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Women, my friend

by TheTaj

It has been a so-called fashion and trendy issue in today’s culture. It seems to be a common scenario all over the world including Bangladesh. Maximum people opine such abusive work-style as of heritage and custom origin. Male counterparts are drastic towards female one. Husband is used to mild beat and scold on his wife, arrogant young man is rampant on chaste young lady resulting rape & acid violence. Failure in love hinders a lad in scorching sexual offence over a lady. No, it is unexpected absolutely.

Man, woman- two blossomed flower in the same bunch. Their mutual harmony should be a never ending delight. But the reality exhibits opposite scenario, where men are torturing, women are weeping. Women’s tears are the source of men’s ugly pleasure.

Record reveals that woman is never a contestant of a woman; rather man controls and tries to control the spinning wheel on woman. Mentality is therefore, the burning issue. Movie clips are piercing youngsters to exercise eve teasing as one test mode. The unbound call of black currency tempts a man for trafficking innocent female kids and girls. Truly, that poor and ordinary amount cannot make one rich. So let us discard all these illegal manners.

“Almost two out of every three women reported having sexual harassment between 2-5 times last year in public spaces”

Why the beasty mind comes strident? Control of man is lost when he finds a woman alone. But, practicality is, the unflinching mindset not to indulge in foul treating is sufficient for women being sexually and mentally harassed. Next, the appropriate use of societal rules and law can enclose a man from vulgar malpractice. Irony of fate, a regular offender/criminal even knowing every law, does crime as a joyous agenda. Fear of punishment or enclosure in jail cannot stop him until he rectifies himself. Same thing applies in case of an arrogant man.

Family torture occupying the massive part of violence is a frequent pathetic image today. On any trifle matter, any sort of minor issue hinders a husband to violently attack the wife. Do we find any story where male are tortured by woman? Here compromising approach between two can be a source of no quarrel and conflict.

As men are the main culprits of violence, ultimately they can be the soul agent of women’s heavenly bliss and blessing. Civilized nations protect human rights and therefore, women are treated with caution and care. Why do not we form a group of friends preventing eve-teasing rather than an eve-teasing circle? Why cannot we reach the grass route level of unconscious people stopping home violence and acid terrorism? Ours have some holy duties; certainly we cannot set aside the accountability of minds.

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