that was unmatched.

They stepped through and prepared to play.

Chapter Five

Regina’s eyes brightened at the sight of the rides. A smile that Zachary hadn’t seen in years showed through, glowing and genuine.

“Having fun?” Zachary asked.

Regina nodded excitedly.

Chapter Six

“Where would you like to go first?” Zachary asked the children. After all, they were the ones who were going to have the most fun!

“I want to go on the big swing!” Annie said, pointing the towering swing ride.

“You, Nathan?” Zachary asked.

“I want to go on the carousel.” Nathan said softly.

“Hm. Annie, you go with Mommy on the big swing and Nathan, we’ll go on the carousel together.” Zachary said.

Both children beamed at the proposal. Annie took the hand of Regina, Nathan took the hand of Zachary.

Off they went…

Chapter Seven

“Do you smell that? What is it?” Nathan asked.

They were waiting in line for the carousel. Surprisingly, it was an incredibly long line. Zachary didn’t think the carousel would have the amount of attention that it did, but perhaps he was wrong. People liked simplicity.

In the air was a strong burning smell, the scent of smoke.

“It’s food, Nathan.” Zachary said.

But it tingled his senses so. Was it really food or-

Of course it was food, what was he thinking?

Chapter Eight

After a long wait, Zachary and Nathan had made it to the carousel. Nathan took his seat at the white horse, Zachary took his seat at the calico horse.

The burning smell was growing stronger. Thick clouds of black smoke rose in the air. A few people were running to and fro, but the carousel moved on with jittery pipe organ music.

Zachary watched with growing fear as more people began to run.

What’s going on? He thought anxiously.

Chapter Nine

“Stop the ride! Stop!” Zachary cried out. The entire carnival was being covered with smoke, more people began to scream and run.

Yet the carousel persisted with its screeching pipe organ music, accompanied by the screams of those on the ride.

Why didn’t they stop the ride? Why it keep spinning? Could they not hear him? Did he have to shout louder?

Zachary coughed, his went blurry with tears.

Would anyone listen?

Chapter Ten

Zachary was lost in the smoke. He could not find Nathan, Annie, or Regina. He couldn’t find anyone.

All he heard was the crackling flames and the anguished screams. At first, Zachary thought that he was in Hell, but something inside told him that he was still in Earth.

When would the smoke clear?

Chapter Eleven

He was starting to see something other than the smoke. A bit of land. A few dead bodies, but not his family.

Wait…no…could it be…lying together…

Zachary needed to get a closer look.

Chapter Twelve

Everything was clear. No smoke lingered. Lying huddled together was him, Nathan, and Annie. A family of three, eyes closed as if sleeping, soft skin burned.

Zachary screamed, but it came out more as a deafening, despairing, demonic howl from the ether.

They were all dead.

Chapter Thirteen

All around him were the cries of souls and the cries of people, in shock, petrified to a state of terror unknown to them. Regina sat next to their bodies, heaving great, broken sobs.

There were whispers of it being a “freak accident”, a “mistake”, but how could such a thing happen? How could anyone be so careless?

Zachary thought back to Regina’s worry about going to the carnival. About it being too dangerous.

She was right. If we hadn’t gone, we would all be still alive. Zachary thought to himself.

Why…why didn’t he just listen?

Chapter Fourteen

“Nathan? Annie? Where are you?” Zachary called out. If they were all dead, then surely, his children would be around, yes?

No response.

“Nathan?! Annie?! Can you hear me?!” Zachary shouted.

There was nothing. He heard many voices, saw many families, both living and dead, but not his own children.

His heart raced faster as he ran throughout the carnival, calling their names and hearing nothing in return. Were they in Heaven? Hell? No, they were only children. They would never go to Hell.

But did that mean he was…alone?!

Chapter Fifteen

No, he didn’t have to be alone. There were other kids in the world. Lost kids, lonely kids.

Zachary could take them as his own, could care for them as his own.

Yes, that was a plan.

Chapter Sixteen

Electric pain shot through his body, twisting and turning his hands up to the Heavens.

Pale fingers contorted into jagged black claws. His body grew, grew to the height of seven feet tall.

Zachary screamed a second demonic howl.

Was it his destiny to be a monster?

Chapter Seventeen

Zachary crawled on the boiling cement ground, away from the sorrow, away from the burning. No one could see him. No one would notice.

There were children crying out, children in need, children alone. He could hear all of their pitiful souls, shivering in their husks of bodies.

The children were his calling.

Chapter Eighteen

Zachary crawled even faster, heart pumping rapidly in his veins.

He hungered for blood, he hungered for flesh. He needed life, to feel the pulse of another being, to taste years being taken away.

The children’s cries were getting more desperate, more sorrow-tinged.

Chapter Nineteen

But what would he be? He couldn’t let the children call him Zachary, that was his first name. He couldn’t let them call him “Dad” or “Daddy”, because that was for Nathan and Annie.

What about…The Father? He was their caretaker, but he wasn’t their father. He was a guardian, a friend.

He was The Father.

Chapter Twenty

He had crawled for what seemed like forever, but finally, The Father had made it.

Right in front of him was a small blue house. In one of the rooms was a distraught child, a child who still thought of their parents. He sensed that she lived with grandparents, that her parents were taken from her.

Don’t cry anymore, I’m here. The Father thought as he approached the house.


The Father had taken in a young girl by the name of “Kali” in his arms. Did she cry? A little, but he made her tears go away.

He waits in the corner of dreams, at the edge of minds. He wants love, he wants children.

His heart breaks a little bit more with each day that passes. With each day that he doesn’t find Nathan and Annie.

Where did they go, those poor children?


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