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Hancock Shares a Bed with Samuel Adams

by Fishr

Warning: This work has been rated 16+ for mature content.

John Hancock Shares a Bed with Samuel Adams

                   Part IIII

April 18th, 1775, Lexington, Massachusetts – Hancock House

Holding. Clenching. But soft. I snuggle closer and slid more to the left. Pill-oh. The warmth in my arms was delightfully pleasing. Wait! What is this? Not a pillow but… I squint. Oh…, I giggle. I skip along the field with arms extended wide, thoroughly prepared to seize the opportunity. Catching glimpses of the occasional bird chirping happily and flowers blooming especially for me as I pass each one, I finally approach a delicate frame of a body. She giggles too, and holds my hands in hers. I squeeze her waist lovingly, close my eyes and pucker my lips –

“Have ye gone insane, John?!” the woman roars instead of delivering to me her own mouth.

I try again. This time, I reach for the buttons of her dress.

“Stop twisting my nipple!” she roars again.

I shrug. Wooing woman is not part of my jurisdiction. I make one final attempt. The direction of my finger travels to the region of her breast. I want to touch it, feel its softness.

She smacks me hard. I shoot upright in bed and holler. Flicking my eyes open, I scan the dark room, searching. Where am I? More importantly, where is she?

A few seconds pass and suddenly the room is a pale yellow. I groan and rub my right eye tiredly. I slowly drift away from the dream world. When my full senses arrive, I yawn and slip down in the covers.

Someone was watching me. I sensed a burning sensation and it was directed into my neck. Glancing curiously to the left side, I see Sam looking at me. I took notice instantly of his fiery red cheeks and glowering expression.

I smiled sheepishly. “Sam,” I began.

He was fiddling with his left nipple. It was quite odd and disturbing to say the least but I watched in curious but disgusted fascination. Sam Adams, stroking his nipple. How quaint, I remarked sarcastically to myself.

“Do ye realize what ye have done?” he growls.

“No. Should I?” I blink afterwards.

“Let it be known, I am quite aware this establishment is your house. Gage much rather witness us both hang by the stretch neck in the Commons. But erotic behavior is forbidden!”

My eyes widened in disbelief. “You must be mistaken.”

Sam was still playing with his nipple. It was becoming distracting.

“Well?” he asks. Sam narrowed his right eyebrow.

I said nothing, not one word.

“Keep your lips to your side of my bed, John, and furthermore, I am not a toy to be squeezed and cuddled.”

I open my mouth to object but I was interrupted.

“Be quiet,” Sam grunts. “And my breast is not to be touched…” He pauses, still watching me intently. “No part of myself is to be touched in a most amorous way.”

I did not know how to respond. What have I accomplished in my sleep?

“Do I make myself perfectly clear?” he asks.

“I, what has happened?” I manage.

“See this?” he asks, pointing to the nipple.

I glance at it and then up at his eye level. “What of it?”

“Ye pinched it!” He yells.

I could feel my cheeks beginning to grow warm. Completely unbeknownst to myself, I did a few unfavorable things. I rolled over to the right and stared sheepishly off in no particular area of my boyhood home. I feel an object tightly pressed along the lower half of my spine.

“Perhaps another pillow will suffice in keeping ye at a distance,” Sam grumbles. I heard him puff. The room went dark again as he blew out the candle. “Of all the nerve…,” then the mattress bounced as Sam rolled over himself. If he had decided to watch me, I did not know for certain but an uncomfortable weight settled upon my entire body for the remainder of the night.

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Tue Oct 08, 2019 3:43 pm
Dreamy wrote a review...

Hey, Fishr!

Here I am, again! Haha. I know you asked me to read your latest story but I thought I'll read and review in the order you've posted these stories to have some sort of continuity.

I read a comment of yours to a review saying that you're actually putting together a short story collections, and I know that these short stories don't necessarily have to have a connection with one another but ever since I read that comment of yours I keep looking for some sort of connection.

Boston is definitely a story of its own, you can very well elaborate on that story-line and write a novella. Pugna is something I'd really like to read more of. The characters had depth and they were complex in an interesting way so that's that.

And then here we are. I don't know, am I missing something. It does say Part 3 where are the part 2 and part 1? I really don't like reading from the middle. Ahhhhhh!

But here I am, reviewing it anyway. I'm such a badass lol. This is was funny. Probably the first funny story I've read of yours. I liked how you didn't over do the narration by explaining the facial reactions of Sam but with just his dialogues you got few chuckles out of me. Minimalism really worked here.

Keep up the good work, Fishr!


(Direct me to the first two parts please)

Random avatar
Fishr says...

Hey! So I messaged you all four parts. Hehe.

Yeah, what can I say? I am capable of some humor from time to time even though my writing seems more Poe-ish.

Yes, my intention is to self publish these new stories I've been posting. So they all with be completely Historical Fiction.

Wait to you see - er, read, my most recent project. It's been difficult, and a lot of nightless sleeps, so I will need keen eyes and a whole lot of help if you're up to it!? Thank you so much for everything. I will try and keep up the good work. haha

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