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How Do You Plead: 7.2

by CaptainJack

Warning: This work has been rated 18+ for language, violence, and mature content.

Winslow found himself completely lost in the situation, aware of their hips grinding together and the scratch marks on his sides, pushing himself to keep going in the moment. It had been so long since the detective had been able to touch someone without flinching away. His one year of happiness had been taken away with one Allied bomb dropping from the sky and it had left him with two empty years of pain. As he tried focus on the beautiful man lying right beneath him the images of his dear, departed doctor flashed into his mind. His knees quickly buckled, causing him to collapse on top of the sailor who let out a grunt of, “Oof, Winslow! I think you need to lay off the cookies, lovely.”

Before Winslow had the chance to answer the smart ass remark, the crying fit was already spreading in waves across his body. The arms that were trying to hold him above James were growing tired too and he managed to roll off before collapsing. This new position forced him to lie beside the sailor in bed rather than resuming his pattern of thrusting. In his heart he had known that this venture was too much too soon. But whenever he let his cock make the decisions they always ended up chasing the hot piece of tail, not that Winslow had acted on those thoughts recently.

“What were you think of, sir? What made you cry out like that?” asked James in a tear choked voice. The lieutenant’s voice rose a little bit as he continued his questioning. “Was it something that I did?”

While he remained silent, his partner was playing with Winslow’s hair now, in a similar manner to what the detective had done to his sailor earlier in the evening. Winslow didn’t have the beautiful locks that James did - even now that he was stateside he kept his hair to a somewhat shaggy crew cut. This was his casual act of rebellion.

“It wasn’t anything that you did or didn’t do, James. It was just me remembering and seeing bad things happen over and over again.” Winslow leaned up in bed, shifting his position to now be cradling his sailor as he continued, “That’s how shell shock works for me, my sweet. You see everything that you tried very hard to forget at the absolute worst moments.”

“Why was this one of the absolute worst moments?” the sailor asked with a cheeky smile on his face and his fingers migrating to run through Winslow’s chest hair. “Was it because you wanted to fuck an absolutely sweet darling like me?”

The detective leaned down to bite a mark in his neck and whispered, “I should give you a spanking for saying such dirty words to the man you’re relying on to fill you with another load in another one of your holes. You’re a very slutty boy but I didn’t give you permission to talk back to me.”

The sparkle returned to James’ eyes as he begged, “Please do spank me, Win-Sir.”

Winslow managed to regain some of his previous excitement as he grabbed James by the waist and pulled the man over his lap. He started in between James’ thighs, slowly pinching any free skin that he could find. The process continued until his fingers pinched the skin around his sailor’s testicles and the man let out a screech.

Whispering in the sailor’s once again, Winslow asked between gentle neck kisses, “Have I found your sweet spot yet, darling? Or do I have to probe farther to hear you moaning my name again?”

James rolled over on his side with Winslow’s hand still wrapped around his external organs, giving the detective a soft kiss on the nose and snuggling into his hairy chest. Winslow had to think about his position and how it should have been uncomfortable for the both of them, but yet they were lying here in bliss. He released his hand slightly and moved to slowly massaging James’ cock, listening to the man moan into his chest. Their soft process went on until Winslow could feel the sticky wetness gathering in his hand and James softly moaning, “Winslow, please give me more.”

“I’ll give you more in a little while, my sweet, but wouldn’t you like to have that drink first?”

“I think I’d rather take a shower with you now that I’ve made a mess all over your bed, Sir,” the sailor questioned as he began to unravel from their twisted sheets. They were both tangled together in the bedding with it wrapped tightly around their lower limbs. With a few minutes of intimate work, both partners managed to free themselves from the constraints. James rose from the bed first and continued, “I’ll be in your shower whenever you’re ready to use me again.”

Winslow watched him crawl out of bed with a sheet hanging from his waist and go into the bathroom across the bedroom. Just the sight of the man walking away was enough to bring the excitement back to his chest. Now the goal was just to successfully have his pleasure without having a panic attack mid thrust and mid moan. He sat in the bed for a few minutes by himself, smoking a cigarette and listening to the water run in the other room, letting his mind wander just enough to think about how the water must be rolling down James’ body.

“Winslow, are you coming or shall I just come by myself?”

The detective didn’t answer him. He simply laughed as he pulled himself out of bed and collected two robes and two sets of slippers from his small wardrobe. Winslow stubbed his cigarette out in the tray on top of his dresser and followed the path of his sailor across the room. As soon as he closed the bathroom door he barely had a chance to set the garments down before climbing into the shower with his lover. And come he certainly did - again.

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81 Reviews

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Sun Apr 26, 2020 3:50 am
IconspicuoslyAlpacaing wrote a review...

This was great! I love how you didn't use any gimmicky metaphors or make any weird jokes, it really added to the intimacy of the scene! Very few authors can pull off a combination of dark emotional baggage and flirty sensuality without the two seeming flip-flopping back and forth, and you nailed it. My only issue with this would be the missing commas here and there, but other than that, this was awesome! Keep up the good work!

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Tue Mar 31, 2020 5:23 pm
Rin321 wrote a review...

Hi! Rin321 back for another review!

These chapters are so great because of the intense stuff going on.

I love how you let us see more about the characters as we read without dumping it on us! Particularly with Winslow:
"It had been so long since the detective had been able to touch someone without flinching away."
His character is complex and I love reading trying to figure him out! The fact that he had been going through this and literally flinched upon other contact says so much about how he feels for James! That connection is off the chain.
As for James, I can only imagine the emotions he's going through, especially when Winslow just bursts into tears as he did
"“What were you think of, sir? What made you cry out like that?” asked James in a tear choked voice."
I could only imagine, I would be like WHAT DID I DO in that situation; the emotional baggage Winslow carries is so heavy, I hope it doesn't affect their relationship that's budding too badly

I love the chemistry between the two. I love that they're so flirty and funny making it more realistic, as I said in my past reviews.

Keep up the great work! I'm loving this! I have to think of a ship name 0.o

All the best,

“I am not worried, Harry," said Dumbledore, his voice a little stronger despite the freezing water. "I am with you.”
— Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince