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E - Everyone

(Untitled) Chapter 2

by queenofscience

Chapter 2

Teusday couldn't come soon enough. Willow was up before the sun even rose.

Om the bus, she ploped down on the leather seat. Midnight cruled up underneath the seat. His black, white, and red vest read:

Service animal on duty! Do not pet!

Her first class of the day was english. Around the room were posters of what an adjative was and pherpisitonal phrases were in a sentance

Willow went though her classes. She lisened to her teacher enthustacaly gabble on about Animal Farm and how the book talked about such subjects at the russin KBG and the revolution. The teacher also talked about how certin characters were refferencing to political figurs. Addmitaly, Willow wasn't as interusted in the history side of the story. She liked the story simply because the characters were animals. She felt sorry for Boxer, the horse. The pig said that he would get veternarian care for when he was sick. Instead, he got made into glue.

"Poor, Boxer," Willow said sadly. " They made him into horse glue! Do you know what horse-glue is?"

As she spoke, tears coursed down her cheeks. She felt terribal about Boxer's fate. If Willow was in that story, and was a vet, she could of helped him. Also, she couldn't belived that he was lied too. Tears stained the paper infront of her. She quitly cried for the rest of the hour.

After that, Willow then went to her favorit class-biolgy- and her least favort class-history.

Soon, she had lunch. She walked down a hallway that had papers advertizing about after school clubs. The various papers were pined on buliton bord.

She grabbed her lunch-a ham swandwich, carrot sticks, sliced bell peppers, and milk--and ploped down on a blue round set at the grey table.

"Hey, Willow!"

Willow turned around and grined, her teath showed. "Hanna! Boy, am I glad to see you!"

Hanna was a foot away from Willow's face. She could just make her out. Fare skin, straigh platnum blond hair. She was wearing a loose blue blouse.

" You look nice today,"

"Oh, thanks," Willow said.

Willow was waring a long sleved blue shirt with blue jeans.

Hanna than took her place dirrecaly acrooss from Willow. Midnigh meterlized into the shadows, below Willow.

"So, Willow," Hanna begain," Did you see those people yesterday?"

"It-it was weird," agreed Willow. Her voice was a normal tone. "Funny, I was just about to bring them up." Then, in a quiet voice," They, were…odd."

Hanna spoke slowly and kindly. She chose her word carfeully, not wanting to upset Wilow. "Willow, I think your overeacting. It could of been new staft members at school."

"I though that,too. But i'm not sure…." Then," Um, the thing is, they said 'hi,' to my dog…"

"Willow, come on! That's normal!"

Willow's eyes gazed down at Midnigh insted at her friend. Her voice was ruefull


"Willow, i'm sorry, for reacting how I did…that was mean of me."

Maby she should accept what Hanna said. Maby all of this was normal.

Suddenly, in a flash, she stood up and crossed her arms over her chest. " Your right, Hanna! Maby I am overreacting! Fine!" Her voice was stiff. Her tone suggusted that she was accepting of what Hanna said.

"It was nothing," Willow finnished.

Her tone suggested she was accepting of the idea that Hanna planted in her head. That this was normal-the two people that she her dog saw outside yesterday.

"Oh, and Willow. Because your vison is poor I'd figured that I would let you know that one was male and the other female."

"May you discribe them to me?"

"Sure. The first was a man with brown hair, the secont, a women with long blond hair. Both are in there 30's and are Anglo Saxon."

They're nornal people! They'er normal people! They'er normal people!

"What were they wearing?"

"Black and white suits….think investgaters or FBI.."

Hanna was silent. Though the masses of students. Somthing chough her eye. "Oh, no!" She accadentaly exclamed.

The two dark suited figurs were on the parimiter of the cafeateria.

They're not normal people! They're not normal people! They're not normal people!

Panic rose in Willow." We have to go…"

Willow stood up in a flash. After a quick command, Midnight was at her side. She looped the leash around her body. "Come on, boy."

They both fleed.

Willow's dark brown hair flowed behind her.

And they soon found themself in the girl's bathroom. Pink and white titles that were a checkered pattern decorated the room.

Willow pulled open the door quickly. She ploped herself on top of the ceramic tank on the toilet. Her feet were on top of the lid.

Fearing that they were near, Willow kept herself from coughing. Her lungs heaved. A cough poped from her chest.

Then a breif moment of quiet. Then, the door to girl's bathroom opened.

The only sound was of Willow breathing. Midnight was practly silent.


It was a female voice. Young. Possably 30,s.

"I'm sorry I scared you sweetheart. I just want to talk, I don't mean you any harm. If you come out, we can talk."


The 'No," was firm. Willow and her dog flew from the stall.

"Sweetheart, I just want to….-"

Tears were in Willow's eyes and voice. Her voice was riddled with tears. Her voice was high pitched in fear," leave me alone!"

The women's made no motion towards the teenager. Good. Willow would have been terrified if the women had made any movment torwards the teenager.

Willow barged passed her.

"Please I-"

All that Willow heard and focused on was the slaming of the door to the bathroom.

She and her dog sprinted towards the front of the school. She was heading towards a particular classroom- Special ED.

Willow though back to what Hanna's said--Now, Willow knew why Hanna made the remark," 'Oh,no!' And,' Black suits like the FBI."

Hanna was trying to warn Willow. Hanna must of felt a aura of fear.

Willow felt that fear,too. Willow hadn't mean to react that way. Yesterday, and up untill lunch, Willow was curious. Now, fear replaced curiosty. That was all because Hanna said words like,"dark suits" and 'FBI'. And the fact that, just a moment ago, one of them practaly chased Willow down- into the bathroom- made the fear all more real.

Willow and Midnight raced towards the door that was now open- Speical ED. It was a free peroid to do homework in.

Tears beaded on her eyes. The tears hindered her vison even more. The tears further blured her vison.

'Sweetheart, what's wrong?"

It was a teacher.

Willow practaly crashed into the teacher's arms.

Tears coused down the teenager's cheeks. Willow's voice babbled out what had just happened. Willow's voice was so full of emotion that she had difficulty being understood." There were thease people, and they wore black suits and they looked like the FBI and-and one of them chased after me. I th-though they were new staff members but they arn't so now i'm scared… "

"Hey. Hey, hey, hey. it's okay. Why don't you go calm down. We can dissus this later"

Willow knew how she'd calm down.

In the room were tables and a few desk with computers. Towards the back of the small room were a green soft couch and two beanbag chairs.

Now was one of the rare moments when Willow got the room to herself. Willow slumped into the chairs. The lower half of her was on the grey carpet. Willow layed in such a possition to where her legs and feet were infront of her. Her arms were spead egale.

"Midnight. Pressure."

With a sigh, Midnight gentaly monevered himself and settled into her lap. His black head was on Willow's chest. His body formed a 'C' shape on Willow's body. His lower legs and thick tail on Willow's lap and his head on Willow's chest.

"Ahhh….," Willow sighed.

The pressure from her dog melted her anixty and made her tears dry. " Willow sat up. " Thank you, Midnight."

In reply, he panted. He got off of Willow.

"Why don't you go read a book about animals. You'd like that. Or wach a movie? When your done calming down, you can go speak to your counclalar about the incdent."

Willow would do that when the hour was up and once she calmed down. She wanted to speak to the women in a calmer state of mind.

Willow read for part of the peroid in her libray book about various species of whales. The rest she wached a movie.

"Flipper...i'll wach Flipper." By 'Flipper, Willow ment Fliper the dolphin. Willow wasn't in the right mood to wach Dr. Dolittle, the one with Eddie Mrphy.

"Superhero service dog

Saving the day from harm

Superhero service dog

Saving the day with a leap and a bound"


Willow's head snaped from the tv towards her dog.

Midnight's brown marbel eyes looked up at Willow. She could of swore she could have seen a sheen of intelagece in his eyes. He panted.

"Midnight," Willow commaned gently," Up."

Willow waited until he was right becide her to walk to the school councler. She was going to tell her about the incident.

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23 Reviews

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Fri Apr 24, 2020 6:24 pm
ShallowHouse wrote a review...

Hi, Queen!

Once again, I am very much in love with your story! It's so different, it's so cool! I didn't notice that Willow was disabled in the first chapter. Aside from my cousin who is deaf by birth, I don't know anyone else who has disabilities -nor do I see them much when I go outside so I don't really know much about disabled people. However, you have given me a new perspective in life.

With that said, let's go to the review, shall we?
While I very much understand the flow of the story, I was confused by the bathroom part. Did Willow enter and then escape the blonde FBI? Or did the blonde FBI block her from entering the bathroom?

That's my only question.
The rest I will only say these: thank you for enlightening me. I love every single bit of your story and I want to read more of your story. Keep up the good work, Queen! <3 <3 <3

Wishing you the best,

I'm SO glad that you like my story. I am glad that I was able to help you. Just wondering, but how has this story given you a new perspective? Just curious. Willow went in the bathroom to excape the women who looks like she is a part of the FBI.

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46 Reviews

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Thu Apr 23, 2020 7:14 pm
queenofscience says...

Thank you for pointing those things out. I corrected them! :) ( I corrected them in my document on my tablet.)

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174 Reviews

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Thu Apr 23, 2020 5:37 pm
JesseWrites wrote a review...

Jesse here to review, so i am just going to hop in.

"Teusday" I believe that should be Tuesday.

"Service animal on duty! Do not pet!" That should have been surrounded by quotation like I added on.

"russin" That should be Russian as countries and languages are always capital.

"What!?" There should only be one mark at the end. I'd say question.

And finally, "Mrphy" should be Murphy.

The premise of this is uncommon and I appreciate those who have service animals and deal with their needs.

Thank you,

Your Welcome! Yes, I love Midnight. I want to adress the topic of service animals and disabilites. :) I'm glad you like him,too.

"I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person then."
— Lewis Carroll