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Life! What Are You?

by thepages


There’re times when I ask myself what the meaning of life really is? Is it the mere fact of breathing air? The fact that I am not dead? That I am conscious? honestly, I don’t think any of the mentioned best describes the meaning of life however much each has some context to it. I find it a concoction of one’s experiences from the moment they are born to that when they die. The time from birth to death in correspondence to one’s achievements. It is also the sorrowful heart breaking moments, the lifetime scars plus those memorable moments of bliss one recalls as they try looking through their day. It is these memorable events that remind us we are alive.

In most cases, if not all, when one is asked to describe their lives, the first thing their mind thinks of their achievements. What has my presence gained me or the society or even both. It shouldn’t always be a detailed story of one’s many childhood fortunes and misfortunes, all we want is the significance of your presence in society. So life isn’t merely the fact that one is not dead, it’s rather what one does with the fact that they are not dead.

But then there is another context to life. As a reminder that we are loved or hated in the company of our cronies. The essence of being living is the ability to be self-conscious/aware and the possession of feelings. That brief moment of joy and excitement can mean a life time to someone. That moment of sorrow and grieving can act as a reminder to someone that they indeed live and that they should have some purpose to their time of liveliness.

So when you think of those that have parted ways with life, remember that you are not that much better than them unless you build a legacy greater than theirs. Live well, live meaningfully.

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Sat May 30, 2020 9:42 am
sulagna wrote a review...

Hi thepages,
I am here for a review!

First of all ,I loved the topic of your writing. It is a common question which we ask generally to ourselves. I mean I also sometimes think over this matter of life. Once I also tried to write over my thoughts but could not because there is so much to write...
Ok so back to your writing...ah yess topic chosen well but there were things that made your writing a little down . Like:
You just asked questions but did not really answer to it. I cant explain but I think you got it.
And yes I agree with KahleneTenorio ,the point of writing italics...
At some point of time I found myself not really absorbed in your writing...
Well you should try ur best to keep the reader absorbed.

You nearly wrote 3 paragraphs ...But ...there was a lot to write.{I believe}
You just have to note that the topic you are writing on is a very common topic and so it should be different from others.

Well this is it...
I hope my review will be helpful...

And yaa ,I loved your Profile pic...creepy...

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Fri May 29, 2020 11:08 pm
KahleneTenorio wrote a review...

Hi! This is Kahlene, I saw you posted something so I thought I'd leave a review.

Okay, I see you going in-depth with the meaning of life. I like what did here, I have wondered what life meant too. The way you answered this question most of us have is the kind of explanation I needed.

Anyway, back to the review. I saw some minor errors, the capitalization. Not a big deal I know, but make sure you look through your writings before publishing. Also, your text was a bit hard to comprehend, the formating was hard to follow. About the italics, are they a quote or just to make that certain sentence to stand out? The conclusion to this writing was very straight forward, a good conclusion to me, I like them straight forward and direct.

Well, that's all I had for this review. Other people may have more to say, but that's all I got.
I hope you have a good day! '^'

thepages says...

Thanks, i'll have to read through before publishing!

Anytime ^-^

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