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Sinless - One Shot

by Brittmissx

Pairing: Louis/Harry

Warnings: Sexual Content, Language.


Author Note: would love some feedback lovelies!! X

“No!! HARRY DON’T! I BEG YOU!! I’m not ready!!” Louis Tomlinson gasped as Harry Styles positioned his hips, getting ready to thrust into the other boy’s bottom. They were sweating, hot and messy. Harry ignored Louis completely and readied himself, placing the tip of his length a centimeter away from the older boy’s entrance. Just before taking the first move in, Harry smirked and looked down into Louis’ teary eyes.

“This is what they want! You’ve got to give them what they want Boo!”

"But I'm not ready!" Louis yelled, frustrated.

His hands were tied back to the bed. He had no chance of escaping the younger boys’ assault.

“No no no!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” He moaned. “UUUUGHHHH!!!” He buried his teeth into the cloth that was stuffed inside his mouth.

"S-stop-p!" Louis tried to blabber through the cloth, but he knew Harry wouldn’t let him go. He felt him. Lou felt Harry break deep into his core.

"Oh god!!” The elder boy moaned; suddenly enjoying it.

‘What's going on?’ He thought.

Something is not right here. Louis’ vision became pitch black and Harry just vanished. He wasn’t even there.

“Mnnf…” Louis muttered. He felt hot, really hot.

His eyes opened, for real now. It was a dream. ‘Holy shit’ A little moan escaped his cracked lips.

Louis stood up feeling the weakness and fatigue take over his legs. He was hard and he didn't quite enjoy it. He turned his face to look back at his bed and there he was. Harry was lying there, looking as beautiful as ever. ‘The hell am I doing?’ Louis wondered.

He felt himself get dizzy. The young lad started to get flashbacks of his dream. He wished it’d turn into reality. Louis fixed his orange boxers quickly and walked back towards the bed. He slipped into the messy sheets and sighed miserably. Louis didn't want to wake Harry up. Harry looked way too perfect to be distracted from his nap. Boobear just sat there and stared at Harry with wishful eyes. The way his curls fell perfectly; he was completely gorgeous. He wanted him so badly but Harry would never let him...

He was too frightened with the idea. ‘I'm not gay. I'm Harry Styles.’ he always thought. ‘I shouldn't be...’ Louis watched with irritation. "Is it always going to be like this? Not being able to look at that without getting turned on, pff--" He whispered to himself. “Damn it! Do you know how much I want to touch you right now?” Louis decided to take advantage of Harry's nap. He was going to make a move. It was time; he has waited too long.

The older boy brushed his fingers along Harry's soft cheeks and started to gently lean forward. He was going to kiss Harry because he had to kiss Harry.

Slowly, Louis pressed his lips against the younger boy’s. "Mm.." The blue eyes boy moaned. He felt Harry's heat pierce through the cracked skin that covered his own lips.

He wanted more. Harry's lips tasted so incorrectly heavenly.

Harry started to wake up slowly. He cracked opened his eyes. His head was aching and Louis did not notice. "Mnfm.. L-loou?" He mumbled through his friend’s lips.

Louis couldn’t even hear Harry. He slowly wrapped his arms around the younger boy’s neck and started to toughen the lip lock. Harry's eyes widened. "WHAT THE HELL?!" He recoiled and broke the kiss by pushing his Boo's chest with his fists. "Shhh…We have both waited too long..." Louis' body arched over the curly haired boy as he whispered into his ear. Harry tried to fight back but his arms weakened to Louis' touch. They sank into each other's mouths. Louis opened his lips allowing Harry's tongue to enter. Their teeth clashed together. Their tongues battled for dominance and Louis gave in to let Harry take control. It was one hell of a messy battle.

Harold wrapped his arms around the older boy’s back, covering him completely. Then he lowered his hands and started to rub circles around Louis’ bum; gradually bringing their hips closer to each other. They were both ready. Louis felt himself set painfully to Harry's touch. "I want you," He moaned into the younger boy’s mouth."I've always wanted you." Harry replied, breathlessly. They started grinding as the kiss became wetter and more intense. Louis ripped off Harry’s shirt and started to place soft kisses down his torso; occasionally biting on the pale skin that covered the area. He paused at Harry’s erect nipple and took it into his warm mouth: sucking on it seductively. Harry dug his fingers into Louis feathered hair and arched his back a few inches away from the bed, feeling the resulted rush of Louis' actions.

Louis, now in control, sucked harder and slid his left hand down to rest on the other boy’s erection.

Harry was hard and that shocked Louis. He pulled away and glanced into the other boy’s eyes. Louis felt his own go bloodshot. Harry really did want him too... "I'm glad I make you feel this way," Louis alleged as he came closer and kissed Harry again, softly this time."Lou.. Don't you ever leave my side.." He moaned. Louis looked back at him and nodded with admiration. The smile on his face widened. Harry looked so beautiful tonight. The older boy slipped his fingers hesitantly and started to pull Hazza’s boxers down. The younger boy’s face blushed and Louis smirked at that. "You're so hot down here... That bad?" Louis teased. "Mnfm.. Louis come on!!! I can't.. Uhh.. Just do it!!" The younger boy panted. "No, silly boy!" Louis pressed his index finger on the tip of Harry's dick. He had to make him suffer, at least for a little bit. Louis felt Harry squirm beneath him. "I want you to beg for this," he said, sexily. "P-pplea..." Harry tried to force the letters out. "What was that?" Louis whispered into Harry's neck. He started to bite on Harry's fragile skin. Louis sucked on the younger boy’s collarbones leaving noticeable love bites. Harry was his now, all his and he had to prove that to the world. He ran his hand down Harry’s hard dick and whispered,"You want me. Say it.. Out loud.. Beg for it, pretty boy..." He sneered. "Uuu.. Pp-leea.. I beg you.. Lou, I need you... Inside.. Me... N-now!!" Harry spoke weakly. Louis just couldn't take it anymore.

He suddenly shifted downwards and shoved Harry's dick into his throat. Harry roared. He wasn't expecting it. Not so soon. Louis bobbed his head back and forth taking it all in.

The younger boy felt himself fill up his friend’s throat. Everything was getting out of control. Shivers were racing down his spine and hot sweat was covering his naked body. Louis knew he was pleasing Harry and the thought of that drove him insane. He moved his other hand slowly reaching for his own dick. Harry noticed. "No..." He whispered. "Put them behind your back... I’ll take care of you later." The older boy watched Harry's pink lips as they spoke gently. He took Harry's dick out of his mouth and put his hands behind his back. "I'm ready Harry…"

Harry got disappointed because he was cut off so soon. He got up and took off Louis' boxers. Louis moaned as Harry's long fingers wrapped around his dick. "God! Hurry up Curly!" The blue eyed boy groaned. Harry was kinda new at this so he did what he was told to do. He held Louis' dick in his hand and started to stroke it clumsily.

Louis giggled. "What?!" Harry blushed. Louis placed his own over the younger boy's hand and started to stroke properly. "Like this..."

Harry got better at it.

"Oh god.. Mmm" Louis murmured and started to grind their hips together. Harry was out of control. He grabbed Louis' ass and pulled him closer. "Wh-what are you doing?" Louis panted.

"I'm fucking you." Harry stared at the other boy sharply. He looked puzzled.

"Are you sure Harry?" Louis posed nervously. ‘He's only done it once with a guy. He was drunk and out of his head.’ He thought.

"Never been so sure. You're going down tonight, princess." Harry shoved his dick into Lou's ass and started to thrust back and forth.

"W-wait!! No.. condom!!" Louis warned,out of breath.


"FUCK IT! WHO FUCKING CARES!!" Harry growled.

"H-harry..?" Louis was confused. Did I really keep you waiting for long? "Harry, calm down!" said Louis, still wondering how long he kept the other boy waiting.

"N-never..." Harry cried as he roughened his thrusts. Louis noticed the tears falling from the younger boy’s eyes, as they landed on his chest.

'Shit... He's crying..' Louis’ heart was beating wildly.

Harry was crying.

"H-Harry stop," The older boy ordered.

"Not.. Gonna.." Harry gasped.

Louis grabbed his friend's waist, pulled his hands up together and forced him to stop. He held the younger boy's face in his palms and pulled it closer to his. Harry was lying on top of Lou, still inside him but not moving.

"Why are you crying, love? What's going on?" Lou whispered.

"I-i can't.. Tak--" Harry burst into tears.

"You can't what? Am I forcing you?" Louis asked. "NO!! Not at all! I-i just can't take it anymore... I've waited for so long... And now I feel like..." Harry paused. "I'm a bad person Louis. I don't want to hurt you.”

“Hurt me?? How--” Lou moaned, still feeling Harry as he invaded his depths.

“You know, Louis. YOU KNOW!!” Harry interrupted.

“You’re not a bad person Harry. She wasn’t going to survive anyway! She was dying! YOU DIDN’T KILL ELEANOR! She died from the injuries after the accident. Besides, she was the one driving. You were in the passenger’s seat! Remember this Harry!! Stop blaming yourself!!!” Louis howled.

Harry’s eyes enlarged with shock.

“I forgive you Harry, I swear on my life!! I told you before! I FORGIVE YOU A THOUSAND TIMES!! Harry... I-I love you!! Please understand this!! I know it hasn’t been long. B-but El’s death was a huge wakeup call. I’ve always loved you! U-understand, I beg you… Stop being so stubborn... God…” Louis broke down as he covered his face with his arms.

“Shit… I love you too. I love you so much it hurts. I love your eyes. I love your smile. I love your hair, your lips, your skin… I love how you turn me on with just one look… I love how beautiful you look when you wake up every morning, I love how hyper you get when you find candy in the supermarket… How precise you are when it comes to choosing the best shampoo fragrance... How your eyes shine when you're just about to cry while you're watching 'PS i love you'... But god, Louis, I’m frightened.” He gasped. “I killed… Her...”

“N-no!! No Harry! BELIEVE ME WHEN I TELL YOU, YOU DID NOT KILL HER!!” Louis roared and his voice cracked. “Let me in Harry… Let me help you. I beg... You...”

“Mmm... I-I love you… So much, Lou.”

“I love you too, beautiful.”

Louis rolled and landed on top of his friend. He dug both his arms into the bed vertically while Harry’s head rested in between. The older boy left a warm kiss on Harry’s forehead.

“Are you ready for this?” Louis asked gently. Harry looked so small. The younger boy closed his eyes and nodded as he wiped his tears away.

Louis took his own dick and started to push it into Harry smoothly.

“Condom?” The older boy suggested.

“N-no… I-I want to feel you…” Louis took the time as Harry spoke to shove his dick in all the way. Harry moaned with pleasure. They were both painfully hard. Louis started to thrust in and out carefully, making sure that he wasn't hurting his friend. Back and forth, the boys gasped and the room was filled with heat and sweat and noises.



“So… Tight…” The older boy gasped.

“L-lou… I think I’m going to...” Harry warned.

“S-same…” Louis answered him breathlessly.

Suddenly, both Harry and Louis' legs stiffened and curled up together. Their bodies were one. They both came and cried with pleasure. Louis buried his face into Harry’s sweaty skin where he found a few scars carved into the younger boy’s chest. ‘Harry got these from the accident…’ He remembered.

“Remember me with these Harry… How much I love you… How grateful I am to have you…Remember that this body is mine… Remember that you are mine… You are the innocent one here love… Don’t you ever blame yourself again…” Louis whispered.

"B-b..." Louis locked his lips with Harry's to stop him from speaking.

"Have some sleep... We'll discuss it in our new apartment tomorrow..." He whispered.

"WHAA--Nmffmmm..." Harry was cut off again by a sweet kiss.

"Yes, I love you too Curly..."

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