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One-day Jack suddenly decided to go for a stroll along Exmouth beach at 3:37AM. While he was walking on the golden sand in the light of the sunrise, he could hear the cries of what he thought was someone in danger. He ran to their rescue. However, as he ran around the corner he was frozen in his tracks only to see 2 pirates on the beach with a huge ship parked on the sand. Jack could not believe his luck!!! Nevertheless, with Jacks great knowledge of pirates, he jumped behind a rock and spied on them. As he watched them it looked like they were having a row! There was lots of shouting 'rahhahahha rahh rhah rhhahhah' Suddenly Jack almost wet himself with fear as one of the pirates (who looked like a girl) pulled out a big shiny sword! She just stabbed the other pirate with ease. She started to walk towards Jack’s rock 'Stop hiding!!' By this point Jack was so scared he stood up slowly with his eyes shut. But then he wondered what he was doing and thought hold on I’m better than her so he opened his eyes and relaxed. She, to jacks surprise, asked jack if he want to become part of her crew seeming she had just slaughtered the end of hers. Jack thought meh what the hell, go for it. Then Jack sailed off in to the distance on the huge ship. It was the strangest morning he had ever had.

The female pirate was stood in front of her ship, which was parked on Exmouth beach. It was 3:37AM and she could hear the quiet scuffling footprints of a person behind a rock. She drew her sword and stabbed her shipmate that was besides her, giving her abuse. When she had wiped her blade clean she walked over to the grey rock and peered behind it. The moonlight shone on a boys face.

"How do you fancy becoming a crew member upon the Black Pearl!"

"Umm . . . Yeah, sure. Ok. My names Jack."

"Nice to meet you (co-) Captain Jack. I am Natalie, the most terrifying pirate in these seas. But that is because I am the ONLY pirate in these seas, except for you. But you don't even have a sword so you can't be terrifying."

They heard police sirens so ran onto the ship and sailed into the night, the screeches of the police cars dying away.

Captain Jack felt free: free to do what he wanted as the police sirens faded out with the wind gently breezing through his silky hair. He stood at the front of the speeding Black Pearl amazed. Natalie was somewhere around he was sure and at this point didn’t really care because he was thinking about what to do next. He didn’t know whether Natalie had something planned or if they just sailed around making trouble like you see in pirate films or if you try and use your advantage to do good in the world. Whatever it was to be Jack couldn’t help chuckle to himself. Why? No one but Jack himself knows. Nevertheless, after about 2 hours of sailing and only rum to drink he heard the cry of Natalie - 'Land ahead' or at least that’s what it sounded like. Therefore, Jack rushed over with excitement and stood trying to look into the eye scope thing while wobbling everywhere (the rum had rubbed off a bit on him). As he looked at the mysterious island ahead, he felt rather scared. It looked beautiful, however it was deserted. This could be a good thing but it could also be the start of the worse thing he could ever encounter.

"Land ahead" yelled Natalie as she clambered down the rope ladders leading down from the crow’s-nest, her pitch black periscope in her hand.

"Wow, that island looks beautiful. Is there anyone there? It looks deserted, I didn't know there were any desert islands in the middle of the English Channel."

"There isn't any desert islands in the English Channel, but we aren't in the English Channel. We aren't even near Britain. We are in the South Pacific." Natalie replied very speedily, not stopping for a breath.

"What do you mean? We have only been sailing for about two hours. It would take weeks to sail to the South Pacific. It's physically impossible. How can we . . ." Captain Jack blabbered.

"Shut up," Captain Natalie interrupted. "You talk waaaayyy too much. We are in the South Pacific. And yes, it is physically impossible to sail to the South Pacific in two hours in any normal pirate ship. But this beauty, the Black Pearl, isn't any normal ship. It can teleport anywhere on this planet that I have already sailed to before. And I have sailed to this part of the Pacific Ocean before so I can just teleport here. It's quite amazing . . ."

"Now your talking too much!" Jack replied, angry that he had been interrupted.

The island was fast approaching and now Jack could see its true beauty. The huge palm trees were untouched and the grass had never been trodden on before. The coconuts in the trees looked like big bowling balls dangling off the edge of a giant pin. The big mountain in the centre of the island was home to thousands of different animals. A cave entrance was visible in the mountainside.

"See that cave? That's my home," Natalie said happily while taking a slosh of rum.

"Wow, looks cosy. Hey, what's that noise? It sounds like another ship!" Jack looked around to see another pirate ship sailing towards the Black Pearl.

Natalie swigged at her rum while mumbling a song to herself (...yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me...). Yet Jack had so many questions to ask there was so much he needed and wanted to know. However, as he glared across the wonders of the sea into the horizon he noticed a ship sailing towards them. This was also a mighty ship (not as much as the Black Pearl because that’s impossible).

'Who’s that?' he asked Natalie. She once again pulled out her black periscope. She jumped back. Jack was anxious to know who it was!

'What is it? Are you okay?' she slowly turned her head towards him... 'The North American Trading Company.'

Jack got the feeling this wasn’t a good thing.

He felt scared. He felt lost. What was he going to do if there was a fight? He had never even held a sword in his life apart from one of those flimsy thin pieces of long metal used in fencing and even that was his friends, he was just holding it while his friend went to the toilet. Jack was going to have to think quickly.

Meanwhile, more importantly, what were the two of them going to do now? The ship was gliding closer and it had gained speed on the trade winds. Jack grabbed Natalie’s bottle of rum and took one huge almighty, manly gulp of it and handed it back to Natalie who looked at him with amazement. Jack thought he better ask about the North American Trading Company hoping they were actually far from being an enemy. She replied, 'Put it this way: There was a time when a pirate was free to make his/her own way in the world: That time is now coming to an end...only because of them. The enemy has united with the only other devil of the seas!

Happy now?'

Jack didn’t know what to say.

"Shit, shit, shit, shit. What are we going to do?" Nat asked whilst finishing off the rum with one big gulp. She shook the bottle, and threw it over the side of the Black Pearl. "Captain Jack, get ready for your first true Pirate adventure. This is the plan . . ."


Natalie was stood by the wheel, steering the ship away from the North American Trading Company. She watched Captain Jack hoisting up the extra masts, gaining speed every second. The waves were bigger now, crashing over the front of the Pearl. Nat yelled over the roar of the waves, "Jack, are you ready? We're teleporting outta here."

The NATC (North American Trading Company) were getting further and further behind, the canons were audible over the crashing waves.

"I'm ready, get us out of here," Jack called back.

The Black Pearl was engulfed by a huge black light and appeared behind the NATC's ship. Jack unleashed the power of the Pearls hundreds of canons and shot at the NATC. The enemy ship stopped where it was, lifted out of the water, and flew into the sky. Jack watched, awe struck. "Wha- How- That's Impo- Oh My God," Captain Jack blabbered.

"Wow. I didn't know they could do that. I wish the Pearl could. I would rather be able to fly than teleport," Nat yelled, angrily, jealously. "Bollocks! That's our plan ruined"

Well what were they going to do now? The first piece of Jacks amazingly exciting action was over already. He could still feel the adrenaline rushing through his veins making his head crazy, he couldn’t think straight. Nevertheless, next thing Jack knew, he was in mid air wearing only his boxers after diving off the edge of the Black Pearl. His heart skipped a beat in shock when his head hit the blue water. As he disappeared under into the oceans beauty he found colours everywhere. His eyes focused and he saw tropical fish swimming round him gently gliding across his skin. Jack felt vitalised. When Jacks head rose above the water, he could hear a girl shouting. It took him a second to realise it was Nat. He looked up to the Black Pearl surging high above him and could see Nat standing on the wooden banner frantically shouting: 'JACK!!!! JACK!!!!! WATCH OUT, ITS A SHARK!!!' All of a sudden she started singing and Jack was alone in water infested with sharks!! He looked around trying to see them but the ocean had become a bit wavy and he couldn’t see anything. But then he thought they could be right below him. He was too worried to look under the water.

AHH Sharks!!! Jack thought.

Nat shook her head in disbelief that she was singing at a time like this. 'Where did that come from?' she mumbled to herself.

She started to look around the deck collecting a long piece of rope. Once she had found some inside an old chest, she chucked it overbroad to Jack hoping he was still there in one piece and hadn’t been torn apart.

Jack grabbed on to the he rope holding on with his life while Nat pulled him up. It was a slow process but as he was halfway there he noticed the rope was not as strong as they may have thought. There was a hitch in the rope that was starting to break. He was too scared to look below in fear of seeing a big open jaw full of the sharpest teeth you could ever see in your life. Meanwhile, Jack had reached the ship. He was safe. He lay across the deck hugging it and kissing it as if it was his mum. Nat stood above him giggling and shaking her head.

'HEY! Nat, it wasn’t funny! I could have died!...Goshhhhhhh' Jack moaned. This just made Nat laugh even more. Once Jack thought about it and how silly he sounded then he couldn’t help but laugh too. Nat pulled him up and then they had to…

Nat pulled him up and then they had to follow the NATC’s ship. The enemies ship was called the Silver Cable and was already a faint blob in the distance of the bright blue sky. Natalie grabbed the wheel of the ship and span it around, in the direction of the Cable. “Tell me Jack, why did you even dive into the ocean? Were you trying to swim after a flying ship or something? That would never have worked if you were.”

“I don’t actually know. I guess I wasn’t thinking straight. Probably a mix between the rum, adrenaline and terror. Do you have a towel?”

Nat walked into the captain’s cabin and returned with a towel and some fresh clothes. “Here you are.”

“Thanks.” He turned and walked behind the mast to get dried and changed.

When he returned he blurted out, “Nat. Why are we sailing after them when this bloody ship can teleport? It would be a lot quicker.”

“Good point. Hold on!”

The Pearl was engulfed by the blackness before reappearing directly next to the Cable. The fuses of the cannons were lit and the balls fired across the few meters of water between the two ships. That’s when the screaming began!

The screeches were coming from under the water. Bubbles rose to the surface as if someone was breathing below them. Nat and Jack held their hands to their ears in an attempt to block out the terrible noise. A stunningly beautiful, naked woman rose from the sea, the scream was escaping from her open mouth. Another identical woman rose next to her, and another, and another. Soon there were at least 50 of them, all staring up at Jack. “Are the- Are they mermaids?”

“No. They are called Revengers,” Natalie yelled over the screeches, “They follow the people that have sinned and make them pay. At first they scream, then they stare at the person who has sinned, and they are staring at you, Jack. Eventually they get their revenge over the sin. Oh Jack, What have you done?!”


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