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I have an overactive imagination. My friends don't tell me this, but I know I do - otherwise, I would have calmed down by now, I am almost an adult after all. I draw as well as write, although my writing is admittedly much better! My favorite manga series is Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, followed by Inuyasha and Fruits Basket. Card Captor Sakura is an old love of mine. My favorite movies? Mulan, The Lion King II, Battle Royale, and Clue. My father is from the Philippines, and my long-coming masterpiece YA series is going to incorporate that. =] I'm big into fantasy, but I'm writing a sci-fi story that's more character-based than plot-based. Weird, eh? Mabuhay!


Writing, Asian languages and cultures,




"And the rest is rust and stardust."
— Vladimir Nabokov