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End of chapter one begining of chapter two

by AngelBaby88

Okay Im going to continue the last tidbit of yesterdays chapter and begin the second chapter.

The only thing left to dowas use his Ice GF to finish him off. He looked to make Quistis wasnt in the way and sure enough she was.

"Quistis! Get out of the way."

She heard him and got out of the way in time to miss Shiva attack, caught off guard Ifrit hit the ground.

"Do you surrender?" Squall asked panting.

Ifrit nodded his head, "Yes, just dont use Shiva again."

This meant Squall now had three GF's to help him. Qustis nodded and smiled to him.

"Good job, but this was only the part."

Chapter two (Yay FINALLY, lets out a sigh of relief)

Back at school Quistis did not give him a chance to rest, instead she sent him to his room to change into his uniform for combat and meet in the great hall. After doing so it took him no time to reach the hall.

Upon his arrival Quistis imedatally began to flip though papers on her clipboard.

"Whats going on?" she raised a hand and continued to read her paperwork.

"Give me a moment. I need to pair you up first. Lets see, your with Zell Dinct."

She looked up to him to see the dissapointment on his face, "Hes quite a lively fellow."

Squall scoffed, "Lively hes just loud. Cant I choose my own partner, better yet how bout I do it on my own?"

To late Zell had heard his name and came over to them.

"Cool. I get to work with you?" he offererd his hand to Squall and all he did was just look away.

So Zell jumped to the next subject that came to his mind.

"I heard Siefer did a number on you this morning. Is that his work?"

He was pointing to the wound on Squalls face, still Squall said nothing.

"Well Sifers an asshole and he fights dirty anyhow so i wouldnt worry to much."

Quistis clearing her throat got thier attention. "Um sorry but that Seifer your talking about is your team leader."

"What!? Can we find someone better?" Zell whined and for once Squall agreed with Zell.

"The decison has already been made and bes." she was suddenly cut off by a cocky voice.

"Besides there is no one better than me."

Just the sound of Siefers voice was enough to get Squalls blood boiling, he hated him like no other and to see him in trouble would bring great joy to Squall.

Im outta time cya later

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