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​Recipe for A Productive Writing Day

by TheBlueCat


1 notebook

50-100 notecards

3 pencils

A red pen

4 colored highlighters (assorted)

A trashcan

A cozy chair

A quiet, undisturbed space

1-2 mugs of hot cocoa or hot spiced cider. Can substitute with coffee, but not recommended.

Blankets to taste

(Optional) Quiet instrumental music


Step 1: Preheat the room to 64 degrees fahrenheit. The preferred temperature outside is below 50 degrees fahrenheit, perhaps with a light drizzle or snow. If it is hotter than 80 degrees, replace blankets with fans, and the hot drink with a cold one, such as lemonade.

Step 2: In the quiet space, gather all the ingredients. Mix together the pencils, pen, highlighters, and notecards on a table nearby the cozy chair. Do not place near a bed, phone, or other distractions, as productivity will drop drastically.

Step 3: Prepare the hot drink. Once in the room, wrap the writer in the blankets. Do not wrap too tightly, or they will not want to write. Add the soft music.

Step 4: Spread out the notecards and the notebook. Make sure the trashcan is nearby. Some writers like to crumple up bad pages to feel better. Do not let them crumple up everything they write. Make them set some writings aside, they may like those ideas better later. The writer will begin planning, or if they’ve already completed this step, begin writing.

Step 5: Let sit for 30 minutes. Do not distract. If they do not begin to write, let them look for inspiration, but not for more than 10 minutes.

Step 6: If the writer continues to write, let sit. Make them take a break at most every hour. Give snacks if hungry. Once writing begins to dwindle, reward them for the productive day.

Step 7: Repeat process as needed, beginning editing once writing is complete. Set goals for each session, and rewards for reaching bigger goals. Never punish, only omit rewards. Encourage the writer, and give small amounts of constructive criticism.

Step 8: Enjoy some beautiful writings!

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Sun Oct 25, 2020 1:26 pm
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omer wrote a review...

That was some pure amusement. So funny, BlueCat.
I have one note: The writer is part of the recipe, therefore I'd add "writer" to the ingredients.
Here are the lines that literally made me laugh out loud, ascending:

1-2 mugs of hot cocoa or hot spiced cider. Can substitute with coffee, but not recommended.

Do not place near a bed, phone, or other distractions, as productivity will drop drastically.

Give snacks if hungry.

Great job!

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Sat Oct 10, 2020 11:16 am
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Euphoria8 wrote a review...

Ahahaha I love this! As some one who enjoys the whole "productivity tips tricks" articles and videos, it was so awesome to see it in the writer version!

And I've gotten some good ideas for what to do when writing in winter too! (Wrap a blanket around while writing? HOW HAVE I NOT THOUGHT OF THAT BEFORE??)

Like someone else mentioned, please add a step for self care. I don't remember the last time I took a bath when having a productivity day...jk but it still happens we always forget the little but huge things

Thanks for sharing and keep growing <3

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Mon Oct 05, 2020 10:55 pm
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SilverNight wrote a review...

Hello there! This was helpful to read, and definitely provided some good tips for writers.

While everyone will have their own personal preferences about how to write (for example, some people like writing with background noise or music, while others prefer silence), I believe you did a good job on gathering suggestions that work for most writers! I can certainly give this a try at some point. I find it interesting how these instructions aren't given to the writer directly, but to someone else, as if they had a little helper that's making sure they stay productive.

I would have liked to see something about writing on a laptop as well, as I noticed that some of the steps are for writing on paper, which is good too, but both have different aspects to them and seeing advice for both would have also been nice. However, I still enjoyed this a lot, and you probably helped out a few fellow writers with this!

Thank you for the enlightening read, and I hope you have a great day!

- Shadow

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Mon Oct 05, 2020 5:59 pm
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TheScribe wrote a review...

Hello there, @TheBlueCat! I'm Vilnius, here to review your unique little "recipe" today! :)

These are-- actually some pretty good instructions for writers that don't use computers/hones/typewriters/tablets/etc for writing! I'll try to remember to pull this up in the winter months if I can get some alone time this year.

I would add after Step 6 that some writers may be extremely reluctant to do some self care so you might want to add an extra step because I know very few writers that willingly do self care.

...yes, this may or may not include myself.

Now, I know this is written like a typical recipe, but I think that you should leave the "s" off of 'writings" in Step 8 as it's really distracting for grammar-based readers.

Have a nice [*insert time of day here*]!!!

TheBlueCat says...

Thanke ^-^ <3

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life's realities.
— Dr. Seuss