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Percy Jackson fan fic (title in works) Part 6

by TheWeirdoFromBeyond

Warning: This work has been rated 16+ for language.

Previously, Caleb was going through his day as usual. He fell asleep in one of the classes and had a dream about a girl having a conversation with someone who wasn’t present there. The girl was Veronica, his love interest that died four years ago. At the end of this dream, she says that she would come and take someone to Camp Half-Blood. After a few days, Caleb meets Veronica, and she tells him a crazy theory that one of his two parents is an ancient Greek God. First, he thinks he is hallucinating, but then he realizes this was very creative for his mind to create. After answering I a few questions, Veronica tells him that the Gods want him to come to Camp Half-Blood, and he decides to run away from home, as his mother, who was his single parent, had never treated him properly. Caleb and Veronica are going to shadow travel to Camp Half-Blood. Caleb has a hard time getting used to this. On their first try, he threw up. The journey to this Camp was divided in four parts. The first three parts were very eventless for a demigod, in the final part, Caleb sees a flashback from Veronica's point of view where he learns that Veronica would sacfrifice herself oneday, to save someone she loves. He also finds out he is Apollo’s son, as his children can heal others, and in the process, sometimes, they catch glimpses of the other person’s memories.

Chapter 3- Camp Half-Blood

We were in a forest, and I could hear a lot of insects. The forest floor was a bit damp, and it wasn’t that dark. The moon was bright in the sky, and Veronica’s eyes glistened in the moonlight.

“Who’s Apollo?” I asked.

“God of medicine, sun, music, poetry, and a lot of other stuff.”

“Have you met him,” I asked, wondering what he was like.

“Yeah, a bit self-centred, but Chiron says he used to be worse. Apparently, there was this whole thing about him becoming a human, and then God again, and ever since, he has changed a bit.”

“That makes very little sense to me, how can a God become a human?”

“It’s a long story, someone at Camp can tell you later on.”

"Fine, now, would you mind explaining what the fuck just happened?" I asked. "Is it everyday you see a flashback from someone else's point of view? Cause if it is, this demigod world id freaky."

"Well, flashbacks are not really common. And as far as how that happened, I think Apollo's kids better tell you. I am not so sure about how it works," she said.

"And what about what I saw? Was that all real? You will sacrifice yourself for someone you love?"

"According to the prophecy, yes, I will," she said.

So, now I know why Veronica was acting different. What had changed so much in those four years. Man, she had been through so much. I felt so guilty, earlier, when I tried to talk to her about this, I guess I pushed too much. I knew she had been through depression earlier, I'm not sure why. It was sometime before she faked her death. It had been one of my biggest regrets, that I couldn't help her out of that, before she died. I just didn't want to make the same mistake again. But, I had been totally ignorant about what she felt. I was such a jerk.

“And why did you suddenly faint?”

“I guess I shadow travelled too much or something,”

"I know you probably don't wanna talk about this whole prophecy non-sense, but just know that, if you ever want to talk about it, you can count on me to listen," I said, hoping I was doing the right thing by not pushing her this time.

"Okay, will keep that in mind. Just don't tell anyone about this. I doubt anyone except for Chiron and Apollo, and maybe a few other Gods know about this and I wasn't supposed to know either. Now, can we go to Camp?

"Yeah, but before we do, there is something you should know," I wasn't planning to tell her any of the whole I saw her and Hades in my dream thing, but I had a question about it, and I needed it answered, "Two days before you came to the town, I saw this dream," I explained everything I saw in that dream, and asked my question, "So, did it actually happen, and how did I see that?"

"Yeah, it did happen. Basically, when something that will eventually impact your life happens, you see it in your dreams. Most of the time, we know that it is not a dream, and is real.”

“Oh, fine, I guess we should leave now. How are we going there? Shadow Travel doesn’t seem like an option.”

“We can just walk, it’s not that far away,” she said, and we started walking in silence.

After about a few minutes, we arrived at an entrance that led to what Veronica said, Camp Half-Blood. We walked through the door. The path was the same as the one we left behind, there were trees surrounding us on both sides, trees that weren’t that tall. I could smell something sweet, and as we kept walking, the smell got stronger. I recognised it to be that of strawberries. We made our way to the top of the hill. The slope was so gentle that I hadn’t even realised we were climbing a hill.

A single pine tree was at the top of the hill, and I saw many things from here, The landscape was dotted with buildings that looked like ancient Greek architecture—an open-air pavilion, an amphitheater, a circular arena—except that they all looked brand new, their white marble columns glistening in the moonlight.

“Come on,” Veronica said and we started walking towards a White building.

“Chiron, we’re here,” she said as we entered. The interior was really amazing and clean. I heard footsteps, like something that comes from a horse, and emerged the half-man half-horse I had seen in that flashback. He had thinning hair and a scruffy beard. His face was expressionless, and I don’t know why I thought I had seen him before.

“Welcome to Camp Half-Blood, Caleb. I’m Chiron, I run this camp,” he said.

“Umm, how do you know my name?”

“I knew Veronica was going to get you, and even though she would never admit it, Veronica always wished you were a demigod and wanted you to be here,” he said, and motioned for me to sit.

I looked at Veronica, with a raised eyebrow. She sort of blushed, the way she did when we were younger, “That’s not true,” she said, but her blushing had already given away the truth.

“Anyways, it’s very late, you should go sleep,” he told Veronica.

“Where do I sleep?” I asked.

“You can sleep in either Cabin Eleven, if you want to go by our tradition, but you might not be comfortable there, considering the so many demigods there who are not claimed, or you can sleep in the guest room here.” A bit of this didn’t make sense to me, but I decided it would be better to sleep in a guest room.

“Actually, I think his father is Apollo,” Veronica said before I could say anything.

“Why?” She explained the whole fainting thing, but she left out the flashback.

“But Apollo hasn’t claimed him yet, so either Cabin Eleven, or guest room,” he said.

“Guest room sounds better,” I said.

“Veronica, can you show him one of the available guest rooms?” he told Veronica, who nodded at this.

“Come on,” she said and walked towards a hallway. I followed her and we came to a white door. She opened it to reveal a simple and clean bedroom. I stepped in, there was a bed in one side, and another door on the other side. A small window was near the bed, and the walls were all white.

“That door connects to a washroom common to this room and the next room, and our camp has many rules, rule one, clean up after yourself,” she said and closed the door behind her.

“I left my bag on a small table I hadn’t noticed before, and sat on the edge of the bed. I rubbed my temples, and took in a deep breath. I wondered what was happening back home, or my previous home, whatever. Did my mom care I was gone? Did she even notice it? I imagined my step-brothers, Joey and Justin laugh at the possibilities of where I was. I imagined their words to be like, ”He probably died coming back from school,” or something like, “Maybe someone kidnapped him, but is going to be highly disappointed when they call us to pay money for his return.”

I was so glad to be away from those freaky twins, that excuse for a mother, and a step-father who was so much like his sons. They would all probably go out for pizza to celebrate my absence. I lay down in bed, and in a few moments, I was fast asleep.

I woke the next morning to sunlight coming from the window. I got up, freshened and changed my clothes. I then made the bed and left the room. I found Veronica in the hallway.

“Oh, good, you’re up, I was coming to get you. Breakfast is set,” she said.

“Okay,” I said and followed her to a mess hall.

“For, now, you can sit with Chiron at the main table. You sit according to who your God parent is,” she said, pointing at the table in front. I went there and sat down, while Veronica sat at another table, which was mostly empty, except for a girl. I was surrounded by many tables, and there were a lot of kids here. Most of them were around my age, and were all wearing an orange t-shirt with the words Camp Half-Blood.

Breakfast was really amazing, pancakes with chocolate syrup. I ate a little and then Chiron got up, “Children, today, we are joined by another demigod,” As he said this, everyone stopped talking and turned towards us, ”can you introduce yourself?”

“Yeah, okay,” I said and stood up, “I’m Caleb,” I wasn’t sure what else to say, did I have to say more?

“He has not yet been claimed, but we suspect Apollo to be his father,” a lot of cheering came from a table to our right, the campers who I assumed must be Apollo’s kids.

“So, you can ask anyone to show you around camp,” he said, ”and now that breakfast is over, we need to clear the mess hall,” at this, everyone got up with their plates and washed them one by one. After that, they left them in the cabinets, I did the same.

“So, you want me to show you around Camp,” Veronica asked me.

“Sounds cool,” I said.

We walked to a huge wall, covered completely in photographs, “This is where we put a photograph of every hero this camp ever came across.”

I saw a photograph with seven teenagers sitting on a metal dragon, and two standing on the ground. The captions read ‘Crew of the Argo II and Reyna and Nico’. Another was a picture of a boy who I recognised as one of the seven in the previous picture. This picture was captioned ‘Percy Jackson’. Another Teenager from the previous picture was present in the third frame I saw, which said ‘Jason Grace’. There were more, Meg McCaffrey, Piper McLean, Annabeth Chase, Bianca di Angelo, Nico di Angelo, Luke Castellan, Thalia Grace, Leo Valdez and so many more people.

I wondered what each of them had done to be worthy of this wall, I could imagine Veronica’s photograph here, she was a hero, or at least would be. Sacrificing herself, that only a hero can do.

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326 Reviews

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Sun Sep 09, 2018 6:45 pm
fraey wrote a review...

Hi there!

Just wanted to give you a little feedback on this story.

First off, I think the narration of this falls a little flat, in the sense of not knowing really who Caleb is. The reader only really knows that at twelve, he loved this girl who apparently died, his mother neglects him (?) and his step-family were jerks. It would be interesting to see his family come back in this novel later, as to develop why his mother behaved in such a way, but that's just something I love seeing in books.

I also think that he reacts way differently to stuff even compared to Percy in the books! To establish someone as being unhappy with their life and wanting out is one thing, but I think there should be some sort of freaking out moments Caleb has. I'd at least like to see him act a little more (half-) human I think, until he gets a lot deeper into the camp and learns more about how this world works.

As for this chapter itself, I'd like to speak on a few things. One,

We were in a forest, and I could hear a lot of insects. The forest floor was a bit damp, and it wasn’t that dark. The moon was bright in the sky, and Veronica’s eyes glistened in the moonlight.

Let's see. Them being in a forest is fine since I know that's how the last chapter ended. However, having "forest" in two consecutive lines and "moon" and "moonlight" in the same sentence is not needed. Putting "crickets hummed in the tall trees around us" or another would be a fine way of saying that they're still in a forest! If it's "not that dark" then maybe draw a line around the fact that the moon seemed radiant, and "Veronica's eyes glistened in the moonlight" instead.

Two, I think the paragraph of Caleb feeling guilty kind of suddenly breaks through the conversation. I kind of don't like the self-deprecating lines in general, as I don't recall him doing this when thinking about his mom treating him bad and such. I think what bothers me the most is he's still super hung up on this girl that he liked as a twelve-year-old. In addition, I think that he kind of had every right to ask a bunch of questions as she literally dumped this load of "you're a demigod" on him, and I'd definitely be curious about everything that's happened, including why she "died."

Finally, I'm getting perplexed as to what time this is set in since there was a reference to the Trials of Apollo on there. I'm guessing way in the future though. Also, I don't think listing the names is necessary lol.

Hope that helped!

Thanks for the feedback :D

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Sun Aug 05, 2018 11:08 am
Eros wrote a review...

Hey there, Weirdo !!

This is Eros here, again for another review !!

Thanks for the tag ... I am glad the new part is up. I was eagerly waiting for this one.

Just one single nitpick is there,

Chapter 3- Camo Half-Blood

"Camp" needs to be corrected... It must be a typo.

As always , I loved this part too. This part is making the story deep and emotional... I can smell tragedy here... She would be sacrificing her life someone she loves. I don't know why, but I feel it is going to be Caleb for whom she will sacrifice her life.

I like the way you have described w the wall and the photographs and the names of the heroes are also interesting.

I loved each and every paragraph of the chapter. No suggestions, no error, no confusion, of course there's mystery and there's a lot more to be explored in the story.

It was a wonderful idea.

Keep writing the novel and I am eager to know more in the story ..

Thanks for reading. And thanks for pointing out that typo :D

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Sun Aug 05, 2018 10:19 am

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