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The Wildes' Call

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Mon Oct 12, 2020 3:30 pm
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kairamorgan says...

There are whispers of those who hear Sendraya's song. The Call of the Wildes is seen as a blessing or a curse. Some say that those who listen are chosen for greatness, others that the Fey Lords are speaking to them, conspiring to take over the Human Hills whilst others still say those who hear these so-called melodies have simply lost their minds.

The song has called out. You heard it in your dreams. Felt it in your heart. Then, with no warning, a centaur appeared at your doorstep baring a letter bound in a leafy envelope.

The Wildes call to you. Come to Port Dewlit and board the Untamed to answer. The map will show you the way.

The fey left with no explanation, no words. Just a means to satiate that curiosity. Will you follow?

The Setting
Spoiler! :
The medieval fantasy continent of Idenor is a weird and wonderful place, shared somewhat unevenly between humans and fey, magical and mundane. The areas best lived in are the human hills of Alvias, the frigid depths of the Gleaming Abyss and the mysterious Fey Wildes of Sendraya.

Alvias is the country where humans and fey live in relative harmony, though the humans outnumber fey by quite the margin. Those touched by the Wildes, either fey, those with the Kiss of the Wildes (more simply known as magic) or both are often seen as odd, but so long as they have their gifts under control, they are welcome. In theory, at least. The northmost reaches of Alvias are snow-ridden and abandoned where individuals versed in red magic are banished to die a cold, icy death. None survive, though those who get close to there could swear they see frozen corpses move sometimes.

Though people have been sailing for centuries, most do not venture far out into the Gleaming Abyss. Very few return and those that do speak of women baring fishtails, horses exclusively constituted of water and ships sailed by those long dead. Most are said to be mad, but the madmen's warning still works well enough.

To the south of Alvias, there is an impassable forest, one which no pixie can fly above, no nymph can swim around, no human can cut through. This is where Sendraya lies, the homeland of the fey, and no person of Alvias has seen its splendour. The only people who have are fey who emerge from that forest who, upon leaving, can never return.

Races of Alvias
Spoiler! :
Though most will say the races of Idenor are simply human and fey, this isn't true by a long way. There are many kinds of fey and though they have some traits in common like their pointed ears and longer lifespans, they are far from the same as one another. What follows is what is stereotypically thought of each of the races, thus it's entirely possible to have a calm and responsible pixie or a hot-headed centaur.

Humans are by far the most plentiful people in Alvias. With an average lifespan of eighty-five years, they are the shortest-lived but be that as it is, what they can accomplish in the time they are given is astounding.

Though weaker than any other race standing only between three and four foot tall, pixies have the advantage of their large, insectile wings and a long life well beyond five hundred years. You'd be forgiven for thinking this makes them wise, but that illusion washes away quickly after a bucket of water is dumped on your head in a flyover.

The hot-blooded dragonkin technically have a lifespan of two hundred and fifty years, most do not make it there due to their high emotions and a mild addiction to adrenaline. Still, to kill the six-foot-tall monstrosities, you have to deal first with their patches of scaled skin, heightened sight through serpentine eyes, clawed hands and terrifying ability to absorb and redirect fire.

The most down-to-earth and calm of the fey, centaurs are often seen as the wise keepers of the fey living around three hundred years. This is not to say they are slow, however, galloping as fast as the most passionate stallion and are known to get visions of that which has yet to pass. Still, the equine build is problematic in and of itself. It makes climbing ladders and swinging from ropes interesting, to say the least.

It is rare to see a nymph outside of coastal areas. If they don't bathe in natural, unfiltered water for three days, their body starts shutting down but they can breathe the water and camouflage their blue skin in the liquid. Their lifespan of two hundred years may be shorter than the rest of the fey, but they say the nymphs all, upon their death, become one once more with the waters they came from and speak to those who can listen.

Spoiler! :
There are two kinds of magic, the Magic of the Wildes and the Magic of the Cold Ones. Each leaves a kiss upon those who possess it.

The Magic of the Wildes is an ability one is born with, leaving a mark, known as a kiss, on their body in one of five colours, each corresponding with a kind of magic. It is up to those born with it as to whether they learn to harness or suppress the Kiss of the Wildes, sometimes known as Sendraya's Kiss, but doing neither is sure to end in disaster.

The colours of magic are as follows:

    Green magic gives dominion over the three elements of air, earth and water, allowing them to be manipulated at the will of the caster.

    Purple magic gives dominion over the mind, allowing the caster to read it, create illusions and even manipulate it once they have enough practice.

    Silver magic gives dominion of ones form, with masters of this craft changing their forms to animals and, in some cases, other people.

    White magic gives dominion over light, with users being greatly varied. Some can heal others with the light of Sendraya, whilst others can use her flames.

    Gold magic gives the ability to protect from other domains, stopping physical attacks and blocking those trying to intrude on one's thoughts.

Whilst the Magic of the Wildes is sometimes looked at with scepticism, the Magic of the Cold Ones is greeted with hostility and fear. It can be learned by any, but upon first casting, its blood kiss will mark you forever and any Wilde magic that was once known is now lost forever. Those found with the blood kiss are banished to the Northern reaches of Alvias. That is if they can escape the mobs first.

    Red magic gives dominion over life, allowing masters of the craft to manipulate the blood of others, extend their time on Idenor, grant youth and beauty and raise those long dead into their own twisted form of unlife though they must pay the cost in blood, whether it is their own or anothers.

Character Sheet
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[b]Age:[/b] (18+ please)
[b]Race:[/b] (human, pixie, centaur, dragonkin or nymphs)

[b]Appearance:[/b] (Just a brief overview of what your character looks like, feel free to put a picture if you have one!)

[b]Profession:[/b] (What do they do in their day-to-day life? Make it as mundane or as whacky as you'd like, just be sure they fit with the setting!)

[b]Personality:[/b] (What are their strengths? Weaknesses? This part is important so make sure you're thorough!)

[b]Fears:[/b] (What is it that your character fears above all else?)

[b]Magic:[/b] (y/n, if yes, what colour? How do you use it?)

[b]Backstory:[/b] (What happened before they heard the Call? It doesn't need to be anything insane - though it can be if you'd like!)

[b]Other[/b] (Anything else you want to add? Goals, secrets or otherwise?)

Character Slots
1. Emmeline Wells - Centaur Apothecary - kairamorgan
2. Avanias Thurion - Dragonkin Mercenary Kissed by Silver - Basil
3. available!
4. available!
5. available!
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