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MaryAnna (S1, E2)

by Rinisha

'Sleep tight Solo'

It was dark and completely silent.

'I knew she had gone to the party. Martha, you're going to be so pissed.'

Richard switched on the garage light, as it was pitch black. The whole garage was suddenly lit up. You could see two bikes against the wall, one belonging to Mary and the other to Alex. There were all sorts of boxes in the garage with tools, car tyres, broken kitchen utensils and an old washing machine.

Richard saw some movement coming from behind his car and he walked towards it. There he saw Mary playing with Solo, Solo was quietly purring on Mary's lap. Mary saw her father and said:

'Hey dad, I found a kitten under your car. She's still a baby, can I please keep her?'

Mary looked at her father with puppy eyes. Richard was angry that Mary was here in the garage and that Martha was right. He said,

'It's already nine-thirty, what are you doing here so late, child?'

'Mary! Mary, where are you now? I fetched a box for your kitty?"

said Alex who entered the garage with the cardboard box.

'Oh, hey dad. I didn't know you were back already. Mary found a kitten, can we keep her?'

Richard was surprised that Alex asked for a kitten. And he was even angrier, because he saw Alex in his black suit and knew that he did go to the party and Mary did not, because her dress was dirty with grease and cat hair.

'That animal is not coming into my workspace,'

Richard said and walked out of the garage. Mary stood up from the floor and sighed out.

She said:

'That was close, thank you Alex.'

Alex said: 'No problem, but your beautiful dress is ruined now.'

Mary said: 'That's okay, at least I'm safe. And also thank you for my kitty.'

Richard had gone straight back to his study room and had not spoken to Martha again.

Mary and Alex also came in now with Solo of course.

Martha was in the kitchen doing the dishes.

'Ma, look what I got.'

Martha was so relieved to hear the fourteen year old her voice and to see her safe. Before letting Mary finish, she held her tightly for a moment and said,

'Thank god.'

She kissed Mary on her head and little tears fell from her eyes. Mary said:

'Ma, why are you crying? It's not like I went to war?'

Martha smiled and gave Mary a firm hug, she looked at Alex from behind Mary and mouthed:

'Thank you.'

Alex smiled and dried his mother's tears.

'My dress is all dirty from the grease and all.'

Martha said: 'I'll wash it, don't worry, you're safe, that's important.'

'I got her from Jake.'

Martha said: 'She's cute, but don't leave her on your bed. You're only going to have cat hair soon.'

'Okay.' said Mary and put Solo in the cardboard box next to her bed. Mary then lay down and after five minutes she said:

'Well, I can't possibly let you sleep in the box.'

And she took Solo out and put her next to her on the bed.

'Sleep well, Solo.'

* * *

Richard picked up the receiver of the house phone and dialed the number of the Dalton family.

'Hello, this is Richard, Alexander and MaryAnna's father. I was wondering if MaryAnna came to the party?'

A heavy voice said:

'Hey Richard, how are you? I haven't heard your voice for a long time. Everything okay with your wife and kids?'

Richard said:

'Hey Bernard, everyone is fine. Yes, that’s true. I've talked to Rosie more than I talked to you.'

'Well, what can I say, work keeps me busy.'

Richard laughed and said:

'That's true.'

'Oh, yes. You asked if your daughter came by here. I didn't see her though, I only saw that boy of yours, Alexander. That boy looks just like you, Richard.'

Was that too much information the voice wondered, I hope he didn't suspect anything strange.

Richard smiled again and said,

'Yes, thank you. So just to be sure, MaryAnna wasn't at the party.'

'Certainly, no.'

Richard was annoyed and said:

'Okay, thanks, Bernard. Nice to hear your voice again.'

'Okay, yes you too. Have a good evening, Richard.'

'Good evening, Bernard,'

Richard said and put down the receiver.

Jake sighed out and was relieved that Richard did not suspect anything. He didn't want to betray Mary and didn't know if Richard might do something bad to her if he knew. Suddenly a voice behind Jake said:

'Good evening, Bernard? Since when are you Bernard?'

Jake turned and said:

'Hey dad.'

'Who was that? Was it a girl?"

asked Bernard. Jake looked surprised and said:

'No, it was Alex's dad, he asked if Anna had come here for the party.'

'And what did you say?'

Jake said:

'I said she wasn't here.'

Bernard said: 'But was she here?'


said Jake gently. Bernard then asked:

'Why did you lie, Jake?'

Lara entered the front room with a bowl of popcorn and she said:

'Simple, because she wasn't actually allowed to come, she was grounded.'

Bernard walked up to Lara and gave her a firm hug and said,

'Honey-drop Larissa, I'm sorry I couldn't attend your party. But work didn't allow it.'

Lara said:

'It's no big deal, dad.'

Bernard said:

'I know Larissa, but still. And you Jake. I don't want you imitating me over the phone any more, did you hear that?'

Jake wanted to answer, but Lara said with a full mouth of popcorn:

'Apparently he's doing a good job, because if Mr Bradshaw bought it, then...'

'But still, because if Richard finds out then my reputation is ruined.'

Lara imitated Jake and said:

'Hey, yeah with Bernard, the father of Milkshake.'

All three of them burst out laughing. 'Let's go watch a movie.'

Richard knew very deeply that Mary had been to the party, but he just couldn't connect it.

* * *

Richard was lying in bed next to Martha. Martha was at the very tip of the bed on the left and Richard on the far right.

'You are lucky this time,'

Richard said to Martha. She lay with her back turned to him and said,

'What do you mean?'

'I know MaryAnna went to the party, I just don't know how or when.'

Martha took a deep breath and decided not to say anything.

'This has to happen again then I don't know if MaryAnna will still go to school or if I will send her to a boarding school for young girls.'

Martha decided not to say anything and closed her eyes. She prayed to God that this day would never come.

* * *

The next morning, Martha entered Mary's room to wake her up for school. And she saw the following. Mary and Solo were completely snuggled up against each other. Solo was lying peacefully in Mary's arms and was also sleeping peacefully. Although Martha had said Solo was not allowed on the bed, she no longer minded and was rather hay that Mary was safe. She woke Mary up.

'Mum, don't. It's Saturday.'

protested Mary as mother woke her up and switched on the light.


her mother said sternly. Mary said grumpily,

'Okay, okay. I'm getting up already.'

'I'm going downstairs make sure you're there downstairs for half an hour too.'

Mary said: 'Okay.' Mary gently lifted Solo up and kissed her.

'Hey Solo, are you okay? You're so sweet and I love you so much.'

Solo yawned in Mary's arms and Mary kissed her a few more times.

Mary took a quick bath and dried herself off, then she put on her school clothes. Then she took the blue tonic to smear it under her eye. But when she saw that the blue spot had disappeared she thought it was a bit strange. She read the description of the blue tonic for a moment. It was written that it works overnight and doesn't bother you so much anymore. Mary thought it was miraculous because now she didn't have to go to school with a bruise in her face.

Mary put Solo in her box next to the bed. Solo meowed softly and did not want to go into the box. She grabbed Mary's hands hard and wouldn't let go. Mary said:

'Come now, Solo. I have to go to school and before you know it I'll be back. Who's a sweet girl?'

Mary kissed Solo on the head again and gently put her in the box, Solo no longer protested and just lay down in the box and purred. Mary put her hair into a ponytail and started packing her school bag.

Martha had already prepared breakfast and Richard was already downstairs, reading the newspaper. Richard was almost completely bald, but still had some hair on the side. He had light brown hair with some gray tufts of hair here and there. As soon as Richard started reading, he wore maroon reading glasses to help him. His eyes had aged a bit and so had his face. His face had some wrinkles, especially on his forehead he had many. His beard made him look a little better because otherwise he looked very old.

Martha went upstairs to wake Alex up.

When she arrived at his room and knocked, she heard him talking. Martha knew that Alex never got up before she woke him up. She lingered by the door and heard him talking to someone over the phone.

'No, Amara. Listen a minute, that's not what I mean. You have to submit the project to Mr Blackwood not Mr Woodson.'

Martha heard Alex arguing with one of the girls from his class. Apparently, they had to complete and submit a project, but it didn't go the way Alex had expected. Martha decided to go inside and opened the door.

Alex looked at her and said,

'Amara, I'll call you back or let's talk at school.'

He laid down and said,

'Good morning mum.'

Martha said: 'Why did you lay down?'

Alex said, 'There wasn't much point because it's too late anyway really. Someone submitted our document to the wrong gentleman and the deadline was yesterday afternoon.'

Martha thought it was strange, but she could understand if Alex didn't want to talk to some person from school on her behalf.

'Okay, but are you sure it's going to be okay?'

Alex nodded.

'I just came to wake you up,'

Martha said and she walked out the door. Alex said,

'Ma, listen for a minute.'

Martha came back and said:


Alex gave her a hug and said:

'Thanks ma, but I'm going to try to get up by myself now. Then you'll have less work and won't have to tire yourself out so much either, because I know you're already going through a hard time because of da...'

Martha didn't let him finish the last word and said,

'You don't have to, Alex. I'm happy to do it.'

Alex said:

'Its okay ma, I'm not eight or ten anymore either.'

He smiled and Martha smiled too and kissed Alex on his forehead.


Martha said and she walked out of his room. She walked downstairs and saw Mary already sitting at the table. She was pleased and proud. She smiled and went to the kitchen.

Alex also arrived after a few minutes and greeted his father. They all ate breakfast together and then Richard went to work.

Richard worked as a notary in a small office and often did a lot of paperwork, so he sometimes spent hours in his study room reading alone. The shrill of their house rang and Martha opened.

Jake was here:

'Hi, Mrs Martha.'

Martha said: 'Hey Jake, they are in the front hall.'

Jake thanked Martha and walked into the house. Alex was sitting in the front hall lacing his shoes. Jake said:

'Hey Man.'

He shook hands with Alex. Alex said:

'I'll just go get my phone, then we can go.'

Jake went to the kitchen and took a glass of water to drink.

Jake was like Martha's second son next to Alex, she trusted him with everything and she allowed him to do whatever he wanted in the house.

Martha put some milk in a bowl and gave it to Jake. Jake was just about to ask her where Mary was, as she was not in the front hall when Martha said:

'She is in her room, can you take this for her too.'

Jake took the milk and went upstairs to Mary's room. He knocked and opened the door, there he saw Mary taking crazy pictures with Solo. He said nothing, but just observed Mary leaning on the wall of her room. Mary had surely taken more than 20 pictures with Solo and was now clicking a last one in front of the mirror.

Then she looked closely and in the background she saw Jake. She frowned for a moment and then looked back, she saw Jake and said,

'Jake, Milkshake, hi. How long have you been standing there?'

He smiled and said,

'Long enough to see you posing with Solo. Can you please, please don't call me that, I have a reputation to uphold you know.'

Mary took the bowl of milk from him and put it in the box with Solo in it.

'Well, guess what. I'm not going to stop,'

Mary said chuckling. Jake rolled his eyes and said:

'I swear I'm going to kill Lara for this.'

Mary said: 'Hey, don't you dare touch my sister, because if you do, you'll have to deal with me.'

Jake laughed and said:

'Is that so?'

Mary said:

'Don't think I'm joking, because you've seen what I can do.'

Jake couldn't stop laughing, but still said with difficulty:

'Okay, remind me not to mess with you Anna.'

'It's MaryAnna,'

Mary said, rolling her eyes and walking out of her room. Jake went after her and they went downstairs.

Alex was already downstairs, talking to his mother about some private matters, while drinking another cup of tea.

'Mum, you can't let him go on like this.'

Martha looked up at Alex and said:

'Alex, drop it.'

Jake and Mary came downstairs, Alex saw them and said:

'There you are, we have to go guys.'

'Mom, I left Solo in my room.'

Martha said:

'Okay, I'll check on her from time to time.'

Mary kissed her mother on the cheek and said:

'Thanks, bye mum.'

Jake and Alex both greeted Martha and also walked out. Martha stood at the door and waved them off, she still said after Mary:

'MaryAnna, keep yourself calm.'

Mary said: 'Yes ma.'

They walked to school together, Jake and Mary chatted a lot, but Alex was rather quiet today. They were almost at school when Mary asked Alex:

'Alex, what is it?'

Alex woke up from his daydream and said:

'Nothing, I'm fine.'

Mary knew what Alex was thinking about and said:

'It's about mum isn't it?'

Alex looked at Mary and asked:

'You know too?'

Mary said:

'God, yes.'

'I thought you didn't know. I've been sitting for five years with this and no one to talk to.'

Mary said: 'Your sister is getting older too, Alex.'

Alex gave a small smile, but it quickly disappeared.

'Why does he do that, do you think?'

Mary sighed and said:

'I really wouldn't know.'

Jake walked a few meters in front of them and did not get between them, he wanted to give them sibling privacy.

Alex and Mary tried to figure out some reasons why their father might do that, but they didn't get very far.

If that wasn't enough, when they arrived at school. An angry headmaster was waiting at the big gate for a certain MaryAnna Bradshaw with his 'lovely' daughter, Gloria. Still with bruises on her face and red streaks down her neck.

Mary saw the director and Gloria, she stopped for a moment and swallowed. This was totally the end of her, she thought. She was scared and didn't want to walk any further, so she stayed nailed to the ground for a moment.

Jake took her hand and then Alex too, they looked at her and both said:

'We'll do it together.' 

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Stickied -- Sat Mar 18, 2023 12:29 am
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Rinisha says...

Hey people,

here you have episode 2 of my famous serie MaryAnna.

Please review and let me know what you think about it and how I can improve my writing.

Hope to read your reviews soon!

- Rinisha

foxmaster says...

It's interesting how you're making this into episodes.

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Sat Mar 18, 2023 7:24 pm
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foxmaster wrote a review...

Hello, this is Foxmaster.
Once again this was a very good chapter and I am really enjoying this so far. I personally think that making this into episodes is an interesting spin on writing, and I am excited to continue it. I also have a lot of suggestions for further chapters/seasons of this, so if you are curious you can just ask me.

While this had really good grammar and stuff I had a question: why is it that when people talk in this that they have one quotation mark and not two?
I also have a suggestion that when people talk instead of adding who said the things in a new paragraph you just put it on the same line by what they said.

That is all! I found this really interesting, like when Jake lied to MaryAnna's dad, or how she was taking all the pictures of Solo. (I like the images beneath it. Did you look them up on google or are they your pictures?) That is all!
Ps: I am also going to make episodes of something, I am just letting you know so that I am not stealing your idea.

Rinisha says...

Hey Foxmaster,

It gives me a good feeling to know that people enjoy my stories.
MaryAnna is my favorite story that I'm writing so far.

Thank for the support!

TBH I really don't know the answer to your question about the quotation marks, i'm sorry. I just write and don't really pay attention to those things. But I will search up the differences and then try and pay more attention to it.

The dialogues: I put them separate, because it's easy readable for people that way. I think it'll be too much stuffed if I just glue everything togheter. But maybe I should try it otherwise, who knows.

And yes, I would love to hear your suggestions, although I have to tell you that I kinda already have a plan worked out, but I don't mind.
Maybe I'll make a combo who knows.
I'm looking forward to those suggestions!

I'm happy you liked the piece were Jake lied to Richard. I had myself in stitches writing that part. %uD83E%uDD23

And about the pictures, they're not mine. I searched them up on google. I like to do that a lot. Just sit and search pictures on google or pinterest for my stories. (people like pictures in stories I've noticed.) :-)

Nice! I'm waiting for your serie too then!

- Rinisha

foxmaster says...

Thanks for telling me, and I also use pictures from google for a lot of my stories.

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Sat Mar 18, 2023 3:54 pm
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vampricone6783 wrote a review...

No one suspects anything for now. Mary is safe for now. I don’t know what’s going on with Martha. Probably something bad. I have a feeling that Mary might get suspected from school. Or not. Jake and Alex might save her. If they do, then great! If not, then she’ll have to find something else to do with her life. I enjoyed this chapter.

I wish you a great day and night.

Rinisha says...

Hey Vampricone,

Thank you for your reviews, they give me motivation and power to write more.

I really appreciate you reviewing my work!
Thanks a lot! <3

PS: I've already finished chapter 3, I will post it soon, I promise!

- Rinisha

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