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Delta - 19.1

by CaptainJack

Warning: This work has been rated 18+ for language, violence, and mature content.

December 23, 4140 – 8:59 am – the case of the missing cats and/or diamonds

Harry rolled out of the back of the truck, falling onto a tarp covered in tools and a scattered arrangement of screws. When her vision focused, it revealed Will looking down on her, holding a plate of toast and eggs.

“Can I help you with something, ma’am?”

“What are you drunk?”

Harry managed to read out the time and matter of factly stated, “Well it’s 9:30, so no. Will, believe it or not, that’s too early, even for me.”

“It never stopped you before.”

9:30 didn’t sound like the time that she had remembered it being. Clocks weren’t really a device known for lying. Toasters were shifty little devils though.

“Are you going to get up?”

“Only if you make me, Will. I am quite content to remain lying on a tarp on the concrete without my braces on.”

One of the bolts below her was starting to dig in between vertebrae but there was no way Harry was letting that feeling show. She rolled onto her stomach, slowly crawling off the tarp and catching her breath against the pavement.

“Harry, I brought you breakfast. What the hell were you doing down here?”

“Just looking at the portal device we took out of the jewelry store.”

Will set the plate and glass off to the side, helping Harry off the floor and into a standing position, mainly leaning against the side of the van.

“The jewelry store that had an accidental explosion or some other one you decided to help?”

“The very same.”

“Didn’t this thing kill like three people?”

“Probably four.” Coughing in between the statements, she continued, "Based on the amount of blood and bones I saw down in the basement."

Her mind quickly flashed back to the scene from the far corner of the basement. The one that she had made a clear point of keeping Leo away from, so he might have a chance in keeping his breakfast down. It wasn't that she was saying he was squeamish but the sight of bones, rubber toys, and jewelry floating around in a pool of blood...

The job wasn't for the faint of heart.

And even she didn’t want to think about the melted jello texture that she had to walk through to disconnect everything. There must have been another person mixed up in all of that to cause the consistency, a life form with a different solid make up than most of the humans and humanoids that she encountered.



"What's today, again?"

"It's the 23rd, love."

It should have been harder to lose a day in between but Harry had been working down in the shop all night. And she had been avoiding the rest of the population of the building since lunch on the previous day. It wasn't like she had lost an entire day. Just a little over half.

No big deal.

“Do you want to come upstairs to eat or-” Will stopped to pull one of the workshop chairs over and rolled over to where Harry had moved to the bumper.

“Or what?”

“Maybe explain your theory to me. You know, the one that you don’t want to share with Leo because you don’t want to scare him.”

There were multiple theories rolling around in Harry’s head about what might have occurred in Beit’s store, none of them appropriate to share with the office audience. It was most likely that Beit was dead. And if by some chance of luck it turned out he hadn’t died when the portal malfunctioned, it meant the poor bastard was tied to a chair somewhere. Hopefully, if he was so lucky so far, he was just getting beaten with a stick and not having teeth cut by a dull saw.

“If Beit isn’t dead already, he’s bound to be dead soon.”

Harry took a bite of the toast while letting Will process the small insight that she managed to offer. It wasn’t much to assume the man was dead. And it was even lesser to assume that he would die quickly. But as she saw an odd look rising on Will’s face, another possible theory spilled out of her lips.

“Or if he wasn’t so innocent in the operations, Beit is probably hiding out on a beach already.”


“Thanks to someone else’s portal that wasn’t bound for disaster.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“I know but I had to.” Harry managed to get the words out in between bites of the toast that were starting to clog up her throat.

“Harry, please don’t choke on that cardboard that you seem to love so much.

In the few moments while the bits passed down, her mind was filled with flirty responses and the unfortunate/fortunate fate of Mr. Beit. While it would be nice to think that perhaps he was just another slimy weasel in the rodent race that was Zinnia. But Harry liked to look for the good in people’s souls. If Leo believed the man was being coerced into the operations of his basement, then Harry would try and believe in this theory too.

It was the least she could do.

“Darling, the only thing I might choke on is you.”

The response didn’t sound as good in conversation as it had intended to be, so Harry drew Will in close with the kiss she had meant to suggest. There was a sudden pain of realization of the fact her leg wouldn’t hold as Harry slid onto the edge of the workshop chair. Some bits were missing from her memory of the past few days, probably due to the explosion, but Harry could certainly remember the incident of the chaise lounge.

“Harry, now’s not the time.”


“Because Leo is standing right behind us. Thought your eighteenth sense would have picked up on that.”

“Sometimes it gets distracted by beauty.”

Harry left one more kiss on Will’s neck before standing from the chair, moving back to the bumper and looking for her braces. Leo came from around the corner where he was hiding and presented the metal frames.

“Looking for these, boss?”

“Yeah. Thanks. What do you need?”

“The uh police detective, Robe? He’s here to see all of us and requests that you join him in the upstairs office.”

Requests my presence.

What a kind way of stating things.

The metal slipped on easily, clinging against bare portions and crushing a few spines that didn’t manage to clear out of the way.

“I bet he does. Guide the way.”

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327 Reviews

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Sat Feb 09, 2019 6:39 am
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fraey wrote a review...

Hello again.

Let's see. It's been a while since I read a present time chapter, but this helps place me in the story either way. I think it'll be interesting to see if any part of Harry's past actually catches up to her, like Glenn had a way back, or if we'll really only learn more about her due to flashbacks. Maybe she'll one day talk to Will, but I don't really know if Harry would ever want to really dive back into past relationships like that.

I kind of like that we're seeing, at least for a moment, Harry's more, if not anything, emotional/sympathetic side in not letting Leo see the absolute mess of people dying. That's a nice little detail to have in this, especially when Leo had been on a one-man mission to kill Harry for her own killing of his father. These characters really have seemed to develop and change from those earlier chapters, which is fun to read and watch.

Last bit to go over is all about the plot. I think having Harry's combo of flirts/death floating through her head is so interesting to read, to see what she will actually say and decide to hold back. Gotta say not remembering some parts of the last few days would terrify/scare me so much. That can't be a good feeling, but Harry somehow just decides to focus on her significant other (which honestly I have missed the HarryxWill scenes cause they're very cute).

I'm curious to see where this novel now goes, and who'll end up being the next "bad/enemy" for these peeps. Until next time.

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Fri Jan 11, 2019 11:17 pm
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BluesClues wrote a review...

I continue to love the headings telling me when we are, because you know I absolutely can't keep track of what year we're even in and then there are all the different flashbacks. So you include these dates so I'll know, but I still don't. We're somewhere in the 4000s, that's all I know.

9:30 didn’t sound like the time that she had remembered it being. Clocks weren’t really a device known for lying. Toasters were shifty little devils though.

The fanfic of people reading Delta: the story of a shifty little toaster who messes with everyone.

“Harry, please don’t choke on that cardboard that you seem to love so much."

Shhh, better not insult toast that way. @Panikos might hear you.

Honestly as much as I loved getting all that backstory, it went on for a good long while, and I'm glad to be back in the present (future) day story. I mean, for one thing, you know I love me some Will/Harry, so I'm glad to get back to Will, even though Harry and Cara were pretty cute and obviously totally in love. Plus I'm ready to learn more about what happened to Beit's shop and this whole thing with, like, the mob/crime syndicate/whatever, which I know you mentioned you were finally coming back to. I'm a sucker for a good tragic backstory, but I kind of hope I get more present/future-day story for a while before we get back to Harry the War Criminal.

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