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How Do You Plead: 5.4

by CaptainJack

Warning: This work has been rated 18+ for language, violence, and mature content.

Winslow bit into the sailor’s neck as he said, “So this is what the kids call fun these days. When I was young we called it fucking on a desk and hoping no one else in the bar would notice.”

“I don’t really mind if anyone notices if they get to enjoy themselves half as much as I’m enjoying having my hand in your trousers.”

The sailor slipped out from under him, kneeling between the detective’s knees, and looking up to him with pleading eyes. Winslow ran his hand through James’ hair and carefully moved his fingers down the young man’s neck. He thought briefly about how he wasn’t much older physically but he was sure that they were much different mentally. James didn’t strike him as the type of young man to have had his heart broken in half many times. Or to have had his hopes and dreams crushed under the boot heel of the United States Armed Forces.

James’ hand was resting on the detective’s zipper again, nearly pawing at his crotch. The slick smile crossed his lips again as he tiled his head up to ask, “Do you know what I want, Winslow? Or am I going to have to take the horse out of the barn myself?”

“I think, and this is just my thought as a homicide detective, that you should tell me more about what happened that night before you get any sort of reward.”

The sailor pouted for a moment before he kissed Winslow’s pants and rocked back on his heels.

“If I lay it all on you right at once in a brilliant monologue will you consider laying on top of me, Detective?”

Winslow pulled the sailor back up to his full height to give him a light peck and then lifted the man up to sit on the desk. It left the sailor right at the middle of chest height and Winslow could see the hunger in his eyes once again.

“I think that’s a bargain that I can agree to but I’m not going to take you right now. Give me as much information as you can get out in two minutes and you’ll get partially into my pants. And if I like all that I hear from you, my naughty little sailor, I’ll take you back to my place and fuck you properly.”

The sailor took a deep breath, clearly gathering his thoughts to jump into the fabulous monologue. Winslow tapped his foot gently to the music he had nearly forgotten was playing in the background. It would have been so much neater if it was following along to the tune of their office activities.

“I did accompany my mother to the country club that night for the New Years party. At one point during this party in the big ballroom, Queenie and Daniel starting fighting, and then Danny ran home to the comfort of Sean. Everybody knows that Danny spent more time in bed with his butler than his wife so it wasn’t really a surprise when he left. Queenie left the party closer to midnight - presumably to run after Danny but she came back soon after that.”

James took a nervous look around the office, refilling his lungs and picking his speech back up where it ended.

“After midnight struck, and I kissed my mother on the cheek, Queenie went out once more. We followed her back to her house, which is only about a half of a mile from the club. There were about ten of us who went back to check on her and as soon as we opened the door…well that’s when we heard her screaming. She was just standing there in the middle of the foyer screaming her head off and makeup running down her face while Danny was lying at the base of the stairs with a crystal glass in his hand. I admit that I ran off but I swear I didn’t have anything to do with it.”

The sailor, who had been so bold in his actions just a few minutes ago, now looked to the floor with embarrassment. Winslow ran his hands through the sailor’s hair once again, lifting up the man’s chin to kiss him lightly on the lips. Their situation was turning back to bittersweet once again and Winslow was already beginning to feel the guilt of the hurt he was going to inflict on this poor boy.

No matter how many times Winslow tried to do the right he knew in his heart that he was only capable of causing pain.

James pulled away, tears slowly dripping from his eyes, resting his head in the crook of Winslow’s neck once again and whispering, “Did I give you enough information to get that reward we were talking about or should I dry my eyes and go elsewhere?”

Winslow placed one finger against the sailor’s lips as he unbuttoned his pants and pulled the zipper down its track. As he pulled the zipper down it got caught on the material of his underwear and he hoped that some sex god would answer his prayers. It was obvious that the Christian god wouldn’t appear to help a guy get his cock down somebody’s throat but surely a pagan being would want to help him get off.

“Do you need some help with your zipper, sir?” James asked with a laugh. The sailor kissed his fingertip before taking the finger in his mouth and sucking on it gently. It was clearly a tease for what Winslow was going to get to experience next.

“I think I’ve just about got it, darling. And you should be getting your tongue ready for something else.”

Within a few seconds, Winslow’s pants fell to the floor and the sailor was pulling on his underwear. James gently kissed the tip and all along the detective’s groin. If the man had simply been going in for a suck it wouldn’t have been so gently. The detective was appreciating the thoughtfulness that went into the sailor’s methodical methods and he pulled the blond’s head up once more. He was only able to bend down enough to kiss his forehead before the sailor went back to his sucking process.

“Oh my sweet darling I’m going to love taking you home tonight.”

As soon as James’ lips met the base of Winslow’s cock he knew he wasn’t going to last. He let out a guttural moan, pulling on the young man’s blond locks, and thrusting his hips to pin him against the deck. Winslow couldn’t remember the last time that he had someone pleasuring him like this.

“You are such a good boy but I’ll have to take you to bed to find out just how good you are.”

Winslow was finding it hard to talk dirty with all of the distractions going on down below. He knew he wasn’t being a very good fuck. It had only been a few minutes but he could already feel the pressure building and his needs manifesting.

He ran his hands through the blond locks once more, pushing James’ hand into his groin and announcing, “I hope you’re prepared, my sweet, because here it comes.”

As James sucked harder on his cock Winslow simply lost track of time. He didn’t hear his zipper being pulled back up and he didn’t feel the button being re-done. The detective was only brought back to reality when his sailor kissed him with salty lips.

“Thank you for my treat, Detective. I hope I can give you all of the answers and inspirations that you need to solve your case.”

They kissed deeply once again and went back to their dancing embrace as they moved across the room.

Winslow felt happy.

And it was odd.

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Sun Feb 23, 2020 4:59 pm
Rin321 wrote a review...

" “So this is what the kids call fun these days. When I was young we called it fucking on a desk and hoping no one else in the bar would notice.” "
AH! His character is so blunt and I started off dying, I love this kind of beginning of the chapter. The chapters were split up well to keep the reader (aka me) eager to keep going!

"“Do you know what I want, Winslow? Or am I going to have to take the horse out of the barn myself?” "
James countered so well aghhhh
I wasn't expecting sex scenes when I started that other chapter but I'm for it lmao

Bargaining with sex for confessions isn't the typical conventional way to get info, but I'm for it XD What's Norton gonna do, he's waiting out there for him and little does he know XD

He got the information, but I hope this is not the end of Winslow and James, I'm shipping it, too much chemistry to abandon now. Winslow seems to have been missing serious interaction for a long time, he needs this!

Small mistake:
"No matter how many times Winslow tried to do the right THING he knew in his heart that he was only capable of causing pain."

You forgot 'thing', I do that too sometimes, I get in the zone of writing and I'll just skip a word, not a big deal!

Overall, another great chapter! I have questions about some of the characters in Jame's story obviously because I started late in the story, but I'm sure they will be answered!

Great job!


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