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Lohikarmen: A tale of humans and dragons (Chapter 2: Conversation with the dragon slayer)

by RandomVanGloboii

"A bond?" Shervan exclaimed, opening his eyes and mouth wide.

"Yes," Iexolud nodded, "this land, until two hundred seasons ago, used to be governed and shared by both dragons and humans. Our ancestors had reached a pact which created the bond that has united the destiny of our two races for millennia."

The young dragon murmured something. Iexolud only managed to hear one word that sounded like: 'legends'. Eventually, he looked at him right in the eyes, and spoke with a sarcastic tone.

"I came here because all the dragons in the land where I come from would never stop talking about the land in the north where dragons lived safely from the humans' threat. And as I come here, I get attacked by a human. Again." He took a pause, and his tone become more venomous, his eyes tighter. "If you were friends with them, would you care to explain it, old one?"

Iexolud held back the irritation of being addressed so disrespectfully by a youngster, and with the same peaceful voice, gave the explanation he wanted. "It all ended when the Krisaders came - the humans from the territory you grew up in. See, their mission is to occupy as many territories as they can, and they had never shared with us the same bond. There was a great war between us and them, and..."

"Traitors" Shervan murmured, this time louder.

"What?" Iexolud replied calmly.

"Traitors!" the young dragon said back, his voice becoming even stronger.

"The humans here used to be completely different" Iexolud nodded back "let me continue my story..."

"The story of traitors?" Shervan growled. "See, this is what you get when you are clement with your enemy. It returns your kindness by biting you back." He prepared his wings, giving a contemptuous look at the old dragon. "Dragon haven, my bloody paws! Maybe once it was, but when in the story monsters could be tamed?"

"We didn't tame them! We befriended them!" Iexolud roared in anger. Already the youngster had left the ground. "I can host you in my cave. It's in a safe place far away from the Krisaders' eyes, and there are three more dragons with me. The Gyraders help us stay safe. You can have a peaceful life if you will follow me..."

But Shervan was now going towards the mountains' direction. He turned back one last time and roared: "No! I'm a dragon! I don't love the murderers of my race! I answer to their attacks by staying alive, by giving them the death they wish on me! Unlike you weakling traitors!"

"Wait!" Iexolud called him, while Shervan's profile became smaller. " least consider my offer! You can spend time with your race again!"

"I don't give a damn anymore about that damn legend! I will just resist until the day my body will succumb to them!"

"It's not a legend!"

"IT IS!" With a last furious roar, the black young dragon finally departed from the ruins. He quickly became a black point in the sky now falling into sunset. Iexolud attempted to call him until his lungs would not let him to roar the newcomer's name to the crimson clouds anymore.

Heartbroken, he shortly focused his eyes to the ruins that surrounded him. The ruins of the ancient capital of Gyr'end, Deldras. Just two former buildings beyond his eyes, now surrounded by climber plants and the first flowers of spring, there used to be the biggest building of all, the headquarter of the Dragon Council. Never would have he imagined that place he used to be the chief of, together with that flourishing town, would become a dead bunch of buildings infested by weeds and dragon slayers.

The elder dragon's sad heart would not permit him to avoid that place forever, no matter how dangerous it was now. The voice of the comforting memories of his previous life would seduce him whenever hunting, and there he would return, reliving his previous, happier life.

The human between his forepaws was now slowly opening his eyes again. With a flicking gesture of his left front paw, he got the sword that lay in the grass further from his prisoner. Maybe he should have killed him after all, just like the previous slayers he had fought. The old days would never return. If he had not saved this Krisader's life, Shervan probably would not have been so nervous, he may have actually listened to him...

What had truly stopped was he had listened to a voice. Possibly, the dragon spirits had talked to him. 'Don't let our bond succumb', they had spoken, with the voice of his father. That order could not have been clearer. If there was hope for the resurrection of Gyr'end, it would never flourish with more blood, would it? But then, why did the spirits not speak on the previous occasions? What was there special about this bloody dragon slayer? His look and smell said to Iexolud nothing special. His body features - pale skin, dark blond straight hair and grey eyes - revealed clearly a Gyrader descent: his ancestors were allied with them. That had to be a possible reason for why the spirits had intervened...but even another one resembled a Gyrader, he remembered. Half-breeds between Gyraders and Krisaders were not certainly unlikely to have flourished during those two hundred seasons of colonization, given the much shorter lifespan of humans.

'The spirits must know something else. But what?'

The dragon slayer fully awakened. His beard was reduced to black dots around his cheeks, and, like any slayer, his chest and arms were heavily bulkier than a normal human, and he wore a metal plate together with a set of garments and a cloak made of dragon scales. Iexolud held off his disgust for the destiny of those dragons reduced to clothes for the man who killed them, and greeted him with his big, serene eyes.

The human shouted out in panic and with lightning speed touched his back, where his sword was carried, only to end up touching his cloak.

"Here it is" the dragon said in Gyrader. He had heard other slayers shout in that language he had known since he was a cub - luckily, it had been preserved. His paw revealed the human's sword, carefully held in the grip among his fingers. "You can relax now" he added, with his deepest and most reassuring tone, "I am not going to hurt you."

The human's eyelids slightly closed, passing from fearful to confused. The sweat arrived to Iexolud's nostrils, who held a snort.

" speak my language?"

"I've always spoken your language, yes."

The human movements became less frequent, until his heavy muscles calmed down. "Won't you...kill me?"

The dragon this time didn't hold himself from snorting. "No."

In that moment, the dragon spirits talked to him again. 'Talk', they said. Nothing else, but it would be impossible to misinterpret them.

"I only want to talk with you, if you please."


Iexolud relaxed his eyes. "Don't worry. I am not here to punish you. You have my word, that I will let you go."

"The word of a dragon?" the human replied. Iexolud ignored his veiled sarcasm, not too dissimilar to Shervan's, and got his head closer to him.

"Have you ever reflected on why you do...this? Your motivations?"

"You said you would not punish me."

"Really, I will not. Whatever answer you will give me, I will accept it and discuss it with you. No harm."

The human's eyes darted everywhere, like looking for an answer.

"Well, it's...this is my job" he stammered "the State in Krisar pays me for doing this. What...what else can I do?" His eyes became angrier, desperately attempting to show pride. "Do you know who you are trapping, dragon? I am the most famous slayer of your kind in this whole landmass! I have won the Kron Kavan held in the capital four years ago after a year of traveling, and I know at least two songs the bards sing in taverns in my honor!"

Iexolud did not react to that extraordinary statement. Instead, with the same calm voice, he continued. "I see. Of course, if this gave you glory, it's natural you do it...but have you ever questioned the primal reason behind it?"

"I...uh...what a stupid question! Someone has to do it!" He exclaimed. "Who else will protect our people? Who will guarantee that they'll be safe from the attacks of the dr_" he suddenly interrupted. "Wait. I know what you are."


"You of the dragons that lived before they brought civilization here. When this land was ruled by savages that worshipped you dragons. My mother is a descendant of those savages, and told me everything."

"Whatever they told your mother, is false" Iexolud growled out of irritation. The human shivered in reaction. "Oh, sorry."

"Uh..." The human scratched his head. " problem?"

Iexolud continued, returning to placidness. "We were never worshipped . Only respected." He stopped, aborting his desire to tell the slayer about the bond that united his race with the Gyraders, remembering how unsuccessful it had been with that young dragon. "Now I ask you to think of what they told you about us. How many times have you seen one of us attacking your people for no reason?"

The human laughed without joy.

"Plenty of times. I've seen many people being so unlucky as to walk a dragon's direction and keeping living only because I was around."

Iexolud released a cloud of smoke from his nostrils. "Fair enough. These are dangerous times for us. What about that last dragon, the black one?"

"It was spotted very close to a village not far from here. I ran with my horse as fast as I could and found it. I had to intervene before it got closer to them."

"So you attacked first."

"I had to!" He briefly turned his head and looked over the mountains. "Once I saw two dragons firing up a whole village. It was one of the worst days of my life. The screams, the dead was because of your people. If I had come just earlier, I would have punished those demons the way they would have deserved."

Despite the harsh words, noticing the slayer refer to dragonkind as people brought hope to Iexolud.

"Mm. Did you slay any dragons, in the days before?"

The human's eyes closed for a short moment. "Well, uh...yes, I...I went into a cave and there was a...well...nest of them. Two of them had been spotted in a nearby...village..."

Iexolud stood silent.

"How did you know?" asked the human, biting his lips.

"Only an atrocity of that magnitude could lead a dragon to such a terrible revenge. No, I am not defending the dragon by any means. Whoever they were, their actions were criminal."

"See?" the human replied, getting back some confidence "I have to do it!"

"Well, if you didn't do it first, maybe no village would have been burned?"


Silence. The human and the dragon contemplated each other with eyes of disdain, the advice of the spirits fading from Iexolud's mind.

"May I ask what's your name?" the dragon asked. Humans become more sympathetic once you ask them their names, his best friend Talork had told him many decades ago.


"I...just don't want to think of you as the human."

" fame has spread my name all over the land, so you are going to discover it regardless" he smiled, the way humans did. "My name is Axor. Do dragons have names too?"

Iexolud nodded. "Nice to meet you, Axor. Yes, we have names as well. Mine is Iexolud."

Axor raised slightly his head, like in curiosity. "For a dragon, your manners are much more similar to a human than what I would expect."

"We learned so much from you, and you learned from us, that over the time we became less and less different. You humans made the dragons of Gyr'end more complete." He admired the ruins of the former capital. "That time may be over...but I will not forget..."

Axor opened his mouth, like for asking something more, but the dragon interrupted him.

"No. I explained what was different then to that black dragon you fought, and he did not believe me. For now, I just want to make you think about what you were told about us. Someone has to break this circle of slain families and burned villages."

"If you won't tell me what was different fifty years ago...can you at least confirm me then you were not treated like gods?"

Iexolud limited himself to a brief nod. The direction where Shervan had taken flight was tinted red by the twilight. "Listen, Axor. I want to thank you for talking with me, even though I admit I didn't leave you much choice. I...I understand it, this is what you do for living. I will not ask anything in return, apart from thinking about this conversation we had."

He finally let the human go free of his paws and prepared his wings. "Goodbye Axor. I feel in my scales that we will meet again."

"But...wait! Tell me about those times! I will believe you! What were you, if not gods?"

Iexolud's big eyes gave a last look at the confused human before deciding one word could be fine. "Allies."

And he flew away, leaving Axor behind; on the way to his home where other dragons were hoping for his safe return. You have done good, the dragon spirits said finally before departing from his mind. Iexolud was not sure. Still, a sensation pervaded him - that the slayer was beginning to question his job. He had passed from scared to hostile and, in the end. curious. Still, what had moved the spirits to suggest him to save him?

'Trust your ancestors', he told himself, while flying to the Aled mountains, where resided the secure refuge of his other dragon companions and the last Gyraders who supported them. Their spirits see far beyond the material eyes.

Now a new goal was set up in his soul. There was someone else to be saved - Shervan. He would show him there was more in the world than fear. If he could make a dragon slayer question his own actions, he could rescue as well a young dragon.

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Wed Jul 17, 2019 4:03 pm
FlamingPhoenix wrote a review...

Hello, flamingPhoenix here again with another review for you on this lovely night, sorry about it being do late.

Anyway let's get to the review. This wont be to long, because it's quite late were I am. Anyway let's start.

So yet again this was a wonderful chapter, it was done to perfection, and I loved reading everything about it.
The way you started it from the very place we left off on the last chapter was perfect, chucked me right back into the story, and I couldn't take my eyes away from the words, I just had to keep reading!
I'm glad we got to find out more about the humans and dragons and what happened, that really cleared some things up form me, and that's good you don't always want to be left with questions through out the book, you want to be answering some of them as you go, and I think it did just that. So well done.
I do wish there was a little more description all the place we are in now, but that could just be me I like lots of description, it helps me got more into the story, but I do think you did a good job.
I like the talk between the human and Iexolud that was really cool, and it had my heart racing, just encase something bad really happened.

So over all this was another really well done chapter, I really like the way you ended it, it's in the perfect spot, though you still have me hooked, and I need to keep reading, so I will be going to the next chapter soon I hope. I will try and give you a more detailed review next time, it's really late so I have to take my leave now. Never stop writing and have a wonderful day or night.

Your friend and faithful reader
Reviewing with a fiery passion.

It's so wonderful to hear your review! I could indeed make more descriptions, right now the story is going to be kinda short for a fantasy book

I'm glad you liked the review! :D
That's okay if its short.

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Sun Jun 09, 2019 4:29 pm
Awru wrote a review...

OMG!!I absolutely lovedddd this.The storyline is so grasping.I am totally hooked now.And I loved how you called humans monsters bcz its an extremely bitter truth.I sometimes feel so ashamed of my title of human.Humans are the biggest monsters in the universe.The monsters that are not only destroying their environment and other species but also their own kind.Arrrrr!its so frustrating I want this world to change I try to play my part but what can one person do in this huge mess of a world.Damn now you have got me all worked up.Anyway back to the review I really admire the smoothness of this story everything is unfolding so slowly and beautifully and everything is being explained without leaving any irritating black holes.I tried and tried to find any grammar mistakes but nope.Now I am going to read the others chapters right NOW.

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Sun May 19, 2019 10:22 pm
jster02 wrote a review...

There's a lot of interesting character development here. I really liked how you showed the depth of Shervan's anger at humans by having him fly away. I thought for sure you were going to have Iexolud convince him to stay, but I'm glad you didn't because this made a lot more sense. Makes me wonder if Shervan is going to turn out to be the villain of the story instead of the protagonist like I'd initially thought.

Then there's Iexolud. It was cool to learn about his past as the chief(?) of the village before it was destroyed. His thoughts throughout the scene reveal a lot about his personality and his desire to make peace with the humans. I also liked how you gave us some backstory through his dialogue with Axor. Having Axor there gave us a good idea of how the humans view the dragons. His surprise at Iexolud speaking to him shows that they don't think of the dragons as anything more than wild beasts. I think the quote, "For a dragon, your manners are much more similar to a human than what I would expect," sums it up quite nicely.

I still have one minor plot-related question. What was Iexolud doing in the village in the first place? I kind of got the sense that he was on some kind of mission, but I can't quite figure out what. Of course, you might have explained this already, and if so I'm sorry I missed it. If that's the case, feel free to ignore this paragraph.

There were a couple other things I noticed, mostly just mechanical:

this land, until two hundred seasons ago, used to be governed and shared by both dragons and humans

There were a couple things I saw here that didn't quite work. The first is the order in which you said things in the first half. I would recommend you switch "This land" and "Until two hundred seasons ago," around. To be perfectly honest, I don't quite understand why it doesn't work as it is, as I've seen sentences structured like this in the past that work rather well, but for whatever reason this arrangement felt a tad bit awkward.

I would also like say that you could replace "used to be" with "was." You don't have to, the sentence works just fine either way, but I would recommend it because it's more concise. In writing, it's usually better to say things in as few words as possible. It tends to flow better that way, (though there certainly are exceptions). So if it's possible to say something in less words while retaining the same meaning, it's usually best to do it. I saw you use phrases similar to this throughout the chapter, so you may want to go through and change them if you can in revisions.

Maybe once it was, but when in the story monsters could be tamed?

Same as before, the order of the words feels a little off. I would recommend switching "monsters could" to "could monsters."

But Shervan was now going towards the mountains' direction.

I don't give a damn anymore about that damn legend!

I grouped these two together because they were similar. In both instances, the bolded word could be removed without affecting the sentence's meaning at all. As I explained above, removing unnecessary words tends to improve the flow of stories. I would like to point out, however, that in the second quote the bolded word could be replaced with something else, rather than removed entirely. The only reason it poses a problem is because you already used the word "damn" in the sentence once. It's better to avoid using words twice in a sentence (unless it's something like "the," "to," or "and"), to keep it from sounding repetitive.

You have done good, the dragon spirits said

Their spirits see far beyond the material eyes.

These last two were just missing quotation marks, that's all.

Despite my criticisms, I actually really like how the story is unfolding. Most of my complaints were just about the syntax and grammar, which is easier to fix than a broken plot or flat characters. You're doing pretty good so far, can't wait to read the next entry! (Sorry it took so long this time, I should probably warn you that I have a tendency to disappear without warning when life gets too busy. But I usually come back eventually).


Great to hear you think it's doing fine! And I'm glad you pointed out what could be improved in the style, I will definitely come back here when the story is over for preparing the definitive version.
The reason for what Iexolud was doing there is explained in next chapter, but essentially, he often goes there hunting taken by nostalgia. Through the story it will be indicated that he is deeply affected by his relationship with the better past he used to have.

jster02 says...

Very interesting... I suppose that%u2019s part of why he wants to put everything back the way it was before...

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Tue May 07, 2019 1:45 am
Horisun says...

Nice! The next chapters out! I can't review it right now, but I'll get to it sometime soon.

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