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by Em16

Riding the train home, all the shops starting to shut down
You unfold yet another newspaper which proclaims disaster.
Catastrophe creeping ever closer, like a monster in the night,
Your head is pressed against the cold glass, heart so tense
It almost ceases to beat, and your mind starts to wonder
When it will arrive, the peril everyone is prophesying -
Walking through the crowds, body constantly jostled
You feel like just another hill in an endless sea of mountains.
It’s so difficult to know your own form when voices swirl
Like clouds, obscuring the shape of your innermost forest
Are you even alive anymore? Or is your body just an illusion
Your ghost a gift, protected by a heart that doesn't want to give up -

And the rain falls.

The rain falls in little droplets, each one full of hope.
The dirt, grime, and dust that covers the whole world
Falls away when touched by the gentle hand of rain.
The windows are blurry, the horizon is obscured
And in this state of blindness, it is only then
That the true beauty of the world emerges.

Regrets, like the barren limbs of a winter oak, emerge from your mind
And the soft raindrops meet every one, sinking into the hollow spaces.
As if you were a child again, you rest in this cold yet compassionate embrace,
These slippery kisses so like the touch of lover lost to time and memory.
Under its influence, your eyes turn skyward, and your heart unfurls.
On the trees, cherry blossoms begin to peak out; reds, whites, and pinks;
Spring is stirring in your chest, stepping out of the lifeless void
Where it had been locked for so long. Your heart beats, finally recognizing
The body in which it is living, and your blood starts to melt, flowing
As the rain falls, and falls, and falls, forever and forever and forever. 

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Tue Jul 19, 2022 1:48 pm
Stringbean wrote a review...

Hey Em, just a quick review here! ^-^

The phrase "slippery kisses" really jumped out to me. That's such an unusual and vivid adjective to pair with "kisses", I love it. I also really loved the lines "Your heart beats, finally recognizing / The body in which it is living," and the image of blood melting and flowing, falling like rain.

These images and the end of the poem in general are what really anchored the whole thing for me. The first half of the poem skips between a lot of images and language that, while related, just don't quite seem to hang together and feel as poignant as the last few segments? I think the ending is where the heart of the poem is really at and I love what's there!

Nice job! Keep on writing
- Stringbean

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Sat Jul 02, 2022 6:37 am
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shatteredstones says...

This is beautiful

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Thu Jun 30, 2022 6:38 pm
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imahni says...

This was so good! Sometimes the world can get so overwhelming and I honestly proclaim to dislike the human species until nature brings me back. I realize that not everything last forever including sadness or suffering and that the world is still beautiful. :3

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Mon Jun 27, 2022 3:28 pm
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vampricone6783 wrote a review...

Yes! Someone else who likes the rain! This felt like a tide of negative thoughts until the sweet yet salty rain washed it all away.It often feels like the world is ending.Like humanity can’t be saved.Like there’s always conflict.But then comes the drop of hope,the drop of rain.Spreading all around.Given to everyone.I hope that you have a lovely day/night.

Em16 says...

Thank you! I absolutely love rain lol

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