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Delta - 24.2

by LordWolf

Warning: This work has been rated 18+ for language and mature content.

The soldier was more willing than Robe had originally imagined.  The point was made clearer as he dragged Glenn into the next room by the handcuffs and managed to toss the lump onto the bed.  There was so much temptation to keep the handcuffs on but they both needed to lose at least one layer of clothing.  And there was no way that the leather jacket was going to magically slide off the chains.

One leg went over Glenn’s hips as he climbed on to the bed and begin running through a secondary plan of operations.  Robe had figured on sex being not much of anything tonight and then ending in pining after someone he couldn’t have in the morning.  But seeing as he had just handcuffed someone within the first five minutes of foreplay, the time tables decided to massively shift.

Robe pushed down on Glenn’s chest and asked, “If I take the hand cuffs off to take our clothes off, can I leave them off?”  Thinking quickly off how the question might be misunderstood he added, “Are you going to behave for me?”


A simple answer followed by a simple smirk as Robe undid the hand cuffs.  Glenn’s jacket was already hanging loose, and it only took a few tugs to get the leather from his sweat soaked arms.  Robe’s fingers slowly danced and teased their way down the button up, taking their sweet, sweet time as Glenn began wriggling under the methodical process.  The different moans and whimpers through the teasing had brought back a certain amount of vigor for Robe.  He was spurred on by how well Glenn was reacting, his self confidence growing as the material slowly slipped away from his partner’s chest.  It was somewhat disappointing to find the under shirt but still good.

“Mmm, Robe, I don’t mean to be needy and impatient, but-”

“But you are.”

“I wasn’t expecting the first time we had sex to be so stretched out.”

Surely Robe was taking more from that statement than was meant to be there.  Glenn’s comment about their first time could mean a lot of things about the expectation they would have more sex in the future.  There were plenty of conclusions to come to by the nature of that relationship that may or may not manage to form between them after this night.

Robe took another bite into Glenn’s neck, leaving a mark right behind the left ear.

“I’m not sure what you mean by that.”

Suddenly Glenn’s hands slipped from his waist and the soldier was pushing himself against the headboard in more of a sitting position.  There was a serious, mournful look about his face, but Robe couldn’t help but be distracted by the still open fly.

“Robe, I just thought that we were coming back here for more than sex.  Or maybe I wasn’t making myself so clear during dinner when I was trying to flirt,” Glenn sighed as he finished the statement.

“More than sex?”

“A relationship.”


Robe had already fainted by the time his body hit the floor, as told by the pain in his back and his position looking up to a leaning Glenn.  Garner was over top of him, lines of worry quickly spreading across the man’s face and as Robe slowly pried his eyes open, a flurry of kisses were left on his lips.  The pain was quickly echoing through Robe’s body and his state of arousal had disappeared for the moment.

And there was still the surprise statement.

“Robe, I’m so sorry.  Are you okay?”

“Yeah, you just surprised me a bit, darling.”

Glenn shrunk away from the term of endearment, but left his hand linked with Robe’s.  Robe was left to slowly piece the situation together as the strong arms lifted him on to the bed.  It was far nicer and gentler than Robe’s rough motions earlier, making him wince at the thought of what they were doing when they first came in.  Robe had been rough when wanting to get as much out of a single night as he could.  The time tables were now shifting once again, and he was left without a plan.

Slow kisses were left along his jaw line, followed by Glenn asking, “Was it the talk about having a relationship?  If you don’t want anything serious, I understand that.I just – I saw you and knew that there needed to be something else between us, something beyond a one-night stand.”

“I was surprised that you wanted that because I wanted more too.  But someone like me isn’t exactly supposed to be with someone like you.”

Glenn went further down his chest while Robe was talking, first stopping at his nipples.Robe most certainly should have been expecting this after the short period of teasing he had inflicted upon Glenn.  The rather romantic process was gentle and sweet, Glenn slowly sucking on his nipple, entirely free of the teeth that Robe would have expected.  A warm sensation bubbled up in his chest, but Glenn was moving along already down his stomach.  The same gentle mouth found its way to Robe’s hips and sharply bit into one side, managing to draw a moan from his throat.  Glenn looked up to his eyes with a pleased smile and then picked up the exploration once more.

“Are you enjoying this?”

“Very much, Glenn.  Very, very much.”

It was a long few minutes of sucking along Robe’s thighs, the notable careful pause that everyone saw when seeing his hip.  Robe was rarely bothered by the presence of the scar that wrapped around his left leg like a snake on a tree, but it tended to be a topic brought about those who saw him naked.  Some had decided the scar came from time served on the police force and Robe was more than happy to let it be that way.  Better than having to explain all that once was his life.

“Is this okay?”

Robe looked down to Glenn as he heard the question.  The soldier was holding himself just above Robe’s cock, the willing look back in his eyes and the waiting smile on his lips.  The prospect was far more than okay.

“Yes, but you don’t have to do that.  We don’t even have to go to penetration tonight, if you don’t want it.”

Robe sat up, pulling Glenn up to meet him and running a hand through the man’s shaggy hair.  Robe hadn’t realized how long the locks were when they were standing in the rain, but the removal of the bobby pins told a different story.  He absentmindedly thought about things they would stupidly do in the possibilities of their future.  And Robe found himself slowly kissing Glenn, only letting up when he heard the answer he had been waiting on.

“I want to do this.  More accurately said, I want to do you.  Or I guess do me,” Glenn had paused and began laughing at his own wording.  “I’m not sure how that’s supposed to go.”

“There’s no reason that it can’t go both ways.”

“When she was giving you the warning, I thought Harry would have informed you what a little slut I was.”

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