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Life or Death ~Book one It Begins Chapter 7

by Shikora

Chapter 7

Cold sweat ran down Vipers face as he looked at the dead body’s around him. Blood covering there golden scales. Fear frozen upon their faces. Weapons littered the floor he stood on. The once yellow sand now stained a dark red. Viper looked up to the ash filled sky.

Viper slowly stepped over bodies scanning their faces as he paces. Great horror washed over him when he saw Zectra lying on the ground with a sword though her chest.

Viper turned to look to the fort. When he saw it in the distances he ran towards it. Smoke floating into the air as its structure burns. Yellow flames flicker in the wind, loud crackling sounds could be heard as it burned the thick wood to ash.

Viper could hear laughter behind him and spun around. Coming face to face with a black one.

The Onex Wyvern eyed Viper up and down his beady silver eyes looking for a week spot. Viper watched him his body shaking knowing what is to come. The large black dragon stopped in front of him and lunged wrapping his chew around Viper’s neck. Viper could feel the air leaving his lungs. He wanted to fight back and get air but his body wouldn’t allow him to move.

Viper could feel the presser on his neck the life slowly leaving him. Warm blood trickled down his neck. Viper closed his eyes feeling the life leaving his body. He looked around him. The fort he has spent his hall life in burnt down to rewinds. The smoke rising to the sky making it as black as night. The sun peeked through the smoke making it red.

Viper yelled out in agony as he felt his neck begin to snap. The sound of his bones snapping filling his ears. Pain shot up and down his body.

Viper’s eyes shot open as he awoke from his nightmare. He shook his head trying to get the image out of his head. He slowly got to his feet and shook his body to get the sand off of him.

Loud shouting could be heard from outside the room.Viper walked over to the door and opened it. Other solders ran past his door and up into the courtyard.

Viper joined in the housel to get ready. He ran to where he had put his armor the day before. He placed his body armor on and strapped it down. Then he picked up his wing shears and sharpened them with a rock that lay on his shelf. Then he did the same to his talon caps.

‘I still can’t believe we are doing this.’Viper thought to himself as he lined up with everyone else waiting for the chief.

The large Sand Wyvern walked towards them his armor shining in the morning sun. His dark eyes scanned the young dragons before him. “This is the day you have all been waiting for. If you die you will die with honor. Now everyone get a weapon and we will be heading out.”

Viper along with the others ran over to get their weapons. Viper picked up his sword it’s thin silver metal shining in the light. ‘This is it the moment I have been waiting for.’Viper placed his sword in its capsule that covered the sharp blade.

Following Venom they all walked over to the heavy steal gates. Viper watched as Venom pushed them open along with a few others. He could also see the general in the front line.

Once everyone had walked out they spread their wings and took to the sky. Viper glanced to his side and saw Sooky flying next to him. Viper could see fear planted upon his face as he flew.

They were heading for their death. But just maybe they would win this fight. Unsure Viper slowed his pace to look around him. Thousands of dragons his age and younger surrounded him. They passed the village they patrolled every day and farther into the distance.

This is real. He was going to fight against one of the most hated tripe’s in all of Lavvania. He knew he would most likely die. That thought troubled him greatly. But there was nothing he could do but fight.

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