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About voiceofdragons

Aislynn {Aze-len} | majestic lion | pun enthusiast | abuses sarcasm | tea addiction | plant lover | absolute dork | professional procrastinator | resident jokester

Rock climber & runner. Dances when no one's looking. Listens to music almost constantly. Daydream believer. Dragging myself through college.

Trying to get back into writing.


Fanfiction (from what I have seen from this site so far, no one likes fanfic writers?)

Children's books (Proud aunt, want to read my nephews cute things)

Fantasy (Leaning more towards Arthurian legends or cute ghost stories. Also working on ideas for the reverse of "The Craft" i.e instead of magic being the taboo science is.)

Wants to try my hand at writing in Spanish but I don't know how well that'll go down.

Enjoys reading:

Humour, Hurt/Comfort, Angst (with happy endings), Fluff

Fantasy, Sci-fi, Slice of Life, Sports,...

Fanfiction (DC comics, will occasionally dabble into fandoms I used to be into but mostly DC)


DC comics, Star Wars, cacti, baking, fantasy books, moon and stars, 80s&90s movies, and almost anything to do with magic and dragons. Anytime anyone asks me, "What do you do, interests, hobbies," I always draw a black so there's that.


Student & Sunday School Teacher (3-4 yr olds) ; Jewellery maker

All hail the mighty Glow Cloud.
— Welcome to Night Vale