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Wed May 06, 2009 3:50 pm
chasingcolts21 says...

Everyone knows about homophones..they are those stupid words that we learned in first grade and never thought about them since. Well, guess what, they came back to bite you in the butt.

I see these mistakes all the time! It's very annoying. I'm going to add as many examples of homophones as I can in here.

Homophone- Webster defines this as, "One of two or more words pronounced alike but different in meaning or derivation or spelling."


    accept (-s), except (-s) (?)
    acclamation, acclimation
    ad (-s), add (-s), adze
    addition (-s), edition (-s) (?)
    ade (-s), aid (-s), aide (-s)
    adherence, adherents
    admittance, admittants
    adolescence, adolescents
    aerie, airy
    affect (-s), effect (-s) (?)
    aid, aide
    aids, aides, [AIDS]
    ail (-s), ale (-s)
    air (-s), are [metric unit] (-s), 'ere, e'er, err (-s) (?), heir (-s)
    aisle (-s), I'll, isle (-s)
    all, awl
    allowed, aloud
    allude (-s), elude (-s) (?)
    allusion, elusion, illusion (?)
    allusive, elusive, illusive (?)
    altar (-s), alter (-s)
    amend (-s), emend (-s)
    analyst (-s), annalist (-s)
    ant (-s), aunt (-s)
    ante, anti, aunty
    apatite (-s) [phosphate], appetite (-s)
    appose (-s), oppose (-s)
    arc (-s), ark (-s)
    arrant, errant
    ascent (-s), assent (-s)
    assistance, assistants
    ate, eight
    attendance, attendants
    auger (-s), augur (-s)
    aught, ought
    aural, oral
    aureole (-s), oriole (-s)
    auricle (-s), oracle (-s)
    away, aweigh
    awful, offal
    aye (-s), eye (-s), I
    axes, axis
    axel (-s), axil (-s), axle (-s)

bad, bade (?)
bail (-s), bale (-s)
bait (-s), bate (-s)
baize, bays
bald, balled, bawled
ball (-s), bawl (-s)
balm (-s), bomb (-s)
band, banned
bans, banns, bands (?)
bard, barred
bare (-s), bear (-s)
bark (-s), barque (-s)
baron (-s), barren (-s)
barrel, beryl
base, bass
based, baste
bask, basque
baud, bawd
bay, bey
bazaar, bizarre
be, bee, [B]
beach (-es), beech (-es)
beat (-s), beet (-s)
beau, bow
been, bin (?)
beer (-s), bier (-s)
beetle, betel
belligerence, belligerents
bell (-s), belle (-s)
benzene, benzine
berg, burg
berger, burger, burgher
bergle, burgle
berry (-ies), bury (-ies)
berth (-s), birth (-s)
better, bettor
bight (-s), bite (-s), byte (-s)
billed, build
bird, burd, burred
blend (-s), blende (-s)
blew, blue
bloc, block
boar (-s), bore (-s)
board, bored
boarder (-s), border (-s)
bobbin, bobbing (?)
bocks, box
bode, bowed
bogey, bogie, bogy
bold, bolled, bowled
bolder, boulder
bole (-s), boll (-s), bowl (-s)
boos, booze
bootie, booty
born, borne
borough (-s), burro (-s), burrow (-s)
bough (-s), bow (-s)
bouillon, bullion
boulder, bolder
boy (-s), bouy (-s)
brae, bray
braid, brayed
brain (-s), brane (-s)
braise (-s), brays, braze (-s)
brake (-s), break (-s)
breach (-es), breech (-es)
bread, bred
brede (-s), breed (-s)
brewed, brood
brews, bruise
bridal, bridle
broom (-s), brougham (-s)
brows, browse
brr, burr
buccal, buckle
build, billed
burger (-s), burgher (-s)
burro (-s), burrow (-s)
bus (-es), buss (-es)
bussed, bust
but (-s), butt (-s)
buy (-s), by, bye (-s)
byre (-s), buyer (-s)

cache, cash
cachou (-s), cashew (-s)
calendar (-s), calender (-s)
calix (-es), calyx (-es)
calk (-s), caulk (-s)
call (-s), caul (-s), cawl (-s)
callous, callus
cam (-s), camb (-s)
canape (-s), canopy (-ies)
cane, cain
cannon (-s), canon (-s)
cant, can't
canter (-s), cantor (-s)
canvas (-es), canvass (-es)
capital, capitol
carat (-s), caret, carrot (-s), karat (-s)
carie, carry
carol (-s), carrel (-s), charol (-s)
caries, carries
cart (-s), [carte], kart (-s)
cask (-s), casque (-s)
caster, castor
cast (-s), caste (-s)
caudal, caudle
cause, caws
cedar (-s), seeder (-s)
cede (-s), seed (-s)
ceil (-s), seal (-s), seel (-s)
ceiling (-s), sealing (-s)
cell (-s), sell (-s)
cellar (-s), seller (-s)
censer (-s), censor (-s), sensor (-s)
census, senses
cent, scent, sent
cense, cents, scents, sense
cere (-s), sear (-s), seer (-s), sere
cereal (-s), serial (-s)
cession, session
chance, chants
chard, charred
chary, cherry
chased, chaste
cheap, cheep
chews, choose
chic, sheik
chili, chilly, [Chile] (?)
choir (-s), quire (-s)
choler, collar
choral (-s), coral (-s)
chorale (-s), corral (-s)
chord (-s), cord (-s), cored
chordate, cordate
chott (-s), shot (-s)
chough (-s), chuff (-s)
chronical, chronicle
chute (-s), shoot (-s)
cirrus, serous
cite (-s), sight (-s), site (-s)
cited, sighted, sited
clack (-s), claque (-s)
clause, claws
clew (-s), clue (-s)
click (-s), clique (-s), klick (-s)
climb (-s), clime (-s)
close, clothes (?)
coal, kohl
coarse, corse, course
coat (-s), cote (-s)
coax, cokes
coffer (-s), cougher (-s)
coign (-s), coin (-s), quoin (-s)
collard, collared
colonel (-s), kernel (-s)
come (-s), cum (-s)
comedy, comity (?)
competence, competents
complacent, complaisant
complacence, complaisance
complement (-s,-ary), compliment (-s,-ary)
conceded, conceited (?)
conch (-s), conk (-s)
concord, conquered (?)
continence, continents
coo (-s), coup (-s)
coulee, coolie, coolly
coop (-s), coupe (-s)
cops, copse
coquet, coquette
core, corps
correspondence, correspondents
cosher, kosher
cosign (-s), cosine (-s)
council (-s), counsel (-s)
councillor (-s), counselor (-s)
cousin (-s), cozen (-s)
coward, cowered, cowherd (?)
crape (-s), crepe (-s)
creak (-s), creek (-s)
crewed, crude
crewel, cruel
crews, cruise, cruse
cubical, cubicle
cubit, qubit [quantum bit]
cue (-s), queue (-s), [Q]
currant (-s), current (-s)
curser (-s), cursor (-s)
cymbal (-s), symbol (-s)
cygnet (-s), signet (-s)
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