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The Reflection

by AuthenticallyAngie

Mirrors, mirrors, on the walls

All you hear are your desperate calls

Reflections you see leave you less sane

Only seeing reflecting glass pains

Running in circles

Getting lost more and more

Every turn opens another sore

Suddenly- you see the light!

You start to run-

Run towards the hopeful sight

You run and run-

Just wanting to see the sun…

It’s the exit! You’re getting out!

But after a second, you start to shout

It’s nothing but deception,

‘Cause now you see your reflection

But it begins to move

It smiles and waves

It reaches out

You can’t believe it,

it leaps out of the mirror

But you have to admit

It couldn’t be clearer

It takes the frame

And pulls it open

You step through, this game is done

You squint at the sky,

And you see the sun.

You turn to say goodbye,

To the reflection

That spared you

From inevitable dejection

But through the frame,

Nothing's there.

Nothing, but mirrors,

And air.

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Wed Jun 07, 2023 1:24 am
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Valkyria wrote a review...

Hello. I hope you're having a wonderful day! I'm here to give you a quick review.

I saw your second poem (the sequel to this one) in the Green Room, so I thought I'd read this one first.

I am a sucker for rhyming poems, and this did not disappoint. Reading this out loud sounds very good; the words flow well on the tongue. It was even fun to act out. As the reviewer below mentioned, the first stanza had me hooked. I really felt the desperation the narrator had in the beginning. The poem didn't feel rushed either. The narrative goes at a quick pace while still being satisfying.

I also like how each stanza has a different emotion if that makes sense. In the beginning, the narrator is desperate and scared. Then they feel hopeless when they realize they're still trapped. Finally, they're relieved to escape but ultimately confused at the end.

This was a very good read! I think you did great!

AuthenticallyAngie says...

thank you for the kind words! :)

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Fri Jun 02, 2023 3:24 pm
Myah06 wrote a review...

Hello! I'm here to leave a quick review/comment! :))

I really like this poem!

You had me hooked from the first stanza, especially the last line, "Only seeing reflecting glass pains," it's such a lovely play on words. "Pains" and "panes." And then you did it again in the second stanza with, "Every turn opens another sore," because "sore" sound like "door" and people normally say "Every turn opens another door." Genius.

I also like how the mirrors can be interpreted in a couple different ways wether it's the persons literal reflection their not happy with or their subconscious torturing them with traumatic memories. The flow is amazing and the word choice adds a lot to that confused and desperate feeling the character has!

Well done! Keep writing always! :)

AuthenticallyAngie says...

Thank you! ^^

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Sun May 28, 2023 12:26 am
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GengarIsBestBoy wrote a review...

Howdy hey! Gengar here to leave a review!

I see this poem as someone who is hopelessly trapped in a mirror maze. They are constantly tormented by their reflections. At some point, they think they have the chance to escape, but it is nothing but deception.
The mirror maze itself could represent a number of things, most likely some form of trauma. In this case, the reflections could represent flashbacks or constant reminders of the past. The part where they think they are escaping could represent them having faith in an unhealthy coping mechanism.

I really like the imagery you used in this, especially the description of the twists and turns. Also, I really like the opening line, “mirrors, mirrors, on the walls;” i always like when people take well-known phrases and twist them in their own unique way!

I only have one small criticism:

But it begins to move

It smirks and stares

It reaches out

You can’t believe it,

it creeps out of the mirror

In this scene, the creature that lets the speaker “escape” from the mirrors is supposed to be a positive thing, but this wording paints a negative picture (I know that the escape is supposed to be a negative thing, since it was a false one, but in this stanza its seen as a positive thing. Uhh.. i hope this makes sense 😅)

Keep up the good work!

AuthenticallyAngie says...

Reading over the work, I agree with what you said about the tone of that part. I may change it in the future %uD83E%uDD14. I greatly appreciate your review, thank you!!

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Sun May 28, 2023 12:04 am
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alpacaboss wrote a review...

Wow this is hauntingly well done! You were able to portray the inner turmoil and horror that comes from someone that’s haunted by their reflection. You show this like someone who is trapped in a suffocating maze that they constructed themselves. Obviously, the narrator has experienced something traumatic when it comes to their reflection. This leaves the reader to wonder what makes the narrator experience this kind of things. It may be body-image or eating disorder (pardon for raising sensitive issues). On the other hand, these experiences may come from an external source like physical bullying or verbal taunts. The way you portray hopelessness is almost believable. Overall, I believe you did a great job here! Well done!

AuthenticallyAngie says...

I didn't expect to get a review so fast, ^^ you're words are very appreciated, thank you :)

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