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16+ Language Violence

The Forsaken Race - The Hidden Truth: Chapter 34

by RavenAkuma

Warning: This work has been rated 16+ for language and violence.

Chapter 34 - Trance Of Hate



As Kita's internal conflict of thought was broken, she felt her blood turn to ice in her veins. Her face went as pale as a corpse, and her hands shook like the fallen leaves blowing out from the forest.

She saw Corelia's flinch of surprise, Maia's expression of utter shock and dread, and the lieutenants taking on defensive stances once again. With that cue, she slowly turned around.

To her horror, at the edge of the forest, Timbur was standing there. The moonlight revealed his furious expression, and in his right hand, he held Stud by the back. The dog seemed terrified, his white fur stained with streaks of red from where the demon's claws were surely puncturing.

"T-Timbur, this isn't what you think it is," Kita insisted. "I just-"

"Don't lie!" Timbur snapped. "I've known you would do something like this from the minute you got here. You maggots are all the same!"

He hurled Stud at her. Kita dove to catch him, holding the trembling pet close.

"Despite my predictions, the audacity for you to turn on my master after all of this..." Timbur spat at her feet. "You disgust me, you little bitch."

Even though Kita wanted to be angry, she felt her heart being constricted by threads of hurt. No matter the justification she tried to muster, something stuck out, like prodding a fresh wound.

"You hate all mortals, you bloodthirsty little runt," Atara spat.

Timbur sneered, "And you're just proving that point, Akane. You all do."

To make it worse, just as he said that, two others ran out of the forest. One was Zin, and the other was Seyber. They both showed a sense of urgency and anxiety.

"Timbur, what's going on? Why are you yelling..." As Seyber took in the sight, her eyes went wide and her ears angled down. "Oh no."

"Dammit, Corelia," Zin grumbled. "Brought another posse to watch die?"

Corelia's only response was a glare of cold hate, which Kita could feel for herself. Like needles pricking her skin.

"Kita..." Seyber just looked sad. "You brought them here? How could you?"

"Spare your petty emotions," Timbur spat. "How was Thundur?"

Seyber sighed, "She's just unconscious, and I think I know how. Kita must've used the sleeping powder I gave her."

"And why would you give her that?" Timbur snapped.

"I just wanted to help her, she seemed so miserable, I..." Seyber groaned, "Oh gods, this is my fault!"

"No," Kita said firmly.

Seyber looked back toward her, shock and confusion reflected in her icy eyes.

"This isn't your fault, Seyber. It's mine. I did use the sleep powder."

With the empty sachet still on hand, Kita set Stud down, then held it up to them. With each tiny movement, she could feel both the demons' and the sylphs' eyes locked on her.

"I'm sorry. I know it's hard to understand, but I wasn't doing this to hurt any of you, I swear. You can punish me however you want when we get back, I just don't want you to be-"

She was cut off by Timbur's menacing laugh, a sound laced with pure venom.

"Go back, she said? Did I hear that right? Maggot, you're not crossing that stream again. As a matter of fact..." He unsheathed his machete, growling, "I'll make you regret ever crossing it to begin with."

Corelia immediately pulled Kita behind her. "You will do no such thing."

Timbur's lip curled into a snarl, exposing his fangs. Zin unsheathed his golden longsword, and Seyber -more hesitantly- spun out her blue crystalline daggers. That also prompted Atara and Shira to unsheathe their own swords. Long, brilliant, with the slightest lavender tint to their blades. Kita, defenseless, could only tremble. Even Stud ran back and hid in the grass.

Kita barely brought herself to move forward, blocked only by Corelia's arm. "Timbur, Seyber, Zin, please go back. Leave me, take Thundur with you, just don't fight."

"Hmph..." Atara's eyes narrowed. "You wanted proof demons are monsters, Kita? Just watch."

Seyber and Zin looked to Timbur for orders.

"If any of you are the one judging," Timbur spat, "I don't mind the label. That little freak may have tricked my siblings, but I will never bend just to impress you and your disgusting hellspawn!"

In a flash, Timbur hurled his machete. As Corelia narrowly deflected it from Kita's neck, using her gauntlet, Timbur already shot forward and kicked Kita, throwing her back. Timbur dodged Corelia's counterstrike, picking up his machete as he rolled back.

Even as the sound of shouting and clanging metal filled the air, Kita found herself immobile. The kick was painful; the force felt like it flexed her organs, bruised her ribs, and shot bile into her throat. The talons from the demon almost gored her, stinging the flesh more.

However, it wasn't the physical pain that kept her down. The pure shock was enough to leave her paralyzed and gasping in disbelief.

How could this happen? How could this happen?

As Kita felt someone grab her by the shoulder, she snapped from her trance. She realized it was Maia, trying to help her up.

"Come on, you need to get back," Maia insisted. "It's not safe."

Kita felt like time was slowing down as she shakily got back on her feet, covering her aching stomach. Her eyes fixed on the chaos unfolding before her.

While Atara and Shira were holding off Zin and Seyber, Corelia was still solely focused on keeping Timbur from reaching Kita. It wasn't the same typical grumpy demon she knew anymore. Everything about him was pouring raw fury and hatred, to the point he resembled the primal, more monstrous type of demon that others would expect.

Timbur charged forward; as Corelia countered with a kick, he rolled out of the way, then hacked through the unguarded space around her knee. She winced, but still stood strong, blood trickling onto her pristine armor.

"Only you would be crazy enough to protect someone so worthless!" Timbur snapped. "Probably just to spite us!"

Timbur swiped again, but this time, Corelia unsheathed her greatsword, its blade gleaming as if it had absorbed pure moonlight. As it connected with Timbur's machete, the force made him stagger back, and sparks flew from the gritting metal.

Seamlessly flipping her blade, Corelia took on a defensive stance. Timbur growled a curse in demon tongue.

Around them, Zin was barely managing to hold his own against Atara. He had already taken some minor injuries as a result of the struggle. Seyber, likewise, had just been thrown aside by Shira after only leaving a small cut on her cheek. It was impossible to tell who was fighting in defense or offense, but it was easy to tell who had the advantage.

"Seyber!" Timbur snapped. "Snowdrop."

"Yes!" Zin cheered. "He's using the team names -ah!"

He blocked a swing from Atara, using a blast of water magic to force her to step back.

With a determined expression, Seyber got to her feet.

Seeing the commotion, Corelia's free hand moved like a gleam of light; she whipped out a dagger, hidden behind her back, then hurled it at Timbur. He narrowly dodged it, and by an even narrower margin, he blocked Corelia's sword with a burst of thorny roots, entwining the blade.

By the time Corelia hacked through the obstacle, Timbur summoned an even larger root, with nightmarish thorns spanning over a foot long. As Seyber quickly tapped one, a layer of ice and frost swept over the whole structure.

As the demons braced, Timbur clenched his fist, spitting green smoke.


The root expelled all of its thorns, launching them like black bolts from a crossbow. Wherever they struck, they froze a portion of the ground around them.

While no one was punctured, three of the thorns landed too close; one froze Shira, binding her foot to the ground, and the same went for Maia as she narrowly pulled Kita out of the way. Atara tried to deflect one with her blade, but when she did, the ice spread down her weapon and froze her hands to its hilt.

Corelia dodged the only thorns in her vicinity with graceful, fluid motions. It left just her and Kita still mobile.

As Zin caught up to his siblings, he spoke quickly, "That was good you two, but T, there is no way we can keep this up. We should leave while they're frozen."

Timbur seemed extremely annoyed, but gestured for them to stay behind him. He had calmed down enough to have a less frightening expression, but his angry eyes were still locked on Corelia.

Seeing that, a glimpse of the demons she knew, Kita gained just enough strength to step forward. Even though Maia was trying to hold her back.

"Zin is right," Kita insisted. "Please, leave!"

Corelia kept her sword up. "I would heed these warnings if I were you, Lord Timbur."

As if that term alone was a problem, the fury immediately started to return. Even as Zin and Seyber tried to coax him back, he wouldn't budge.

'drip- drip...'

To Kita's horror, blood dripped from Timbur's hand. He was so lost in a trance of hate that he didn't even register his own claws piercing his palms, from the death grip he had on his weapon.

Then, she realized he was focused on her.

Seyber reached out for him. "Timbur-"

Without warning, Timbur charged. Too fast to register, Kita only saw the gleam of metal coming closer to her throat.

Maia pushed her aside, just in time to get her out of the way. The princess then grabbed the hilt of his machete. With an annoyed hiss like a beast, Timbur lashed out with his free hand, his claws tearing through her cheek.

However, amid the blur, Atara charged in and slammed her frozen fists against his head. Like frigid rain, the ice casing broke into tiny shards, raining over them. Just enough for Atara to break her hands free from the rest.

"Stay away from her, beast!" Atara snapped.

After staggering back from the headshot, Timbur raised his machete. However, behind him, Corelia grabbed the dull side of his blade. Kita was shocked to see her literally throw him back. He landed several feet away with a cringe-worthy 'thud.'

"Big mistake, beta," Corelia spat. "You will not get away with harming Kita or my daughter."

Timbur hid any pain or reservation he may have had. Zin and Seyber tried to go to him, but again, he ordered them to stay back. And before either could protest, he gripped his machete and charged again.

He shot around her and struck with his serpentine, momentum-charged moves. However, Corelia met each one as if she could predict them, and even though Timbur got close -deflecting her blade into the dirt and aiming for the throat- he was still stopped by a powerful punch that forced him back.

Corelia lashed her blade again, hitting the machete out of his hand, then forced him down with a mighty kick.

After managing to free Shira and Maia, Atara moved closer to the queen. With the uneasy princess right behind her, Kita managed to push her way forward. She watched the aftermath of the fight with a growing pit in her stomach.

Seyber tried to intervene, but Corelia shoved her back like a meager ragdoll. For once, Kita saw Timbur in a state of weakness -as much as he clearly wanted to hide it.

"Stand down, beta," Corelia spat. "You are a strong fighter, well on your way to rivaling your master. However, when it comes to me, experience speaks more than skill. And at least in this regard, you have none. You won't win, and you certainly won't hurt my people."

Timbur spat at her. "Your people ought to join the mutants. Senseless, disgusting meat-sack miscreations with no will or direction, and guess what? A set of armor -or a crown- doesn't change that."

"The irony of being called directionless by you," Corelia muttered.

"Timbur, come on!" Seyber snapped. "Retreat! Now!"

With a bitter glare, Atara stormed forward. Timbur was ready to strike with his claws, but Corelia immediately twisted one arm behind his back and pushed him to his knees, rendering him pinned.

Atara huffed, "Your majesty, you know what must be done. We know this demon is extremely dangerous, and his uses when detained are little to none. Too stubborn to interrogate, too violent to keep..."

Kita felt her blood turn cold as she aimed the blade at Timbur. 

"Let's take the chance. End him now."

As Zin charged forward, sword ready, Atara blocked his swing. Shira struck him from behind, dazing him, then put herself between them.

Corelia responded, "We aren't entirely sure of that, Atara. He has value. If not in strength or leadership, then in his connection to Leiytning. If you knew the lengths he's gone to protect this sibling alone..."

For a moment, Kita saw Timbur loosen up; his eyes drifted down, and his ears threatened to droop with sorrow. However, he once again hid it behind a mask of fresh rage.

Corelia sighed, "Let's detain him again, and hopefully, we can use him to barter."

"Your majesty!"

Atara grabbed the demon by his hair and forced him to look up, then put her blade to his throat. Timbur didn't even flinch, just glared at her.

"This is the same creature that's killed thousands by now, including civilians, and you still want to hesitate?!"

"Will you stop using that stupid excuse?" Timbur spat. "If one of your deranged servants gets killed after charging us, it's his own fault for being an idiot."

"Yes, a citizen with a tiny stock blade," Atara said mockingly. "Such a threat to you. And I hear you trying to sneak up on me, ice elemental! Stay back!"

Behind her, Seyber looked terrified through the anger she was trying to show. Zin, likewise, was watching with extreme scrutiny, waiting for an opportunity. There was none; Shira was in the way, and Atara and Corelia were too close to their target.

However, Kita couldn't take it anymore. For as much as Timbur frustrated her, she didn't want to see him hurt, much less killed. It didn't help that Corelia's recent words were sticking to her, either.

Leiytning gave me too much as it is. The least I can do is ensure his apprentice is okay.

Summoning what remained of her bravery, Kita stepped forward.

"Your majesty, I have a deal! Atara, please drop him!"

Caught by surprise, Corelia stopped to listen. Atara didn't move at first, confused more than anything, but let go after being commanded by the queen. She kept her blade out, though.

Kita took a deep breath. "I'll come back with you. No resistance, no arguing, but you have to let them go. Including Timbur."

Using the distraction, Timbur hit the blade aside and tried to strike, but Corelia knocked him down again and kept one foot against his back. The awkward position and weight differential immediately proved more of a challenge to him.

Corelia sighed, "I understand this must be uncomfortable for you to see. However, at the end of the day, we have to do what's best for Sybilius. That is my job."

Atara spoke coldly, "And the best is that this creature be stopped for good."

Timbur wheezed, "You think I'm afraid of you? Afraid of death? Think again, maggot."

"No," Kita said urgently. "You said it yourself, there's nothing you can do with him. But..."

Kita hated the idea that was forming, and the thought of how she would be perceived by the demons afterward made her stomach churn. Nevertheless, it was quickly becoming the best odds for an already bleak situation.

Kita pointed toward Seyber and Zin.

"Take them."

"What?!" Seyber snapped.

Zin lurched for her. "You little-!"

Shira blocked him before he could attack. Though it was expected, Kita still felt a hint of surprise, having never seen Seyber so angry or Zin so aggressive.

Corelia seemed baffled. "What are you trying to accomplish, Kita?"

"Use them to reason with Leiytning," Kita insisted. "They're not as strong, they're not as stubborn, and they're not that valuable to the team; it won't provoke the same reaction as taking the beta would. Trust me, I've been living with them. I know how it works."

Kita struggled not to cringe at her own words. They made her feel sick, with a bitter taste as they passed her tongue. Even the sylphs seemed wary of them.

Timbur shot her a glare. "You are a special kind of stupid, you know that?"

Kita wanted to scream at him to shut up, but kept her earnest tone. "Just, as a request, please don't hurt them. Do that, and not only can I promise you better results, but I won't fight with you. I'll come back like you wanted, and I'll never look back. You have my word."

Atara looked uneasy. "Your majesty, you know this isn't the right decision."

Corelia remained silent for a moment, then gave Kita a nod. "Maybe it is."

Kita breathed a silent -but very slight- sigh of relief.

"I would hesitate to believe so," Corelia continued, "But eye for an eye. If this is what will make Kita comfortable enough to stay, and she believes it will work, I will give it a chance. Besides, it's not just her word. We do have new equipment, so hopefully with these combined factors, we'll finally make some progress without incurring too much damage..."

With Timbur still beneath her, Corelia faced the remaining demons. They both seemed weary, with several minor injuries.

Corelia spoke in a naturally strong tone, "Demon warriors. You have two options here. Surrender, cooperate with us, and you will all be spared. Resist, and you risk further injury, possibly lethal ones."

"Don't you dare," Timbur muttered. "Retreat, and that's an order. I can handle these idiots."

Zin sneered, "You're both nuts, if you think we're doing either."

Seyber looked around, and as her eyes landed on Kita, the sylph desperately wanted to explain her twisted words. Instead, all she could manage was a glance at Timbur, trying to remind her of imminent risk.

Thankfully, it seemed to work.

Seyber sucked in a strained breath, then spoke in a frail voice, "We'll surrender. Let him go."

Finally, Timbur's anger turned to fear. "Wait, no, they-"

"It's decided," Atara argued. "Don't test the limits."

Shira quickly disarmed Seyber, throwing her daggers aside. Zin resisted, but with Seyber giving in, and so many powerful sylphs surrounding them, it didn't last long. As Shira snatched his sword, he just quietly took Seyber's hand and tried to comfort her.

The two of them were neutralized; their wrists were restrained behind their backs, using cordage Shira had on her equipment belt, and Shira kept a firm grip on Zin's arm to make sure he didn't try anything. Maia handled Seyber for her. Then, Corelia stepped away from Timbur and made Atara stand down. With the two hostages and Kita behind them, there was nothing the beta could do.

"Tell Leiytning I'm open to negotiations," Corelia spoke firmly, before turning away.

As Kita followed the group back toward the Royal City, she kept glancing over her shoulder. Timbur lingered for a long time, before finally running back into the forest. That alone hit Kita with a sense of sobering realization.

That could very well have been the last time she would see him again.

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Stickied -- Tue Apr 09, 2024 1:45 pm
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RavenAkuma says...

Fun fact: this fight scene has never existed in the story before! I was really happy and excited to add this as a YWS-exclusive treat!

However, unlike the other fights in this book -which have had years to work themselves out- this one is brand new. Which means it's likely in need of touchups. I'll let you guys be the judges on that, and don't be afraid to criticize!

Thanks for reading, you are awesome! :D

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Sun May 12, 2024 9:50 pm
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dragonight9 wrote a review...

I just couldn't wait! Here I am, back for more of this incredible story.

That upon which my dragon's eye fixed

It was Timbur?!!! Well, now I understand the chapter title. Like Kita so much of me is hoping this won't end in a fight but I know that isn't going to be the case.

This is probably the worst situation seeing as Timbur is the most likely to fight and lose since I doubt he is a match for Corelia.

Since most of this was a fight I'll leave a few comments here for the fight as a whole.
First of all, it honestly wen a little better than I expected for the demons considering they were facing Corelia, and the ending left the sobering taste in my mouth I was expecting. Though I was surprised by the twist at the end of who was captured.

For the fight itself I loved your descripton of the different movements and it flowed well so that the fight seemed like one big scene.
I really liked the magic ice thorns and team name they had. It made the whole thing so cool.

And though Timbur's hatred might deter some readers, you did a great job of showing the cracks.

For a moment, Kita saw Timbur loosen up; his eyes drifted down, and his ears threatened to droop with sorrow. However, he once again hid it behind a mask of fresh rage.

That shows how he cares for his fellow Zyreans and this alone (besides the fact they are straight up cool) is enough for me to still side with them.

I was a bit surprised by Corelia's willingness to spare Timbur even if they thought he was useful. Plus the fact she's done this before makes it very hard to dislike her.

I feel so bad for Seyber at the end. She is so kind hearted and either still trusts Kita a tiny bit, or she simply can't bear to loose Timbur here.

Some loose scales

Not a single one! Amazing job on both the fight, feeling of dread, and emotions overall in this one.

As mighty wing soar overall

From the very start I had an idea about where this would go being that Timbur was the one who showed up, but that's not a bad thing.
The feeling that things were about to get ugly carried throughout and the ending was made me feel just as terrible. (again, a good thing)

The fight was well done and the small bits of conversation injected throughout added the perfect seasoning to the chapter as a whole.

At the end all I could think was that this was a terrible ending, but great for content!

Final wisdom of the scaled one

I think it's fine to linger in this more down feeling for a while. Maybe Kita regrets her betrayal and perhaps tries to help the Zyreans who were captured while her old friends try to comfort her.
Then a new resolve and opportunity can come in and allow Kita to take the next big action to progress the story.

I guess what I'm saying is don't rush Kita's recovery.

May blazing dragon-fire light your path and ignite the flames of your inspiration.

RavenAkuma says...

Yay, I'm glad you enjoyed the fight! It was a big moment for me in writing it. Also, thanks for pointing out those errors in the last chapter, especially the conjoined words. This weird bug on YWS randomly removes spaces from my drafts (it's not an excuse, just...really annoying XD).

Thank you for all three of your great reviews today, I appreciate it! :D

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Tue Apr 09, 2024 3:10 pm
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keeperofgaming wrote a review...

THAT WAS TIMBUR. I thought it was Thundur. Welp, review time.

When I smiled:

Timbur's stubbornness was shown in full force. I half expected Zin and Seyber to knock him out and bolt. His fury at Kita was so realistic as well because of the misinterpreting of the situation.

I also loved how Seyber and Zin were more shocked and confused at the situation. They somewhat understood that Kita was behind the Sylph's being there, but not why they were there, I feel that if Timbur was calmer and listened, that he would understand that Kita was not betraying them, but simply seeking answers. That would have prevented the whole situation, especially since Kita was very firmly against hurting the demons throughout the whole conversation.

I also love how Corelia and the others used Timbur's present fury as proof of the demon's bloodthirst, even though Kita fully understands why he is like that, because of her increased understanding. This understanding is echoed in her decision to take Zin and Seyber instead of Timbur, creating an emotional shield, guarding Corelia, Timbur, and even Zin and Seyber.

Moving forward with this, I know why she did it like that. As I said, she created an emotional shield, as if just Timbur was taken, they would attempt a rescue, causing severe amounts of death. And, given, not only the hatred, but the supposed value of Timbur to the tribe, the Sylphs could torture Timbur, and have negotiations to 'save him from the torture.' But, with Kita making them seem unvaluable, it made them seem like simple soldiers, which commanders wouldn't care about if they are too hurt to fight, especially given the perceived evil of the demons by the sylphs, thus saving all Zyreans from torture, and creating a shield by showing two at threat, which even Thundur wouldn't dare risk.

I also like the Zyrean's reactions to it, Seyber's shock and anger at the perceived continuous betrayal, Zin's fury and attempted killing, and Timbur's confusion and somewhat understanding in Kita's play, emphasizing how he's the beta. It shows a sense of realism in their behaviors as all of them began to somewhat trust her, even Timbur. I can only imagine the other Zyrean's reactions, Thundur's regret on letting Seyber and Zin get captured, Leiytning's attempts to figure out a solution, Scorch's attempted justifications, Jem's outrage and threats. I also can't wait for the save attempt by Kita, which is obviously gonna happen.

I also loved the Sylphs' reactions, showing their confusion, as well as their understanding that Kita has conflicted motive, but Corelia shows her care of Kita by allowing this negotiation to take place.

A Line to Remember:

"Kita struggled not to cringe at her own words. They made her feel sick, with a bitter taste as they passed her tongue. Even the sylphs seemed wary of them.
Timbur shot her a glare. 'You are a special kind of stupid, you know that?'"

It was this line that cemented that Timbur somewhat realized what was truly occurring, that he misunderstood Kita's actions and that Kita was salvaging the situation in the only way that she knew to keep everyone safe. I also like how it seemed that, after his understanding, he seemed genuinely sad at her actions. Even if he recognized that it was necessary.

The Catalyst's Growth:

This chapter was full of immense growth for all characters, but no more than Kita. She saw Corelia's fear and brutality, while simultaneously understanding her fear. She also saw Timbur's anger in full force, and understood it too.

I also love how she fully expected Seyber and Zin's reactions to the idea, as only Timbur, and maybe Corelia, actually understood what Kita was doing. The other Sylph were also confused, cementing that Kita was learning tactics and how to manipulate, and how much Corelia truly sheltered her people, as not even the lieutenants could figure out Kita's game.


Why is this only a weekly upload :(

RavenAkuma says...

Yay, I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter! As I mentioned, it's new, so I didn't know what to anticipate. I'm also very impressed by your theories and understanding of the characters, including those not present ~

Thanks for taking the time to read and review, always appreciated! :D

Spoiler! :
I was toying with the idea of switching to a biweekly upload, but I don't know yet, especially with other projects currently taking up time lol

keeperofgaming says...

Nice, btw I just made a poem about this story if you want to read it. It's called, "The Eighth Sibling"

This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper.
— T.S. Eliot