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Talk Show With a Cat

by Key3031

Today is the big day. Where the new aspiring , beautiful, and talented new talk show host of the decade interviews her first celebrity.

Key: Please welcome to the stage the inspiring new hit artist on youtube. Snoop Lion.(crowd stands up and applause.)

Snoop lion walks out on stage and the audience becomes dead silent. (Audience has blank expression on)

When the host (Key) turns around, utter shock is on her face.

Key (Slowly looks around the stage with a bewildered look): You're a cat?!?

Snoop Lion: Meow.

Key: Ok guys, very funny. Where’s the REAL Snoop Lion?

Backstage director whispers: That is the real Snoop Lion. What Did you think? You thought you were going to talk to the HUMAN Snoop Lion. (Does a little school girl giggle.) Yeah right. (in quiet , but rude whisper): Amature!

Key: Yeah, how fun. (audience snickers). Well sit down Snoop Lion. Make yourself at home.

Snoop Lion: Meow.

Key: So Snoop Lion how are you fe-lining? (pun intended) Audience chuckles.

(Drum break.)

Snoop Lion (Licks paws): Meow, Meow.

Key: Wow! Thats one more extra meow you said. You're getting the hang of this talk show thing.

Key: So I hear you're coming out with this new video on YouTube called, “Cats Playing Patty-cake, what they were saying…” (real video). So you wanna tells when it comes out?

Snoop Lion: Meow, meow, meow. (audience laughs)

Key: Haha. Ok we'll be right back with the talented Snoop Lion, which is a cat. Don’t know how that got pass me. (rolls eyes) And we’ll be showing a clip of you're new video when we come back.

commercial break

Key: And we’re back with Snoop Lion. So Snoop, it is ok if I call you snoop?

Snoop Lion: Meow.

Key: Before we talk more about you, let’s see a clip of you're new video. (cat video: Wow! What a video.

Snoop Lion (Does a cute purr. Looks innocent.)

(Audience awwwww)

Key: Awww! How cute you're embarrassed. Well talk about something else then.

Snoop Lion (Shyly looks away): Meow.

Key: You're great at acting. So, I hear you're first appearance in the spotlight was the meow mix commercial. You know the meow, meow, meow song. (band starts playing soundtrack to the commercial) (Audience starts cheering). So did you ever imagine being on so many t.v. shows, movies, and now a judge on, “Catching Mice with the Stars.”

Snoop Lion: Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow…. (this goes on for another 30 seconds) Host is thinking: i am so quitting after this. I hate cats. Maybe i can be a star on YouTube. Who invented the word oooo’ kill em? Was that in the hood thing, or wanna be thugs you made it?

Snoop Lion finally finishes.

Key: Well that’s great! Way to show them who’s boss! Oh look at the time it seems that’s all we have time for. i hope to pawssibly see you again some time soon. (drum break) (audience laughs)

Snoop Lion: Meow, meow.

Key: Please one more round of apaws for the talented, famous, inspiring, domestic feline cat, Snoop Lion! (audience stands up and gives applause) Good night Colorado.

Key’s thoughts: Never again. Not cats. No way no how. I should’ve really read the description of who i was talking to, instead of just stopping at the name, Snoop Lion. Who name’s their cat Snoop Lion in the first place? I am going home i’ve had enough… i forgot what i was about to say. Cats got my tongue.

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Tue Dec 15, 2015 5:02 pm
HolographicLadybug wrote a review...

Hi! I'm here with a short review!

Ok, as I am typing this, I am laughing my head off and I think my cat is starting to give me strange looks. (Looks at him) Oh yes, he is.
Anyway, this was one heck of a script. This is so freaking hilarious! I especially love how you showed what Key was thinking! It was a bit like adding sarcasm to hilarity: the best thing EVER!
How in the name of [insert Roman God name here] did you come up with this?!
Awesome. So. Freakin'. AWESOME.

Merry Christmas!
Holographic Ladybug :D
(Bursts out laughing again)

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Fri Oct 03, 2014 8:21 pm
TAM says...

I really liked it, the video was halarious.
I'd like to see this in a movie. Keep writing stings like these, please.
If you do write a second one involving snoop lion then you should add a dalmation dog "Weird (D)al"
Generally good and funny.

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Fri Oct 03, 2014 8:04 pm
sbf1102 wrote a review...


Okay, the first nitpick I found was this:

"Where the new aspiring , beautiful, and talented new talk show host of the decade interviews her first celebrity."

You repeated the word "new". Just thought you'd want to change that :)

"Key: Please welcome to the stage the inspiring new hit artist on youtube. Snoop Lion.(crowd stands up and applause.)"

First, "youtube" should be "YouTube". Second, I would remove "inspiring", it lessens the humor to it. Thirdly, I would change "applause" to "applauds".

"So you wanna tells when it comes out?"

Should be "tell us".

"Key: Haha. Ok we'll be right back with the talented Snoop Lion, which is a cat. Don’t know how that got pass me. (rolls eyes) And we’ll be showing a clip of you're new video when we come back."

Here's the correct paragraph:

"Key: Haha. Ok, we'll be right back with the talented Snoop Lion, who is actually a cat. Don’t know how that got past me. (rolls eyes) And we’ll be showing a clip of his new video when we come back."

That's all the nitpicks I found :) otherwise SUPER HILARIOUS! Great work! You have a natural humor to you that I enjoy. Keep on writing!

-- Sophia (a. k. a. sbf1102 )

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Sat Sep 27, 2014 6:50 pm
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RavenLord says...

That was hilarious! I watched the video and laughed all the way through it!! Man, that was weird. How do they even get the cats to do that? It's like they rehearsed it!!!! Or DID they??? [dramatic music] I like how you said "Cats got my tongue" at the end. Are you going to do more Key/Snoop Lion appearances? Or do you think Key needs a break from cats??????

Key3031 says...

lol sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I am really glad you liked it. And to be honest I don't know if I should more snoop Lion appearances? It seems to be liked by a lot of people.

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Thu Sep 11, 2014 6:01 pm
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loolthebackpack wrote a review...

This is a funny work! I like how you had Key's thought because it shows that the show business isn't always fun and games. Yes, this may be about cats, Snoop Lion, a talk show, YouTube stars, but it could also be a way to think about life. Everything is not as it seems. Although I like that analogy, I enjoy the humorous part of this script. Very well written! Great job!

Key3031 says...

Thank you. I really appreciate it. This was my first time writing on this website. I hope to make more people laugh as I continue using this website.

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Wed Sep 03, 2014 7:44 pm
deleted5 wrote a review...

Hey there! AlexSushiDog here to review your comedy script about cats! (barks at)

I loved the comedic aspect of it, maybe not the most original but you certainly pulled it off very well and to great effect! The simple response from the cat made it funny and entertaining to read and review. I especially loved the backstage mess up. :P

Just a few things to improve:
1) It would be great if you put the names in BOLD to make it easier to read. Usually in scripts they do something to make it more obvious where someone else starts.

2) Generally in serious scripts you wouldn't have the YouTube link included. But seeing how this isn't exactly serious it should be okay. Just my opinion.

3) Remember, EVERY bit that isn't speech should be in brackets or parenthesis or whatever you call them. For example:

commercial break

Should be in "()"

Backstage director whispers: That is the real Snoop Lion.

Should be:
Backstage director: (whispers) That is the real Snoop Lion.

See what I did there? Whispering is a stage direction too so it would go after the colon and in it's own brackets not with the name.

Overall, an entertaining read! :D

Key3031 says...

Wow! Thank you. It's my first time, and getting advice like this from someone who is most likely a better writer than me, and probably has years of experience is a great gift. Thank you for my first spectacular review on this website!!!!

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Wed Sep 03, 2014 7:21 am
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So this is not a review.. I just wanted to say, this is hilarious.. Really funny. A lot different from what I expected.. But still Hilarious!

Harshita :)

Key3031 says...

Thank you! It's my first time. I hope it get better as time goes on

You're welcome.. And don't worry at all.. Writing is one thing that improves with time only (and this I'm pretty sure you've heard over and over again a hundred times..). But trust me it is true.. Look at me for e.g. You'll die of sickness if you ever read some of the first things I wrote.. I don't say I'm some great writer now...but I'm so much better than when I started.
Anyways, all the very best for all future endeavors. Feel free to contact me for anything that you may need.
Harshita :)

Key3031 says...

will do, amigo.

Veni, vidi, scripsi ~ I came, I saw, I wrote
— steampowered