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Sat Nov 22, 2008 5:11 am
Jon says...


Check that site out first.
Anyway, if your poetry seems like it just doesn't want to flow, here are some of my own tips to get the poem flowing'.

1. usually lengthy words in a verse stop the flow. However, sometimes it could be a good thing.

For Example : "rejuvenating justice rains over" Nope!

to get the same meaning and make it sound better, try:
Pure, sweet justice poured

Sometimes when you want to sound sophisticated and you want to use those BIG vocab words, you always don't have to.

Sometimes settling for simpler words, calmer words, make all the difference in flow and even emotion.

But when you do want to use those strong words remember that if the strong word has many syllables and the following words do not, then don't use it!

Rhyming is also an important thing to flow, you don't need it but when you do, use it correctly to make that flow happen.

When you rhyme, it is okay to skip a couple of lines and start rhyming again but make sure its not scattered too far to where it just comes from nowhere.

If you don't decide to rhyme as much, then don't decide one stanza is going to be all rhyme and the rest not.

Good luck on keeping that flow flowing and keep some of those tips in your mind when your flow gets 'stopped up'.

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