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by Swetachowdhury0

I woke up early and got freshened up and dressed in a suit. I went down and saw dad eating breakfast I greeted him and started eating my food.

Dad:- "how is work going on? And what about the upcoming project we need to get no one can beat us. you better stay focus on it."

Me:- "don't worry, dad. As always I will win that project also."

I finished my breakfast, bid him goodbye and went outside. I started my car and drive to the office. I went directly into my room. My secretary came in and told me about the today schedule. After my meeting and all, it was already past 9 pm so, I decided to complete some paperwork for the upcoming project. Suddenly my phone starts beeping.

Me:- "yeoboseyo.(hello)"

???:- "oppa, odiseyo(where are you). Let go out and have some party tonight. I have a surprise for you. Can I come to your office?, I am waiting outside."

Me:- "yaa, what are you doing there? Come inside. I have some work to do. Let's go out after 30 minutes."

I hanged up the call and started again working on my laptop. When suddenly she enter my room, she really knew how to turn me on. I took her hand and make her sit on my lap. ???:- "here, I bought some wine for us."

Me:- "love you, baby."

We started drinking and she kept sitting on my lap kissing my cheek, my neck.

??:-"oppa, I am bored. Let's go home. She started caressing my shoulder and I can't resist her. She is not the first one but she really knows me well ."

Me:- "aren't your dress too short."

??;- "everything for you, oppa"

She leans in and we started kissing each other. I started kissing her neck while she removes my suit. I pick her and lay her on the couch. I hover on her, I started kissing her deeply when she stopped me.

??:- "oppa, let's go to my house."

Me:- "I can't wait. Let's me kiss you first." We went inside the car and she keeps caressing my parts making me moan.

Me:- "you better be prepared."

???:- "I am, drive fast, oppa I can't wait anymore."

She was kissing me on the way. I turned to her and kissed her on lips. when Suddenly, something hit my car with force.

??:- "oppa, gewechana??"( are you fine)

I stepped out of the car and looked at the front and the front light was badly damaged and there were scratches too which made my blood boiled. I saw an old lady fallen on the ground. I pulled her up and said, " are you blind? can't you see, you stupid women." " See what your food van did to my car. " I was going to slap her. When someone holds my hand. I turned around to see.

She:-"너 미쳤 니? ( Have you gone mad)". With that word, she threw my hand in the air.

Me:- "who the hell are you? Stay out of it if you don't want to get hurt."

She:- "behave ourselves. Shouldn't you be the one to apologize to her."

She was getting on my nerve now. how the hell is she to teach me manner now.

Me:- "is she your mom? Just get lost you both."

She:- "why? If she was your mother. Won't you help her then? You hit her first and now you got the nerve to threaten her. "

She kept arguing. She was making me angrier. I raise my hand to slap her and but she dodged it. Some cabs came and stopped. It was of police.i have never been to the police station before and it was making me get angrier on her.

I went to the police station.

Cop:- "did you call us?"

She:- "I called you." I looked at her giving a murderous look

The cop started inspecting the lady. This was the first time I am at the police station. she will regret it. I keep thinking about this

Cop:- "do you have to say anything, Mr Park"

Me:- " My lawyer is coming, he will talk."

She interrupted again and said, "I have to say." " I am the eye witness of the accident. He was drunk plus he was driving over speed. The signal was red but he still drove the car and hit that lady. Instead of helping her he threatens her. He also tried to hit me also. You can check the CCTV's for evidence. Make sure to get her justice and this thing should never happen again. "

Cop:-" thanks for your help, miss?

She:- it's Mia Kim,

Cop:- "you can give your number and if we need your help, we will call you, You can go now."

I kept staring at her. Once she stood up and turn to go out. I went to her. And told her, " you're gone regret it, do you even know who am I? " "Be ready to get what you have done"

She:- " I don't regret doing things in my life. And I don't care who the hell are you.? Least interested to know about you. You better take care of yourself."

She left the police station. After 15 minutes my lawyer and secretary came. They did all the talks and made the lady return the case. I came out of the police. It was suffocating every single second in there. I am going to ruin her. Because of that bitch, I had to go there.

Me:- " I want every detail about her. Find her." I asked my secretary.

I went back to the house. I rushed to my room. I shut the door loudly to calm down. I took shower and slept. I got ready the next morning and was going out when dad called me.

Dad:- " aren't you going to eat your breakfast.?"

Me:- " I have some work to do ."

Dad:-" sit and eat first"

I sat down and started eating when he asked me," what were you doing at the police station yesterday ?"

Me:-" it was just a mistake. Don't worry I have taken care of it."

I went to my office and enter my room. When my secretary came and gave me a file.

Secretary:- " here are the details of her, you asked." I took the file and started reading.

A smirk appeared on my face. She is going to pay for what she did last night. So, she was the daughter of the, she stayed out of the country and came back a month ago.

It was around 6 pm and I was working on my laptop when my cellphone beeps.

Me:- "yeoboseyo."(hello)

??:- "she came out of her house and is going to the company."

Me:- " great work. You can leave now."

I leave my room and started my car. I park my car in the parking lot. And waited for her to come down. After about 45 minutes she was coming. She was about to cross my car when I started my engine and move her head in her direction. It made her stopped. I came out of the car.

She looked very pissed. All I hear was" what the fuck."

Me:-" you don't look pleased to see me again. Probably haven't thought of seeing me. Right"

She:-" if you're done then leave. I don't have time to waste with you."

She was going to turn right when I hold her right hand tightly and pulled her.

Me:-"you had enough time yesterday to report me. But now, you don't have any time. " " Do you even know who I am.?"

She:-" I already told you I don't have any interest to know about you. Got it. let me go."

Me:-" didn't I told you I am gone make you regret"." I don't keep anyone's favour".

She tried hard to pull her hand but my grip was tight.

Me:- "what? Don't want to face me. Well, I don't want to be unfair. So just apologize and I will let you go."

She:-" 너 미쳤 니? ( Have you gone mad). I will never apologize. Don't even think so."

Me:- "attitude huh ... It won't work on me. You must think yourself lucky right. After all not every man gives his name to their illegal child."

She pushed me and was going to slap me when I hold her hand and twisted it on her back. I heard her groaning. I pushed her against the car and twisted her hand more. I leaned in and kissed her roughly, she keeps trying to push me away but was failing. But she gave in when I twisted her hand again. The kiss was quite long (imagine after a fight when you both kiss each other). I pulled back and look at her face, now she looks like regretting.

Me:-" it just the beginning. Unless you are going to apologize to me. You better be careful."

I turned and opened my car and start driving she was standing there she froze. Seeing her like this gave me a little satisfaction.

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Sun Apr 28, 2019 2:54 pm
DougalOfBiscuits wrote a review...

Well this is terrifying.

Hi there, I'm here to save your work from the lonely Oldest tab of the green room!

So, there's a whoooole lot happens here that I have to start to digest. That is the first thing to mention, the pacing is a bit fast. It's hard to keep track of what's going on. The girl the main character was having sex with at the start - she seems to disappear during the police incident, but if she was a witness presumably she'd have gone with him? I also don't know anything about her, which is a shame.

The tension with the person reporting him to the police sort of works. The problem is that I don't really know why he's so annoyed. He caused a car accident and is being taken in for it, but he even gets out without consequences so why is it that much of a problem? Has she just insulted his dignity or something? I guess this could be evident if I'd read the previous chapters - maybe he's in a very high position of authority so takes this slight really really hard - but it seems kind of a stretch.

That brings me to his character. I opened this review by saying it was terrifying, because I'd just read the last bit with the long kiss and the threats. This sexual assault is insidious and having the character's thoughts narrate it is utterly terrifying, being inside the head of someone willing to hurt someone so much they submit. I don't like the word "regret" because that suggests she made the choice to kiss him, rather than being coerced by pain. But other than that the ending was really hard-hitting.

Hope this helps,

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Tue Mar 05, 2019 3:21 pm
FireSpyGirl wrote a review...

Hi there!
So this is good, and interesting. Now, I want to make it clear that I am not trying to be harsh or critical, I really did enjoy this. So, that being said, I'll jump right into this review. First off:

"Dad:- "how is work going on? And what about the upcoming project we need to get no one can beat us. you better stay focus on it."

Me:- "don't worry, dad. As always I will win that project also."

Some of the phrasing here is a little awkward. In the first part, you don't really need the "on." I would just stick with "How is work going?" Or try "What's happening at work?" Something like that. The next line needs to be broken into two parts and phrased a little differently.

"And what about the upcoming project? We need to get at it."
Written like that, it flows easier and is easier to read.
The only other thing I would do is to add some feeling. What does Mr. Park feel through out the day? I can tell he is mad, but what kind of mad? Is it a quiet rage, one of the worst kind? A boiling hot rage that will end after a few days?

Now, I hope this wasn't to harsh, and I hope this helped. If you ever want help, I'll do my best! Again, I enjoyed this, and I am looking forward to more from you!

Hey @FireSpyGirl, thank you so much for the review and you we're not harsh.. And i agree with you too. I need to show me park feeling a little more.. I will try my best to do so...

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